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5 Best Bladder Control Supplements For Men & Women

The best bladder control supplements make a difference for the nearly 30 million Americans dealing with nightly interruptions.

There is no doubt that a weak bladder is a hassle and contributes to poor sleep and quality of life.

As a result, bladder control supplements promise to provide relief along with a full night’s rest.

Discover the 5 Best Bladder Control Supplements for Men and Women:

#1. Incontinix

vigrx incontinix is the best bladder control supplement for men and women

Visit the official Incontinix website here:

Incontinix is considered one of the best bladder control supplements for men.


The U.S. patented bladder control formula is clinically proven to deliver results.

For this reason, most men notice substantial improvements, including:

  • Reduces Urgent Need to Urinate
  • Decreases Late Night Visits to the Bathroom
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Treatment for Ejaculation Problems
  • Supports Healthy Male Bladder Function

In fact, results show that Incontinix reduces the overall urge to go by 62% – day and night.

It’s a noteworthy difference for men that are sick and tired of wasting their time on the toilet.

Instead, Incontinix presents an all-natural bladder control supplement designed to reverse this problem permanently.

The bladder control supplement is recommended by Dr. Lauren Schulz, Board-Certified Urologist, who strongly suggests Incontinix over conventional drugs.

As a result, Incontinix is the recipient of multiple recognitions, including the NUTRA Ingredients USA Award.

How Does Incontinix Work?

Unfortunately, research demonstrates that bladder problems only get worse with age.1

Furthermore, the problem only becomes more severe the longer it’s not addressed.2

Most men are forced to resort to reckless measures like limiting water intake or avoiding social events.

Even worse, most men mistake this issue as a simple byproduct of aging with no known remedy, even though there are preventative interventions.3

However, Incontinix seeks to resolve this issue once and for all with a clinically proven, 100% natural formula.

Accordingly, Incontinix actually treats the problem and offers legitimate bladder control protection.

Clinical results have shown that Incontinix leads to fewer bathroom visits during the day with fewer interruptions at night.

The result is more quality sleep patterns and improved quality of life.

Incontinix cuts bathroom visits in half, reducing overall urgency to urinate by as much as 62%.

Even better, results were noticeable in as little as 2 weeks in many trial patients.

More importantly, Incontinix did not display any dangerous side effects during the clinical trial.

Incontinix Natural Formula is Safe & Effective

No wonder many men notice better sleep habits and overall quality of life with Incontinix.

The bladder control supplement allows individuals to get their life back to normal and witness results in as few as 14 days.

Incontinix is effective by strengthening the 3 critical elements of bladder control.

The ingredients in the formula assist in strengthening muscles around the bladder, pelvic wall, and sphincter.

The reinforcement of these muscles allows greater control of when and how you urinate, without limiting water intake.

Incontinix eliminates bladder interruptions by focusing on its all-natural formula which has been tested and researched for over 20 years.

The ingredients of Incontinix are specifically designed to control men’s bladders safely and effectively.

The full ingredients list in Incontinix includes an 840 mg blend of the following: 

  • Cratevox
  • Lindera Aggregata
  • Horsetail

In particular, Cratevox has been shown in Phase 2 double-blind placebo controlled trials to help alleviate the symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.4

Lindera Aggregata, which is a good source of natural antioxidants, is another clinically studied ingredient that shows some great promise at helping to alleviate frequent urination and urinary incontinence.5

Lastly, Horsetail is another ingredient shown effective at relieving overactive bladder symptoms.6

What’s more, Incontinix is available risk-free thanks to the 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Customers that are not completely satisfied with their product may return within 67 days, no questions asked.

Thus, customers simply select the package that is best for their needs and start noticing a difference within as little as 14 days.

Click Here to visit the official Incontinix website.

#2. Confitrol24

confitrol24 is the best bladder control pill for women

Visit the official Confitrol24 website here:

Females are also not immune to an overactive bladder creating a need all their own.

Thankfully, Confitrol24 consistently ranks among the best bladder control supplements for women.

The supplement (like Incontinix for men) was specifically created to combat an out-of-control bladder.

As a result, Confitrol24 promises not to allow a weak bladder to hold you hostage any longer.

Rather, Confitrol24 ends the constant urges “to go” which results in fewer trips to the bathroom, day and night.

Moreover, the bladder control supplement eliminates embarrassing bladder leaks or accidents.

Women notice substantial improvements in overall bladder and urinary tract health.

And, even better, report improved sleep satisfaction and overall quality of life.

Doctor Endorsed Bladder Control Supplement

Confitrol24 is also endorsed by Dr. Lauren Schulz, a Board-Certified Urologist with years of experience researching treatment options.

Dr. Schulz agrees that Confitrol24 is one of the best bladder control supplements for women thanks to its award-winning formula.

The patented formula is composed of all-natural ingredients, including time-tested herbs and other essential nutrients.

Moreover, clinical studies verify that Confitrol24 works on an overactive bladder.

The Urox proprietary blend prevents “close calls” and other dilemmas associated with a weak bladder.

Confitrol24 seeks to strengthen bladder walls which in turn improves bladder control and reduces the urgency to urinate.

Women certainly appreciate fewer trips to the bathroom at night along with more sleep and rest.

Even better, the assurance that Confitrol24 will work is backed by a 2-month money-back guarantee.

Therefore, women that are not completely satisfied within the first 67 days may return for a full refund.

Click Here to visit the official Confitrol24 website.

#3. AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less

azo bladder control go-less supplement for leakage and urgency

Visit the official AZO website here:

Are you sick and tired of the endless urge to go to the bathroom?

What about interrupted sleep at night as you find yourself rushing to the toilet to make it in time?

The problems of an overactive bladder are universally shared by both men and women.

Fortunately, supplements like AZO Bladder Control assist both sexes with a weak bladder.

The bladder control supplement provides around-the-clock bladder support.

AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less is formulated with powerful, natural ingredients designed to reduce leakage and urgency to go.

For this reason, most people that try AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less worry less and finally get to enjoy life again.

The unique formula combines the ingredients of natural pumpkin seed extract with soy germ extract.

The pumpkin seed extract is known to support healthy bladder control by toning muscles around the detrusor and sphincter.7

Meanwhile, soy germ extract also supports normal bladder function by sustaining muscle growth on the pelvic floor.8

Accordingly, it’s not uncommon to notice results in as little as 2 weeks of use.

However, many others do not realize the full benefits of AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less until 4 – 6 weeks.

Nevertheless, the results will pour in given that AZO Bladder Control is backed by science and clinically proven to work.

The safe and drug-free bladder control supplement is only devised of 100% natural ingredients.

AZO Bladder Control does not produce any known side effects when taken daily and at the proper dosage.

Notwithstanding, AZO Bladder Control does contain soy which may produce side effects for those allergic to the ingredient.

Thus, it never hurts to speak with a physician before starting any new health product, including bladder control supplements.

AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less is affordable with 2 different package sizes available for sale.

Click Here to visit the official AZO website.

#4. Rejuvica Bladder Pro

Rejuvica Bladder Pro is a great bladder control supplement

Visit the official Rejuvica website here:

Rejuvica Bladder Pro is a top-rated bladder control supplement for men and women.

The supplement is known for its advanced formula and superior delivery system to the body.

Rejuvica Bladder Pro features powerful ingredients like horsetail, corn silk, pumpkin seed, and other essential herbs.

The science behind Rejuvica is years in the making as the product has been extensively researched, like the other top supplements on the list.

Rejuvica Bladder Pro is safe for consumption as the supplement is vegan, alcohol-free, and contains zero artificial colors.

Furthermore, the cGMP supplement offers a unique consumption method.

Rejuvica combines water with glycerin and plant material in order to deliver an advanced absorption / delivery system.

Glycerite assists with extracting the crucial nutrients from herbs and plant material, without producing an unpleasant taste.

Thus, the formula goes down easily while offering maximum potency and results.

Rejuvica Bladder Control Supplements

Rejuvica insists on third-party lab testing for all of its health products which maintains oversight throughout the manufacturing process.

Instead, Rejuvica controls the manufacturing stages from start to finish.

As a result, the company ensures that each bottle meets its highest quality standards while submitting to third-party testing for additional verification.

Rejuvica Bladder Pro is affordable with a couple of different buying options.

In general, customers save the most when they buy the bladder control supplement in bulk.

For example, a 3-month supply can save customers 35% off the retail, 1-month price.

Regardless of your purchase option, men and women should feel confident shopping with Rejuvica.

The company has an outstanding reputation thanks to over 2 million bottles shipped worldwide.

And, with a 60-day money-back guarantee, there is little risk in giving Rejuvica Bladder Pro a try.

The 100% secure checkout process and terrific customer support.

Individuals with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact Rejuvicia directly via phone or email ([email protected]).

Click Here to visit the official Rejuvica website.

#5. Life Extension Bladder Support

Life Extension Bladder Support supplement

Visit the official Life Extension website here:

Life Extension Bladder Support is another top bladder control supplement for men.

The men’s bladder support supplement promotes healthy nighttime urination and sleep patterns.

As such, most men notice less frequent visits to the restroom at night along with overall better sleep.

In turn, men wake up feeling stronger and more alert in the morning, ready to conquer the day.

Life Extension Bladder Support, like the other best bladder control supplements for 2023, is based on science and not cheap marketing gimmicks.

For this reason, the supplement is well-researched and only relies on natural ingredients to combat urinary problems.

These include crucial bladder control ingredients like melatonin, lycopene, and boron.

Meanwhile, the hormone melatonin encourages a healthy, restful night’s sleep while also regulating the urinary tract.9

The gluten-free, non-GMO bladder control supplement also supports prostate health.10

Life Extension Bladder Support has been shown in clinical studies to relieve men’s nighttime urinary urges with just one capsule.

In fact, one study concluded that men who took Life Extension Bladder Support before bed witnessed:

  • Much fewer late-night trips to the bathroom.
  • Fewer sleep disturbances for men that wake up multiple times per night.
  • Six-fold increase in the enjoyment of a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Accordingly, men that are seeking a once-daily, nutritional support for nighttime relief can find a solution with Life Extension Bladder Support.

Reliable Bladder Control Relief

The bladder control supplement is recommended by nutritionists and health professionals, including medical experts.

Life Extension combines 40 years of research to narrow down the most effective formula for nighttime urinary relief.

As a result, Life Extension only produces its bladder control supplement within the United States and provides a Certificate of Analysis with each purchase.

Thus, it’s easy to see why 98% of customers recommend Life Extension Bladder Support to friends and family.

Life Extension Bladder Support is available for sale with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Consequently, if you are not completely satisfied with your order, return for 1 full-year, no questions asked.

Finally, women do not have to feel left out as Life Extension has its own bladder control supplement for women, too.

The supplement delivers the same nighttime relief from the bathroom yet with a slightly different formula featuring horsetail, lindera, and three-leaf caper extracts.

Click Here to visit the official Life Extension website.

5 Best Bladder Control Supplements for Men & Women

Do you wake up multiple times a night to use the bathroom?

Are you tired of the frequent urges to go to the restroom during the day, resulting in accident leaks?

Men and women both suffer from weak bladder, especially as they age.

Unfortunately, the muscles around the bladder become weaker and are no longer able to control urination.

For this reason, bladder issues become apparent day and night, leading to a lower quality of life.

There is no question that a poor bladder contributes to a lack of sleep and other health concerns.

As a result, bladder control supplements promise to offer relief for the over 25 million Americans suffering from the problem.

Sadly, research shows that bladder problems only get worse with age.

Even worse, many drugs available for sale are connected with negative side effects.

Thus, all-natural bladder control supplements (like the ones featured on the list) reverse these uncomfortable trends.

In fact, these supplements can assist with bladder control without having to limit water intake or other desperate measures to prevent restroom visits.

Additionally, they also benefit men and women in many other regards, including better sex life.

The benefits of bladder control supplements are noteworthy, especially when consumers rely on all-natural products with a strong reputation.


Do you want to feel normal again?

Unfortunately, bladder problems lead to unpleasant feelings and midnight sprints to the bathroom.

Men and women shouldn’t have to worry any longer about controlling their bladder as they age.

Thankfully, bladder control supplements offer relief and that full night of rest you’ve been desperately craving.


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