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7 Best HGH Supplements For Men For 2023

What are the best HGH supplements for men this year?

There are a variety of opinions yet most agree that some HGH supplements are better than others.

For starters, it never hurts if the men’s health product is created by a reliable and trustworthy company.

Learn more about the 7 Best HGH Supplements for Men for 2023.

#1. HyperGH 14x

hypergh 14x is the best hgh supplement for men

Visit the official HyperGH 14X website here:

HyperGH 14x consistently ranks as one of the best HGH supplements for both men and women.

First, the HGH releaser is produced by one of the most well-respected companies thanks to its outstanding history and reputation.

It does this through a unique blend of ingredients that includes: 

  • L-Arginine (520 mg)
  • L-Tyrosine (400 mg)
  • L-Glutamine (460 mg)
  • L-Glycine (460 mg)

L-Arginine, in particular, has been shown in several studies to significantly increase GH gene expression levels in GH3 cells.1

Additionally, L-Arginine inhibits IGFBP-1 gene expression in vitro.

HyperGH 14x not only produces one of the most effective and safe HGH supplements but also features 24/7 customer service.

Secondly, thanks to a 67-day money-back guarantee, customers feel like they can trust HyperGH 14x, unlike many cheap HGH supplements.

In fact, HyperGH 14x insists on manufacturing at FDA-compliant facilities and refuses to mix artificial or dangerous ingredients into the formula.

For this reason, the results of HyperGH 14x are impressive in terms of maximizing pure muscle.

HyperGH 14x allows customers to stack on pound after pound of lean, hard muscle.

Therefore, men are finally able to say goodbye to feeling soft, lacking energy, or displeased with their body composition.

Benefits of HyperGH 14x

HyperGH 14x is extremely reliable for burning excess fat and replacing it with rock-solid muscle.

More importantly, men of all ages also benefit from HyperGH 14x thanks to the faster recovery times.

Consequently, men spend less time recovering between intense workouts and are able to return to the gym faster, maximizing results even further.

It’s the main reason most men feel more powerful and stronger than ever in their lifetime.

The HyperGH 14x Advanced Dosing Mechanism is the primary factor that drives the ultra-effectiveness of the formula.

The advanced dosing mechanism divides dosage between the morning breakfast and the afternoon/evening.

Accordingly, individuals notice benefits both working out at the gym along with improved sleep habits.

Moreover, it doesn’t hurt that HyperGH 14x is only produced with 100%, all-natural ingredients.

Impressively, some users report seeing differences with HyperGH 14x in as little as 1 week.

However, most users notice changes in as little as 6 weeks and the most substantial benefits 3-6 months into regular supplementation.

HyperGH 14x is available to answer more questions or concerns, thanks to their terrific 24/7 customer service.

#2. GenF20 Plus

genf20 plus is another one of the best hgh supplements for men and women

Visit the official GenF20 Plus website here:

GenF20 Plus ranks close behind HyperGH 14x in terms of being one of the best HGH supplements for men.

For starters, GenF20 Plus features 100% natural ingredients in the formula, just like HyperGH 14x.

Those include ingredients such as: 

  • Deer Velvet Antler
  • GTF Chromium
  • GABA
  • L-Ornithine HCL
  • L-Glycine

Deer velvet antler, in particular, has been shown in clinical studies to improve muscle fatigue effect through the alteration of gene expression related to muscle strength in mice.2

Moreover, the manufacturer offers a comparable money-back guarantee which is why the company ranks so high in terms of customer satisfaction.

Additionally, GenF20 Plus has also established a quality reputation for helping men add lean muscle and bulk.

Therefore, the HGH supplement is frequently recommended by medical experts and bodybuilders.

However, unlike HGH injections and steroids, all-natural HGH supplements (like GenF20 Plus) do not display the same damaging side effects.

Furthermore, thanks to the quality customer service and money-back guarantee of GenF20 Plus men can try the HGH supplement risk-free.

If that is not enough convincing to get bigger and stronger, men should also consider that GenF20 Plus offers many other benefits.

Benefits of GenF20 Plus

HGH for men is known to provide the following advantages and benefits:

  • Less Body Fat (Weight Loss)
  • Increased Lean Muscle
  • Increased Strength & Power
  • Bigger Muscle Mass
  • Improved Energy & Stamina
  • Improved Joint Health
  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • Better Sleep Patterns & Habits

In addition to all these benefits of GenF20 Plus, the HGH supplement for men is also known to reverse the signs of aging.

Therefore, it’s not shocking that many Hollywood celebrities (including Sylvester Stallone) endorse HGH supplements.

GenF20 Plus is loaded with 16 essential, all-natural ingredients including special combinations of amino acids.

Furthermore, the absorption technology (as advertised by Dr. Steven Lamm on ABC) increases the absorption rate by 80%.

It’s a remarkable improvement over unhealthy bodybuilder pills and steroids.

Men can witness significant improvements in as little as 3 weeks.

GenF20 Plus also offers quality customer service for any questions or concerns.

Lastly, thanks to a 100% secure online checkout, customers have confidence that GenF20 Plus will take care of their needs while respecting their privacy.

#3. CJC 1295

cjc 1295 dac is a great supplement to help boost hgh production

Visit the official Core Peptides website here:

CJC 1295 is one of the most effective peptides for gaining lean muscle and losing weight.

Peptides have received much more attention over the last few years as they are gaining more support in the medical and scientific community.3

In fact, CJC 1295 is one of the more researched peptides and offers much promise in regard to men’s health.4

CJC 1295 peptide functions similarly to GHRH, which has the unique ability to boost growth hormone levels.5

Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH) is known to stimulate Growth Hormone (GH), however, levels generally degrade with age.

Therefore, CJC 1295 peptide can stimulate the growth hormone and restore metabolism, leading to you feeling and looking younger.

As a result, most men that take CJC 1295 notice amazing gains in terms of physical health and condition.

Moreover, CJC 1295 – when stacked with Ipamorelin (more information, below) – allows men to maximize results at the gym even further.

Thus, men of all ages can benefit from CJC 1295 supplements because of how the peptide regulates fat loss and muscle growth and repair.

HGH Supplements Reverse Signs of Aging

What’s more, CJC 1295 peptide delivers many other anti-aging qualities.6

And, it’s not just for men, as women can also benefit from CJC 1295 supplementation.7

CJC 1295 is referred to by many names, including DAC.

Regardless of the title, CJC 1295 (DAC) functions to reduce fat mass and transfers it into an energy source.

Consequently, men essentially burn fat into energy which is a huge benefit at the gym.

Moreover, men will value how CJC 1295 also promotes bone growth and improves joint and tissue health.

These are important factors to consider with age as men generally take longer to recover between intense workouts.

Additionally, studies have indicated that CJC 1295 peptide supports healthy sleep patterns.8

Men that struggle to fall asleep at night or wake up in the morning still feeling tired will notice a difference.

Research and clinical studies support evidence that CJC 1295 can function to benefit men in many regards.9

CJC 1295 (DAC) is affordably priced at where all orders over $200 receive free shipping.

It’s a tremendous value especially when stacked with Ipamorelin.

#4. Provacyl

provacyl is a supplement designed for optimal health

Visit the official Provacyl website here:

Provacyl is another one of the best HGH supplements for men in 2023.

First, the 100% natural HGH and testosterone booster have a long track record with customers.

There are many satisfied customer reviews and testimonials based on how Provacyl has transformed their bodies.

Secondly, women are not the only species that suffer from menopause.

In fact, men also deal with a lesser form that primarily targets testosterone.

Consequently, men generally have less energy, stamina, focus, or desire in the bedroom with age.

The lack of energy and strength can also have a damaging effect on self-esteem and confidence.

Therefore, HGH supplements for men have been known to provide many encouraging benefits.

Now that men can combat the mid-life hormonal shift known as andropause thanks to Provacyl, the effects make a world of a difference.

For example, many men testify that Provacyl has revolutionized their sex lives.

Best HGH for Men at Improving Sex Drive and Libido

The men’s health supplement allows individuals the opportunity to start enjoying spontaneous sex again with their partners and combat ED.

As a result, men are not only experiencing better sex but their partner also benefits from the radical shift in energy, strength, and drive.

Provacyl challenges customers to give HGH, or what some consider the “youth hormone”, a worthwhile effort.

The company pledges that individuals who use Provacyl with regular exercise will experience a complete body overhaul.

Sadly, men’s hormones plummet at a rate of approximately 10% per decade.

This means that men who are in their 40s produce 75% less testosterone on average compared to men in their 20s.

The math has always been against men as they age, until recently, thanks to HGH supplements like Provacyl.

Provacyl invites new customers to give the HGH and testosterone booster a chance for 67 days, risk-free.

Those that are not satisfied with the results after 2 months of use can return Provacyl for a full refund.

Now that’s what we would define as having confidence in your product.

#5. Ipamorelin

ipamorelin is a great peptide for hgh release

Visit the official Core Peptides website here:

Ipamorelin is another popular peptide for losing weight and gaining lean muscle.

Often, experts advise combining (or “stacking”) Ipamorelin with CJC 1295 to maximize results.

Thus, many suppliers (such as have both peptides for sale at affordable prices.

Ipamorelin peptide is composed of 5 amino acids, otherwise known as a “pentapeptide” or “growth hormone secretagogue”.

Growth hormone secretagogues are critical to many bodily functions such as acting on the ghrelin receptor.

Research is still beginning to unravel what precisely occurs after a growth hormone secretagogue binds to the ghrelin receptor.

However, what is already known is that Ipamorelin produces incredible results in terms of weight loss and restoring energy.

The synthetic peptide is closely associated with human growth hormone (HGH) in the ability to influence weight and strength.

For this reason, Ipamorelin has long been utilized in the bodybuilding community for its benefits.

Now, many ordinary Americans are beginning to discover how peptides can offer many anti-aging benefits for men.

Research Supports HGH for Men

Despite still needing to get more answers regarding Ipamorelin, the peptide is among the most researched.

In fact, the synthetic peptide is the first-ever growth hormone secretagogue developed to assist with growth hormone (GH) production.

Accordingly, many researchers compare Ipamorelin to the growth hormone receptor peptide (GHRP) in how it functions and influences GH.10

However, unlike other HGH-stimulating hormones, Ipamorelin has not been shown to increase cortisol or Andrenocortiocotropic (ACH) levels in blood plasma.11

Thus, many consider it a much safer alternative compared to other means to boost HGH.

Research indicates that Ipamorelin is safe when tested on rats yet has lacked clinical studies on humans.

Nonetheless, it’s about the same treatment other peptides have received from the FDA despite the promising benefits.

Since then, other research has been conducted on Ipamorelin along with more anticipated in the near future.

For now, most within the weight loss and bodybuilding industries feel that Ipamorelin is completely safe when taken at the proper dosage.

Men should consider stacking Ipamorelin with CJC 1295 in order to maximize the benefits of both peptides.

COREpeptides features free shipping (including free Bacteriostatic Water) on all orders that exceed $200.

#6. Sermorelin

sermorelin for hgh production

Visit the official Core Peptides website here:

Sermorelin is an extensive collection of nearly 30 peptides compacted into the shorted synthetically developed peptide in existence.

Despite its small stature, Sermorelin (like the other peptides in the article) offers huge promise.

The synthetic peptide is an exact match of the growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH).12

The peptide is known to bind to the pituitary gland which stimulates growth, not the opposite – aging and death.

For this reason, the peptide has a substantial influence on growth hormone (GH) and other factors that contribute to aging.

As such, many men have turned to peptides like Sermorelin to reverse the signs of aging.

In fact, the history of Sermorelin dates back to the 1980s when it was first conceived in a lab to study how the peptide promotes growth in the human body.

Since then, research has continued to support the use of peptides like Sermorelin to reverse aging by addressing growth hormone deficiencies.13

Clinical studies have been promising with both animal and human subjects, including young children with hormone deficiencies.12

Furthermore, Sermorelin has also been tested on human subjects diagnosed with HIV, also demonstrating positive results.14

Recently, in the early 2000s, clinical studies involving older men (68-69 years old) supported evidence of anti-aging effects.15

Additionally, a recent study concluded that Sermorelin can assist men with weight loss thanks to its effects on hypogonadism.16

Thus, thanks to the overwhelming clinical support, most rank Sermorelin among the best peptides for increasing HGH in men.

#7. GHRP-6

ghrp 6 is a popular hgh peptide for men

Visit the official Core Peptides website here:

Growth hormone-releasing hexapeptide, otherwise known as GHRP-6, is another popular synthetic peptide for men.


GHRP-6 has the same potential to reverse aging by altering the physical appearance and mental health of men.

Therefore, GHRP-6 triggers growth hormone (GH) production which provides many benefits.17

The small peptide has been researched for decades and therefore more is known about it compared to other HGH supplements.

The growth hormone-releasing hexapeptide was initially created to mimic the mechanism of action found in growth hormone-releasing hormones (GHRH).

However, when the synthetic peptide was first isolated in 1984, scientists discovered that GHRP-6 functions much differently.18

The result was a revolution in terms of finding ways to help men combat weight or strength issues, along with other hormone deficiencies.

Since then, researchers have continued to examine GHRP-6 and other peptides for how they might benefit men.

What is currently known is that peptides do influence the growth hormone and therefore offer much promise in terms of weight loss and building muscle.

Nonetheless, the examination of GHRP-6 (like other peptides) remains ongoing.19

Be that as it may, clinical studies thus far have been promising for men that could benefit from human growth hormone (HGH) supplementation.20

Currently, GHRP-6 is also being studied extensively for how it might influence hypothyroidism, cortisol hormone release, and organ function.21 22

Finally, GHRP-6 has the potential to treat gastrointestinal (GI) issues associated with diabetes.23

GHRP-6 is affordably priced at, available in both 5mg and 10mg sizes.

Why Should Men Use HGH Supplements?

The best HGH supplements for men offer new hope for customers desperate to find an answer.

Aging is an unfortunate part of life, but it doesn’t have to rule or define you.

For this reason, men are beginning to trust peptides and other HGH supplements for their unique ability to restore men’s health.

As a result, most men that use HGH supplements notice a remarkable difference in terms of physical appearance and mental health.

Human growth hormone (HGH) supplements restore hormone imbalances and deficiencies that are common with age.

Consequently, HGH supplements seek to stimulate growth hormone (GH) production along with more testosterone.

Accordingly, many notice significant changes in body composition, whether it’s major weight loss or muscle growth.

Even better, the all-natural HGH supplements and peptides featured on the list do not demonstrate any dangerous or harmful side effects.

In fact, human growth hormone (HGH) supplementation with 100% natural products is a much safer alternative to bodybuilders pills.

Moreover, HGH supplements are actually affordable (and not painful) unlike injections.

HGH for Men Benefits

There are many benefits to consider with HGH supplements.

It’s especially true when men rely on products that are created by trustworthy, genuine companies.

Those that made the list of the 7 Best HGH Supplements for Men for 2023 generally report the following benefits:

  • Fat Burning (Weight Loss)
  • Lean Muscle (Muscle Growth)
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Faster Recovery
  • Muscle, Tissue, & Joint Health
  • Improved Sex Drive & Libido

What’s more, researchers are still unlocking the many secrets and hidden powers of peptides and HGH supplements.

It’s especially true in the emerging field of anti-aging products for men.

Thus, customers can be at ease knowing all these products are 100% legal with no prescription required.

Furthermore, these products have not displayed dangerous or harmful side effects when used at the proper dose and cycle.


The best HGH supplements for men offer a ton of potential.

What if you could tap into that fountain of youth again?

The best HGH supplements for men have been shown to assist with weight loss, muscle growth, recovery, and many other benefits.

More importantly, men of all ages can benefit from the top HGH supplements due to their reputation and history with customers.

Thus, rely on these top products to transform your body as well as your confidence and self-esteem.


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