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Adipotide FTPP Peptide: 7 Major Benefits

Obesity is a significant public health problem in the United States.

So much so, that it’s currently the leading cause of preventable death in the highly developed country.

In fact, nearly 1 in 3 adults are overweight which contributes to health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Furthermore, obesity leads to low quality of life due to poor self-esteem, discomfort, pain, and sleep problems.

The good news is it’s never too late to reverse the trend of obesity.

Peptides like Adipotide are making noteworthy gains in the world of health and fitness.

The modern weight-loss treatment operates differently from your conventional diet plan or workout regime.

Learn more about Adipotide and what it does for losing weight.

IMPORTANT: The below peptides are NOT intended for those under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, do NOT consider taking them under any circumstances whatsoever.

What Is Adipotide?

adipotide ftpp peptide reviews results

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Adipotide is a synthetic proapoptotic peptide that was previously known as Prohibitin-TP01.1

In other words, it was designed in a lab for the specific purpose of combating obesity.

Despite limited research (largely on animals), peptides have been effective in losing weight during clinical studies.

Its because peptides perform a unique function by stimulating natural processes but without harmful side effects like other synthetic drugs.

Adipotide is chemically produced to target and kill all types of fat cells.

Thus, it reduces the number of fat cells by reducing the blood supply to adipocytes.2

The science and medical communities have exercised far more interest in adipocytes (or fat cells) in the last few decades as a manner of reducing obesity rates in the U.S.3

For this reason, Adipotide is designed to target proteins that are present on the walls of the blood cells which supply these adipocytes with refuge.

Consequently, the peptide works to burn this unwanted fat by disrupting its safe haven in the body.

Ultimately, the fat cells are reabsorbed back into the bloodstream and therefore metabolized.

Thus, fighting obesity is plausible through the use of Adipotide and other weight loss supplements.

What’s more, Adipotide has not been shown to interfere with blood vessels connected to tissue and organs.

Accordingly, the side effects of Adipotide (more information, below) have not been nearly as severe as other types of weight loss treatment.

Regardless, medical research remains limited and thus far has only been limited to monkeys as test subjects.

Nonetheless, the results from the clinical trial were so impressive that fitness experts would like to see more research dedicated to the subject.

Be that as it may, peptides are largely ignored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which is an absolute shame considering their potential.

Benefits of Adipotide

The benefits of Adipotide are impressive and extend beyond the world of weight loss.

Notwithstanding, the ability for Adipotide to rapidly target and burn fat cells in the blood vessels is what makes it so resourceful for losing weight.

Still, you can only achieve the full results of Adipotide by supplementing the peptide with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Adipotide peptide is especially effective at targeting abdominal fat which is one of the most infamous locations on the body for excess weight.

Let’s examine some of the other incredible benefits of Adipotide:

  • Quick & Effective Fat Burner
  • Removes Excess Water Retention
  • Effectively Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Effectively Balances Minerals in Body
  • Positively Influences Insulin Sensitivity

The peptide Adipotide also offers hope to diabetics.


The peptide features a unique mechanism that can bring relief to nasty symptoms of type 2 diabetes by lowering elevated levels of blood glucose.

Those that supplement Adipotide report improvements in energy and endurance.

Additionally, there is the promise for Adipotide to one day treat high blood pressure.

More importantly, critical organs, tissue, and neurotransmitter matter does not appear to get affected by Adipotide in research studies.

How Does Adipotide Work?

The unique operation of Adipotide presents a lot of hope for those that struggle with being overweight or obese.

It’s especially refreshing for individuals that have tried countless other diet plans or supplements in the past only to feel let down.

There are several factors in weight loss that are beyond your control (like genetics and preexisting conditions) that make it difficult to achieve the weight you desire.

Perhaps you’ve even tried intense cardio exercise or nearly starved yourself only to witness minimal gains?

Adipotide use does not require you to do any of that although a smart nutrition plan and regular exercise are always advised to complement any weight loss treatment.

The peptide is generally injected into the body so it can reach the bloodstream quickly.

There, it begins to work by targeting fat cells in blood vessels and sending them back into the bloodstream to metabolize.

The formula stimulates a targeted killing process of fat cells known as Apoptosis.4

The synthetic peptide is specifically formulated to only target certain fat cells like those in the abdomen.

Consequently, cells are killed selectively to avoid causing damage to other tissue and organs.

Adipotide is active in 2 different domains of the body.

The first domain (called the homing domain) allows the peptide to target a membrane-associated protein known as Prohibitin.

Meanwhile, the second place in the body that Adipotide targets are the membrane-disrupting domain.

Adipotide prevents mitochondrial membrane activity within targeted cells leading to the destruction of adipocytes.

Research has found the Adipotide peptide to produce rapid weight loss in animal test subjects.5

Side Effects of Adipotide

Fortunately, the side effects of Adipotide do not appear severe.

However, you should take that information with your own worth since evidence is limited.

Adipotide has only been tested on Rhesus monkeys in clinical settings yet there are many user endorsements and positive reviews online in terms of human use.

Despite it, Adipotide (like most peptides) is not regulated by the FDA which allows the market to get saturated with artificial or falsely-labeled products.

As a result, you can avoid serious side effects from Adipotide use by purchasing from a reputable supplier that third party tests its peptides.

Moreover, users should only stick to a low dosage for supplementation since Adipotide is only intended for “research purposes”.

The results from the clinical study conducted on monkeys were largely positive aside from renal function.

However, the negative impact on the kidneys was reversed by altering the dosage.

Even more, the test subjects in the study did not demonstrate any long-term kidney damage.

Adipotide may also cause dehydration along with the general fatigue associated with peptide use.

Notwithstanding, the positive effects of Adipotide appear to greatly outweigh the cons.

For example, Adipotide is not known to cause a loss of appetite or gastrointestinal discomfort.

It also does not produce an amphetamine-type mechanism, unlike some weight loss drugs.

Thus, many bodybuilders and weight loss experts consider Adipotide safer than some treatments that have actually been approved by the FDA.

How To Use Adipotide

There is no official use for Adipotide since the substance is not regulated by the FDA.

Thus, most of its recommended usage and dosing instructions come from users that have supplemented the experimental peptide in the past for weight loss.

The general consensus is that the dosage should remain between 50 – 200mg per day.

There are many that have found 50-90mg per day as the optimal starting dose.

The best advice is to start low and slow so you can monitor any adverse side effects.

It’s smart to inject Adipotide daily to maintain consistent results.

Bodybuilders note that individuals should never exceed 240mg per day.

Adipotide is available in powder form and capsules.

Those that inject the peptide typically mix water with the powder form to build a solution.

You do not need to shake the solution to mix the powder as it will dissolve on its own.

The best time of day for peptide injections is in the morning and before breakfast to allow the substance to absorb into the bloodstream.

Users should store Adipotide and other peptides in a cool place that is away from sunlight.

We suggest following other manufacturer guidelines provided with the peptide.

Lastly, consider consulting a physician before using Adipotide or with a weight stack designed for cutting.

There are certain prescription medications or preexisting conditions that may not combine well with Adipotide.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Adipotide?

The synthetic peptide Adipotide is specifically designed to produce rapid results.

However, nothing about weight loss is quick so anticipate 4-8 weeks before results are noticeable.

Adipotide targets specific blood vessels that supply adipose tissue and therefore harbor fall cells.

The peptide shrinks your vessels and forces the fat cells to retreat which ultimately deprives them of nutrients necessary to survive.

Thus, the process takes a little time to stimulate even if the weight loss results are impressive once it takes effect.

Adipotide is formulated to stimulate the process of apoptosis but needs to work on a couple of domains in the body before it’s noticeable on the outside.6

For this reason, bodybuilders recommend relying on injections for the fastest results yet it’s not the only method of consumption for those that want to avoid syringes.

While Adipotide has been effective in losing weight the peptide remains in the clinical/trial stages.7

It’s not approved by the FDA which enables a lot of artificial and unreliable formulas to exist online.

Consequently, reports are mixed on how long it takes Adipotide to burn fat and produce external results.

How to Get the Best Results from Adipotide?

Bodybuilders are generally the most reliable insiders for supplements like peptides.

They often experiment with substances that lack FDA endorsement yet carry a stellar word-of-mouth reputation within the community.

For years, bodybuilders have been seeking to stray away from anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs because of the adverse side effects.

In turn, compounds like peptides and SARMs have become popular because they are not linked to the same dangerous symptoms.

Peptides are unique because they can help you cut weight as well as gain muscle.

Accordingly, they are often paired together to build a weight stack (more information, below).

There are multiple advantages to combining supplements into one stack so that you don’t lose critical muscle while burning off fat.

Additionally, any weight loss plan is only as effective as the lifestyle you lead.

Thus, consider cutting out salty and fatty foods for better nutrition.

Moreover, there is nothing that can replace regular, consistent exercise when it comes to burning calories.

Lastly, follow manufacturer guidelines for using Adipotide and do not overdose.

Overdosing can lead to serious side effects as well as contribute to kidney failure.

Stacking Adipotide with SARMs & Other Peptides

“Stacking” can get a little complicated for newcomers that simply want to lose weight.

It’s understandable since SARMs and peptides are complicated compounds that even the science community is still researching and learning about.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of dependable resources out there that can take a lot of guesswork out of building a new weight stack.

In general, weight stacks have a specific purpose whether it’s losing weight or gaining lean muscle.

Some weight stacks provide a well-rounded support system that does both.

The goal is to effectively and safely supplement your body without disrupting normal processes or experiencing serious side effects.

Fortunately, there are a lot of predefined weight stacks that take out all of the guesswork so you can get down to business.

Discover some of the top stacks for weight loss and fat burning.

Does Adipotide Work?

Adipotide is a relatively modern invention.

The synthetic proapoptotic peptide was developed in the United States in the early 21st century.

In 2011, Phase 1 clinical trials took place on Rhesus monkeys with results displaying largely profound effects5:

The monkeys that received Adipotide via daily injections experienced rapid weight loss.

The test subjects were found to lose 20% of stomach fat within the first month of treatment.

Meanwhile, other monkeys witnessed as much as a 39% drop in overall body fat.

The study concluded that Adipotide significantly decreased body mass index, waist circumference, and fatty deposits in test subjects.

Adipotide also displayed a positive effect on insulin sensitivity offering promise for type 2 diabetes.

Despite the good news, clinical research has been slow to begin phase 2 trials in humans.

Nevertheless, there are planned studies to monitor Adipotide as a treatment for cancer and diabetes.

Where To Buy Adipotide

There are dozens of vendors selling Adipotide, but we recommend a company called Core Peptides.

They’ve been in the peptides business for years, and has some of the highest quality products available on the market today.

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1 2mg bottle costs $30, which is literally the cheapest you will find it online.

Because of this, they don’t offer any discounts for larger orders.


Adipotide peptide is connected to rapid weight loss and muscle growth.

The quick fat-burning power of Adipotide makes it a potential game-changer in the world of weight loss.

It’s refreshing news considering that obesity is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

The rate of obesity is only expected to rise with nearly half of the U.S. population affected by the year 2030.

Together, we can reverse the trends of obesity by getting individuals that suffer access to the best weight-loss treatment available.

Adipotide offers a lot of potential but requires more clinical research before we can reach a firm conclusion.


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