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PTSD Won’t Stop Me   (PTSD)

Music Video Production created/produced by A Backpack Journalist & The Nashville Film Institute


Today, thDefense Department estimates that nearly 213,000 military personnel have suffered traumatic brain injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2000.

An estimated 300,000 veterans of both conflicts suffered post-traumatic stress or major depression, according to a Rand Corp. report.

 A Backpack Journalist' Goal:  to bring attention to the journey of the service member diagnosed with PTS as they work through the causes and effects.  We wish to inform the general public about what is called the "invisible wound” and then to demonstrate the needed involvement of the family and community to provide caring and support for the service member.

 Lyrics describe the “invisible wound called PTS”.  There is a RAP section, and a chorus and chant.  The music is set to a RAP beat, and R&B for the chant.  The chorus will remind the listener of a “choral sing”.  A Backpack Intern  (USARC) performs the RAP.    The video, courtesy of DVIDS – Department of Defense,  depicts combat related scenes, as well as welcome home festivities and other military related events.   The closing includes the RAPPER singing and  walking with family, friends,  members of the medical profession, representatives of the Tennessee State Government, the clergy- from a priest to a Buddhist Monk!  The closing scene represents - America!  America!  Provide kindness, understanding and support to the returning service members!

 For more information on PTSD – 

The following website contains information on PTSD and links to other agencies who provide resources and support.

To call for help or assistance:

DCOE – l 888 – 966 1020

 For information on becoming A Backpack Journalist: OR The Nashville Film Institute

 Watch "PTSD Won't Stop Me" Music Video, below:

PTSD Won't Stop ME from The Nashville Film Institute on Vimeo.



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