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5 Best Fat Burning Supplement Stacks For Cutting In 2022

When fitness experts toss around terminology like “supplement stacks” it is natural to feel out of your element.

However, fat burning supplement stacks are nothing to feel intimidated about as they represent the best toolkit a person can have for their body.

Do you need to lose weight and get back in shape for the military?

There are few honors greater than serving your country yet you are not going to make it far without a body that can withstand the hard demands of U.S. Armed Forces.

Fortunately, fat burning supplement stacks present new recruits with an arsenal that can shed the unwanted pounds faster and far more effectively.

Supplement stacking allows individuals to consume a variety of ingredients in order to find the ideal nutrient cycles for your body and image.

Fat burning stacks not only help you lose weight but often replace those sections of the body with lean muscle when combined with the proper workout regime and nutrition.

More importantly, all of the brands that made our list of the best fat burning supplement stacks are produced with all-natural ingredients that do it the right way!

NOTE: The below supplements are NOT intended for those under the age of 18.  If you are under the age of 18, do NOT consider taking them under any circumstances whatsoever.

#1. Instant Knockout & Transparent Labs LEAN Pre Workout

instant knockout and transparent labs pre workout fat burning stack

Visit the official Instant Knockout here:

Visit the official Transparent Labs LEAN Pre Workout site here:

Supplement stacking takes years to master before an individual discovers which supplements are most effective, and which pair better together.

The best aspect of fitness “stacking” is that an individual can achieve many different goals from burning fat to putting on lean muscle and increasing strength.

Furthermore, fat burning supplement stacks may also address issues that extend past the exterior such as the ability to boost testosterone levels which may address low energy or impotence.

As a result, Instant Knockout and Transparent Labs LEAN Pre Workout represent two of the premier fat burning supplement stacks on the market.

These fat burning arsenals provide all the essentials for eliminating undesirable fat and replacing it with lean muscle.

Moreover, losing weight and getting back in shape for service almost always improves self-esteem and confidence!

Instant Knockout

instant knockout med

Visit the official website here:

Instant Knockout offers so many benefits for a fat burning supplement stack that it’s difficult to list them all:

  • Lose weight
  • Increase metabolism
  • Thermogenic boost
  • Appetite control

Instant Knockout is well respected by veterans of the fitness industry especially when you consider that it is produced with all-natural ingredients.

The fat burning supplement helps you shed weight and is suitable for vegans.

Instant Knockout is specifically designed for professional athletes which translate well to the demands of a service member.

Therefore, the leading weight management supplement is carefully researched and backed by numerous satisfied testimonies.

In addition to its weight-cutting technology, the formula also blends to increase metabolism while controlling hunger cravings.

Instant Knockout combines all-natural ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Vitamin D3, and Black Pepper Extract with other natural stimulants like Caffeine Anhydrous, and Vitamin B6.

Ultimately, Instant Knockout delivers by providing a natural boost to your energy for resistance training without any cruel crashing or side effects.

Instant Knockout contains 120 capsules in each bottle with free shipping available when you purchase 2 or more bottles.

Users should take one capsule of Instant Knockout, 4 times a day with a glass of water.

Transparent Labs LEAN Pre Workout

transparent labs lean pre workout is one of the best for weight loss

Visit their official website here:

Transparent Labs rivals Instant Knockout in many regards.

For starters, LEAN Pre Workout has an incredibly diverse ingredient profile built to produce results immediately.

The pre-workout fat burning supplement is produced for men and women to meet their weight loss goals.

It contains essential ingredients such as amino acids, citrulline malate, betaine, and beta-alanine for shedding extra pounds.

Transparent Labs prides its reputation on only producing legal supplements at clinically effective doses.

Consequently, Transparent Labs does not use any colored dyes, fillers, or harmful additives in its formulas.

The complete transparency of LEAN Pre Workout and other supplement stacks available through Transparent Labs is what brands the company with a stellar reputation.

The oversized jugs of LEAN Pre Workout provide 15 grams per serving of 21 active ingredients designed to prepare you for another high octane workout.

Transparent Labs LEAN Pre Workout features Chromium Picolinate and Zinc in its unique formula which also supports your thyroid.

LEAN Pre Workout is also friendly to vegans for consumption.

You can learn more about the individual profile of each ingredient in the formula by visiting the official website.

Transparent Labs recommends consuming LEAN Pre Workout 20-30 minutes before a workout.

LEAN Pre Workout mixes well with 6-8 fl. ounces of water and 1/2 scoop of the supplement powder.

Users may wish to adjust their tolerance to the mix with a larger pre-workout batch (one full scoop and 12-16 fl. ounces of water).

Transparent Labs LEAN Pre Workout is available in a variety of flavors including Blue Raspberry, Orange, Sour Grape, Tropical Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, and Green Apple.

#2. Transparent Labs Fat Burning Essentials Stack

Transparent Labs Fat Burning Essentials Stack

Visit the official Transparent Labs website here:

Transparent Labs is such a reputable company when it comes to producing reliable supplement stacks that several make our list of the best for 2021.

As a result, the Fat Burning Essentials Stack borrows some of the supplements from the other stacks (LEAN Pre Workout) while providing even more variety.

Transparent Labs Fat Burning Essentials Stack focuses on three primary goals:

  • Increased Performance
  • Lean Muscle Preservation
  • Fat Metabolism

Therefore, it borrows many of the concepts from the LEAN Pre Workout series in that you can only lose weight in a healthy manner by also addressing metabolism and hunger cravings.

The fat burning supplement stack not only gets you “cut” but also develops your body into a machine with improved muscle mass, stamina, and overall strength.


Transparent Labs Fat Burning Essentials Stack costs more than most stacks yet the value is phenomenal with several goodies, including:

  • LEAN Pre Workout
  • ProteinSeries (100% Grass-Fed)
  • PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner
  • CoreSeries Krill Oil

The first supplement in the stack, LEAN Pre Workout/PreSeries LEAN is discussed in more detail in the above section.

Meanwhile, ProteinSeries delivers high-level energy via grass-fed whey protein isolate.

The PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner goes to work on accelerating fat loss while the pure protein isolate assists in preserving lean muscle.

PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner is designed with 3 principles of increasing basal metabolic rate, preventing hunger cravings, and creating an enjoyable lifestyle.

The fat burning supplement stack is safe and effective with complete transparency of all ingredients produced in the formula.

Lastly, the CoreSeries Krill Oil is an added luxury that brings relief to sore joints and muscles.

The krill oil assists in keeping joints lubricated and well maintained, along with a healthy brain (thanks to the addition of omega fatty acids and astaxanthin).

How to Use

Transparent Labs Fat Burning Essentials Stack is available in a variety of flavors (for LEAN Pre Workout shake mixture) and the ProteinSeries Whey Isolate.

Those that purchase the fat burning supplement stack should adhere to the directions and recommendations for consumption on the labels.

For most fat burning supplements it is advised to take with plenty of water and snack.

Fat burning supplements are most effective when paired with resistance training and healthy eating.

Visit the official Transparent Labs website here:

#3. Phen Gold & Prime Male

phen gold and prime male is a great stack for fat burning

Visit the PhenGold site here:

Visit the Prime Male site here:

The variety of supplement stacks for fat burning and lean muscle do not end with Transparent Labs and Instant Knockout.

Phen Gold and Prime Male are other noteworthy brands that make the cut for the best fat burning supplement stacks.

Prime Male has the luxury of serving as both a fat burner and muscle gain supplement.

Phen Gold is another fantastic fat burner stack that is manufactured in the United States with all-natural ingredients.

Alternatively, you can learn more about each fat burning supplement stack below.

Phen Gold

phen gold is the best over the counter phentermine substitute

Visit the official Phen Gold website here:

Phen Gold is all about making weight loss as straightforward as possible even if it requires hard work on your end.

The weight management supplement takes a chapter from Instant Knockout as it addresses your metabolism while surpassing unwanted cravings.

For this reason, users get extra assistance when it comes to burning off hard to lose fat.

Phen Gold is also heavily regarded for its ability to improve focus and concentration while you navigate a workout regime.

You’ll feel better not only with a slimmer figure but also with improved mental clarity and self-esteem.

Phen Gold utilizes Vitamin B6 to target food cravings while Green Coffee is the central ingredient for improving your metabolism.

The fat burning supplement prides itself on high-quality ingredients that function best with a healthy and balanced diet.

Phen Gold is free of many harmful additives including GMOs, lactose, and soy.

The vegan-friendly fat burning supplement stack only contains all-natural ingredients.

Phen Gold recommends taking 3 capsules 20 minutes before breakfast, and ideally before your first workout of the day.

Consumers have the option of purchasing a 1-3 month supply of Phen Gold with each container providing 30 servings.

Prime Male

prime male review

Visit the official Prime Male website here:

As the name implies, Prime Male focuses on addressing the unique problems of an adult man.

It performs double duty by not only eliminating fat but contributing to new, lean muscle.

While some fat burning supplement stacks prefer to target metabolism and hunger cravings, Prime Male is geared toward building testosterone.

Improved testosterone is highly desired by men as it not only gets you ripped but offers many mental and psychological benefits as well.

For example, improved testosterone can help:

  • Remove excessive weight
  • Get stronger with more lean muscle
  • Improve libido for performance in bed
  • Achieve peak cardiovascular health
  • Improve mood and energy
  • Sharpen cognitive function

Prime Male, as the name suggests, helps men return to peak physical performance in the event you feel like you’ve lost a step.

It is a terrific fat burning supplement that does a solid job of replacing nasty fat with lean muscle.

Prime Male is a capsule intended to consume 4x per day.

The capsules are designed to be taken periodically throughout the day, from the moment you wake up in the morning until shortly before your final meal.

Prime Male has other helpful methods for addressing low testosterone levels on its official website.

#4. Testofuel & Transparent Labs Stim Booster

testofuel and transparent labs stim booster

Visit the Testofuel site here:

Visit the Transparent Labs Stim Booster site here:

It is extremely difficult to replace fat with lean muscle without burning off the excess, first.

Thus, you can only get the most out of a fat burner by discovering how it is uniquely formulated to maximize results.

There are many brands offering the magic solution yet the most important factor is to only purchase from reliable manufacturers that insist on using all-natural ingredients.

Evodiamine, green tea, and caffeine are all trending ingredients that popular fat burning supplement stacks are beginning to include in their arsenal.

TestoFuel is an outstanding example of another high-quality fat burner in the form of a testosterone builder.

Meanwhile, Transparent Labs Stim Booster is ideal for those that prefer a stimulant-free or caffeine-free option:


does testofuel really work

Visit the official Testofuel website here:

TestoFuel is comparable to Prime Male in that it addresses low testosterone levels, first and foremost.

It is believed that by enhancing testosterone levels men receive numerous health benefits, including added energy and focus.

The ability to exercise harder and longer allows individuals to achieve their weight loss goals.

Furthermore, with the ability to add testosterone to your body, adding lean muscle or bulk is more than plausible.

TestoFuel is carefully researched to offer the missing link between losing fat and building muscle.

The stimulate delivers the nutrients needed to naturally produce more testosterone while offering several other benefits:

  • Develop lean muscle the natural way
  • Increase muscle size and overall strength
  • Reduce body fat, including hard-to-lose areas like the stomach
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Improved mood makes exercise more desirable

TestoFuel does not contain any stimulants or caffeine for those seeking to avoid such ingredients.

It is recommended that you consider taking TestoFuel for at least 2 months to achieve the strongest results.

TestoFuel is sold in capsules with a suggested dose of 4 capsules per day with a meal.

Transparent Labs Stim Booster

transparent labs stim booster

Visit the official Transparent Labs website here:

Transparent Labs Stim Booster is one of the finest stimulant-free fat burners on the market.

The highly reputable manufacturer comes through once again with a stack that avoids caffeine and other ingredients some wish to avoid.

Instead, Transparent Labs replaces with vital ingredients such as:

  • Citrulline malate (6,000 mg)
  • Beta-alanine (4,000 mg)
  • BCAA 2:1:1 (4,000 mg)
  • Betaine (2,500 mg)
  • Taurine (1,300 mg)
  • L-Tyrosine (1,000 mg)

Those that need to cycle off a fat burner with stimulants or are intolerant to caffeine will appreciate the alternative of Pre Workout Stim Booster.

The formula is blended specifically for high-level athletes or bodybuilders, anyone who takes weight loss seriously.

Recruits seeking to cut weight for basic training will appreciate the all-natural ingredients that still deliver energy and focus pre-workout.

Transparent Labs Stim Booster is loaded with 13 different ingredients in the largest serving of any PreSeries formula (23 grams per scoop).

The active ingredients increase nitric oxide to the muscles, improve focus and endurance, as well as gain lean muscle.

Per the norm, Transparent Labs includes zero GMOs, artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives.

The gluten-free formula features 30 servings per container.

Transparent Labs suggests taking PreSeries Stim Booster 20-30 minutes before a workout.

Consumers should drink plenty of water with intake as 6-8 fl. ounces are recommended for a 1/2 scoop and 12-16 fl. ounces for a full scoop.

#5. Hunter Test & 4 Gauge Pre Workout

hunter test and 4 gauge pre workout

Visit the official Hunter Test website here:

Visit the official 4 Gauge website here:

4 Gauge Pre Workout and Hunter Test are two final additions to the list of best fat burning supplement stacks of 2021.

Hunter Test is another quality testosterone booster comparable to Prime Male or TestoFuel.

On the other hand, 4 Gauge Pre Workout rivals other pre-workout mixes like the ones available through Transparent Labs and Phen Gold.

Consider how these fat burning supplement stacks compare to the competition:

Hunter Test

hunter test booster

Visit the official Hunter Test website here:

Hunter Test operates under the simple slogan: “Raise your confidence.”

Anyone that experiences significant fat loss that is replaced with lean muscle is bound to feel better about themselves.

Consequently, Hunter Test not only enhances strength and performance levels but has numerous mental health benefits.

Individuals that incorporate Hunter Test into resistance training note improved clarity, mood, focus, and determination.

Moreover, losing weight and meeting goals for basic training can significantly improve confidence and self-esteem.

Sadly, testosterone decline is inevitable for many men yet may not be something you consider if younger.

Nonetheless, adult males should consider a testosterone builder if the effects leave an impression on your physique.

Low testosterone is problematic and severely alters mood, performance, and appearance.

The ability to reverse the fortunes of low testosterone with Hunter Test is refreshing, especially since the manufacturer relies on high-quality, natural ingredients.

The Hunter Test formula is free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, gluten, soy, and GMOs.

While testosterone boosters are not for everyone, this is one of the cleanest fat burning supplement stacks you can find for this specific purpose.

Visit the official Hunter Test website here:

4 Gauge Pre Workout

4 gauge pre workout is one of the best pre workout supplements

Visit the official 4 Gauge website here:

4 Gauge Pre Workout is cleverly branded in a shotgun shell container with the advertisement: “Load Up Your Guns”.

Indeed, the fat burner supplement stack would make Ron Burgundy proud with a formula that has been years in the making.

4 Gauge heavily relies on clinical research, journals, and studies to deliver one of the most potent yet safe and natural supplements available on the market.

Thus, 4 Gauge Pre Workout has the widespread ability to improve physical health and appearance along with mental performance.

The 4-in-1 pre-workout formula presents long-last energy, focus, and raw strength for a complete workout experience.

The supplement stack can deliver expedited results where you form a stronger connection between brain and body.

Furthermore, the improved stamina and laser focus make exercise more enjoyable, not to mention productive.

4 Gauge Pre Workout features zero proprietary blends so you get no surprises in the formula.

The all-natural fat burner supplement contains no artificial sweeteners or banned substances.

4 Gauge Pre Workout is only produced in CGMP-approved facilities in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The company is constantly researching and updating its blend as more clinical information becomes available.

4 Gauge Pre Workout contains far less caffeine than many stimulants yet still delivers enough energy thanks to 200 mg of L-Theanine (Green Tea Extract).

The formula is designed to take prior to a workout (ideally 15-45 minutes beforehand).

One scoop of the single flavor offered (Fruit Punch) is all that is needed for the day.

Women can discover their own variety of 4 Gauge Pre Workout here.

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