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5 Best Military Coolers For 2022

Military coolers are great for keeping your drinks cold, but most importantly, are super durable.

They also tend to be more expensive than your average, run of the mill cooler.

When you make this kind of investment, you want to make sure you’re getting the best of the best.

Here are the 5 best military coolers on the market:

RTIC Military Coolers

RTIC is a company that sells high quality military coolers at affordable price points. Two of their top products are reviewed below:


rtic 65 military cooler

This is a large hard shell cooler that’s perfect for larger gatherings or longer trips.

It can hold up to 64 cans, and that takes ice space into account.

With less cans, food, etc., it can hold up to 7 pounds of ice for additional cooling power. It keeps its contents cold for up to ten days at a time.

It’s rotomolded build makes it tough enough to stand up to almost anything. 

The interior of this military cooler is 26 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 12 inches deep.

The keep-cold features make this cooler pretty heavy, as it weighs in at 36.5 pounds when it’s empty.

It has built in rubber-covered rope handles and rubber T latches, which make for easy carrying and easy locking.

Its compact size and easy-carry handles make it able to be carried by one person.

A rapid-speed drain, anchors, lid with traction, and bear-resistant build really push this cooler’s design and usability over the top.

RTIC 65 Pricing: $239.99 with Free Shipping

Where to Buy:


rtic 20 military cooler

If you’re looking for a cooler that’s better for personal use, the RTIC 20 is worth checking out.

It’s perfect for one person, whether you’re using it for lunch or a day trip.

It can hold up to 24 cans as well as adequate ice. It has that same tough military cooler build you’re looking for as well.

The interior of the RTIC 20 measures almost 14 inches long, almost 11 inches deep, and almost 9 inches wide.

It weighs just 17.5 inches empty and has heavy duty built-in rope handles, so it’s easy to carry on your own.

It keeps its contents cold for up to ten days at a time.

It’s also got the same traction lid, anti-slip feet, anchors, T latches, rapid drain, and bear-resistance that the larger version comes with.

RTIC 20 Pricing: $129.99 with Free Shipping

Where to Buy:


YETI is a well-known brand in the military cooler field. Here are two of their top products and the specs they come with:

YETI Cooler. Image:

YETI Tundra Haul Wheeled Cooler

If you want a cooler that holds a lot while still being easy to carry, you’ll want to check out this YETI.

It holds up to 45 cans with adequate space for ice (at a 2:1 ice to can ratio).

It weighs 37 pounds empty so it can get heavy, but it’s never-flat wheels make that concern disappear.

This military cooler is 19 inches long, just over 1 inches deep, and just over 11 inches wide in the interior.

Its rotomolded build makes it as tough as possible, and its aluminum welded handles with grips are both comfortable and strong.

Its “T-Rex” latches and “never fail” hinges make keeping this cooler closed a breeze.

Permafrost insulation and cold-lock gasket keep your drinks and other items cold for impressive spans of time.

YETI Tundra Haul Wheeled Cooler Pricing: $399.99

Where to Buy:

YETI Roadie 24 Hard Cooler

yeti roadie hard cooler

This smaller, lighter cooler is perfect for personal use when you’re on the go.

This is a newer model from YETI, and its lighter, has a larger capacity, and keeps things cold longer than ever before.

It lacks a drain (to help lessen its weight) but its easy to simply tip it over to dump its contents.

This cooler measures 12.5 inches long, just over 13 inches deep, and almost 11 inches wide.

It can hold up to 18 cans plus ice. It has many of the same great features that the YETI Tundra has, including the rotomolded build, the “neverfail” hinges, and permafrost insulation.

It has one large handle for easy carrying and a latch that can be opened with just one hand as well.

YETI Roadie 24 Hard Cooler Pricing: $199.99

Where to Buy:

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Blue Coolers

Blue Coolers are meant to be durable and affordable, from a company based around honesty and convenience.

Here are two of their best selling military coolers:

55 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Mold Cooler

blue military coolers

This is another larger cooler available at a fairly affordable price.

It can hold between 44 and 48 cans plus ice (with that same 2:1 ice to can ratio).

It weighs just 28.2 pounds empty, which is pretty good for a cooler of this size.

This military cooler has a lockable lid, two inches of insulation, and a freezer-quality gasket to keep the contents cold and protected.

Its handles are comfortable and easy to carry, and its rapid drain adds a level of convenience to the emptying process.

55 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Mold Cooler Pricing: $199.99 with Free Shipping

Where to Buy:

30 Quart Companion Roto-Molded Cooler

blue 30 quart roto molded cooler

Blue Cooler’s 30 quart cooler is a great choice if you don’t need quite as much space as the 55 quart provides, or if you’re looking for a cooler with a much lower price point.

It still provides that same level of cold protection, keeping its contents cold for up to 10 days at a time.

It is also easy to carry as it weights just 21.2 pounds when it is empty.

The Blue Cooler 30 Quart Companion Cooler measures 9.5 inches long at the bottom, 10 inches long at the top, and 11 inches deep.

It holds 24-26 cans with the 2:1 ice to can ratio.

It has many of the same features as its larger counterpart, including 2 inches of insulation, a freezer gasket, a lockable lid, and a rapid drain.

30 Quart Companion Roto-Molded Cooler Pricing: $169.99 with Free Shipping

Where to Buy:


The OtterBox brand is best known for their top-of-the-line protective phone cases, but their military coolers are just as tough.

Their top two coolers are shown below:

OtterBox Cooler. Image:

OtterBox Venture 65 Cooler

This military cooler with a tough polypropylene shell is perfect for longer trips or events with large groups of people.

It can hold up to 36 12 ounce cans at the 2:1 ice to can ratio. It can keep ice frozen and its contents cold for an impressive 16 days at a time.

The OtterBox Venture 65 Cooler’s interior measures almost 27 inches long, just over 13 inches high, and almost 11 inches wide.

It is fairly heavy, as it weighs in at over 32 pounds when empty.

It’s got tough stainless steel pins and silicone seals and latches that keep the cooler securely shut.

The integrated handles are comfortable and make this cooler easy to carry, even if it may be on the heavier side.

It even comes with a dry storage tray and a bottle opener as added accessories.

Venture 65 Cooler Pricing: This cooler normally costs $349.99, but sometimes goes on sale at 20% off making it just $279.99. Shipping is free as well.

Where to Buy:

OtterBox Venture 25 Cooler

The OtterBox Venture 25 is just like the 65, but it’s a smaller size that’s perfect for personal use and day trips.

It can hold up to 14 cans while leaving space for the adequate amount of ice, and it keeps its contents cold for up to 10 days at a time.

It weighs just under 17 pounds and measures in at just under 14 inches long, just under 12 inches wide, and about 10.5 inches deep. 

As mentioned above, this cooler has the same features as the Venture 65. It also comes with a bottle opener as a free accessory. 

Venture 25 Cooler Pricing: This cooler is typically sold for $229.99, but often goes on sale for 15% off just like the Venture 65.

This brings the price down to $189.99 and shipping is always free.

Where to Buy:

Pelican Coolers

Pelican is a global leader is protective and temperature products, making them a great place to purchase military coolers.

Here are two of their best products:

Pelican Cooler. Image:

Pelican 80QW Elite Wheeled Cooler 

This cooler is great for both large groups of people and longer trips in the outdoors.

It keeps its contents cold for up to 10 days straight with the help for a freezer gasket and 2″ thick insulation, and it has an impressive amount of interior space (29 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 13 inches deep).

The Pelican 80Q Elite Wheeled Cooler weighs in at almost 50 pounds, but its durable wheels make it easy to bring along nonetheless.

Its tough build is made of polyethylene, its hardware stainless steel, its latches ABS, and its handle TPE.  

These high quality materials make this cooler just about as tough as you can get.

Its even got a sloped drain for easy emptying and a built-in bottle opener for your own convenience and enjoyment.

Its fish scale lid is a unique added bonus for fishermen as well.

80QW Elite Wheeled Cooler Pricing: $514.95

Where to Buy:

Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler

This is a great choice is you are looking for a small personal cooler that is easy to carry.

It weighs just 12.52 pounds, holds 14 cans, and has a convenient handle that holds the cooler in a comfortable, upright position.

It measures in at 12 inches long, almost 7 inches wide, and almost 18 inches deep.

As far as features go, this small cooler is loaded as well.

Its lid has built-in cup holders, it has secure press and pull latches, and its feet are designed to stay in place.

It is made of the same tough, high quality materials as the 80QW Pelican cooler shown above.

20QT Elite Cooler Pricing: $153.95

Where to Buy:

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No matter which product you choose, a military cooler will keep your drinks and other items both cold and protected for an impressive amount of time.

Choose the military cooler you like best from the list above and look forward to the refreshing convenience you’re about to receive. 

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