8 best military jackets for women
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8 Best Military Jackets For Women

Women’s fashion in military wear such as jackets has long dragged behind what is available for men.

Thankfully, brands like SHE Outdoor, 5.11 Tactical, and Under Armour have taken notice and have something that women in service can appreciate.

The best military jackets for women to make our cut stand apart from the competition based on the range of sizes, comfortable material, style, and practically in the rough.

Check out our top 8 choices below.

#1. SHE Outdoor Insulated Waterproof Jacket for Ladies

SHE Outdoor Insulated Waterproof Jacket for Ladies
Image: BassPro.com
  • Colors: TrueTimber Strata
  • Sizes: XS / S
  • Material: 100% Polyester

There is a fashion that is designed to look good and the other type which serves more of a tangible purpose.

In the military, fashion relies heavily on practicality yet the SHE Outdoor Insulated Waterproof Jacket questions whether you cannot also do it in style.

It’s easily one of the best military jackets for women available from name brands like SHE Outdoor.

For starters, the military jacket serves its purpose by offering a 100% waterproof and windproof shield.

Secondly, the breathable protection for a third layer of protection allows you to adapt to any climate or weather conditions.

SHE Outdoor recognizes the unique contours of the female form which is why the cut of the military jacket not only fits but may flatter.

Regardless of what others think, you’ll feel amazing in the cozy ThermoLite Insulation with the 150-gram in the torso and 100-gram in the sleeves.

Thus, the military jacket is extremely warm yet not bulky and heavy like so many men’s versions.

Another terrific feature is the detachable hood or adjustable drawcords for the ideal fit around your neck.

The military jacket for ladies stands apart from competitors with a 100% polyester design.

The lined handwarmer pockets are even thoughtful enough to provide a friendly spot for your hands during a long day outdoors.

In terms of staying dry in the elements, the SHE Outdoor Insulated Waterproof Jacket is reliable in precipitation.

The YKK zipper system with a full-zip front keeps you entirely dry and, therefore, warm.

The SHE Outdoor Insulated Waterproof Jacket is ideal for veterans, hunters, or outdoor enthusiasts.

Where to Buy: www.BassPro.com

#2. 5.11 Tactical Surplus Jacket for Ladies

5.11 Tactical Surplus Jacket for Ladies
Image: 511Tactical.com
  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL
  • Material: 67% Polyester / 33% Cotton

There is one issue that women face in the outdoors that is not a concern with a military jacket built for men – extra storage space for personal cargo.

Women appreciate a military jacket that is not only strong and tough yet offers utility for storing personal items nearby.

The military jacket features two ReadyPocket compartments on the chest along with patch pockets.

The storage is secure as the front cargo pockets offer hidden snap closures.

Meanwhile, the side entry pockets feature YKK zipper technology which is the trendy new advance in outdoor gear.

Furthermore, the military jacket for females delivers a versatile fit from the numerous adjustments available on the cuffs, snap tabs, and hem.

The 5.11 Tactical Surplus Jacket is produced with the company’s signature stretch Flex-Tac canvas material along with a Teflon finish.

The Teflon finish provides stain and soil resistance along with the traditional guard against the elements.

Overall, the military jacket for women is 67% polyester and 33% cotton with the patented Flex-Tac canvas included.

It’s only available in black which looks trendy a night out with the girls or glamping with family.

Where to Buy: www.511Tactical.com

#3. SHE Outdoor EXP Camo Long-Sleeve Hoodie for Ladies

SHE Outdoor EXP Camo Long-Sleeve Hoodie for Ladies
Image: BassPro.com
  • Colors: TrueTimber Strata / TrueTimber Kanati
  • Sizes: XS / M
  • Material: 94% Polyester / 6% Spandex

SHE Outdoor returns with yet another women’s military jacket deserving of the best of 2021.

There are few differences between the practical Insulated Waterproof Jacket as well as the trendy hoodie.

Both designs offer the stylish TrueTimber Strata which looks amazing by a bonfire as well as a hunting excursion.

Nonetheless, the SHE Outdoor EXP Camo Long-Sleeve Hoodie offers slightly less coverage along the upper half while remaining warm and dry.

The military jacket for women presents a brushed-fleece interior, 3-panel (double-lined) hood, and drop-tail hem.

Additionally, the quarter-zip front allows you to adjust for coverage or ventilation near the chest.

While the SHE Outdoor Insulated Waterproof Jacket is 100% polyester, this hoodie is primarily the same (94% polyester) along with a taste of spandex for added comfort.

The SHE Outdoor Hoodie is machine washable like their other military jackets for women.

Where to Buy: www.BassPro.com

#4. Maven Jacket (5.11 Tactical)

Maven Jacket - 5.11 Tactical
Image: 511Tactical.com
  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes: XS
  • Material: 90% Polyester / 10% Elastane

The wonderful aspect of this era is that women can represent whatever defines them.

Therefore, nothing is shameful of feeling proud about all your hard work at basic training or in the gym.

Thus, hitting the town with friends is a fantastic opportunity to consider the Maven Jacket by 5.11 Tactical.

The Maven Jacket makes no apologies with a fashionable black moto style with aggressive lines and quilted details.

It’s specially tailored for the female form and looks great on smaller frames (note the limited availability of sizes at the moment).

The crossover front placket operates fully open or closed along with any partial zip.

Moreover, secure your phone and other personal belongings underneath the right front.

The military jacket for women is 90% polyester along with elastane 4-way stretch material.

Where to Buy: www.511Tactical.com

#5. Under Armour Coldgear Infrared Shield Jacket for Ladies

Under Armour Coldgear Infrared Shield Jacket for Ladies
Image: BassPro.com
  • Colors: Black / Pitch Gray & Black
  • Sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL
  • Material: 100% Polyester

The Coldgear Infrared Shield Jacket for Ladies by Under Armour may not look as upscale as the 5.11 Maven Jacket yet is more practical.

It’s also affordable for a trendy military jacket that simply gives you more warmth with fewer layers.

Thus, the Under Armour Coldgear Infrared Shield Jacket is effective without demanding a steep price tag.

Under Armour relies on ColdGear Infrared technology which produces a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating.

The coating absorbs and retains body heat around the core without making the jacket excessively heavy.

There is no need to have the burden of strolling around all evening in an obnoxiously bulky jacket.

The durable, bonded 3-layer softshell material begins with windproof construction on the exterior (100% polyester) along with 4-way stretch for active comfort.

It also does not neglect the importance of personal storage along the zippered chest and hand pockets.

The Under Armour Coldgear Infrared Shield Jacket is not extraordinarily tight yet streamlined with sizes for all body types.

Where to Buy: www.BassPro.com

#6. Atlas Jacket (5.11 Tactical)

Atlas Jacket - 5.11 Tactical
Image: 511Tactical.com
  • Colors: Twilight / Black / Major Brown
  • Sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL
  • Material: 92% Polyester / 8% Elastane

Atlas Jacket also makes a strong case for having one of the best military jackets for women, especially compared to Maven and Under Armour.

The stylish black version of the Atlas Jacket from 5.11 Tactical is sure to get many interested yet there are two other variations.

The Twilight blue and Major Brown hues also look tremendous depending on what you seek.

As a result, the Atlas Jacket women’s military jacket has something to offer for every appetite.

The lightweight military jacket is designed with a thick polyester blend mixed with elastane.

The durable outer shell features a water repellent finish which adds to the warmth of the fit.

5.11 Tactical also keeps up with the competition by featuring RAPIDraw technology for the hand pockets.

The new zipper system allows quick pass-through for convenient CCW access.

Consequently, the jacket works wonders whether you have errands to make or need something light for a weekend getaway.

Best of all, the price is unbeatable at the moment as the military jacket generally retails well over $100.

Where to Buy: www.511Tactical.com

#7. Emma Full Zip (5.11 Tactical)

Emma Full Zip - 5.11 Tactical
Image: 511Tactical.com
  • Colors: Cabernet / Tundra
  • Sizes: S / M / L
  • Material: 86% Cotton / 10% Polyester / 4% Elastane

If you appreciate style yet operate on a tight budget you are like most Americans that could use the occasional wardrobe update.

Hence, the Emma Full Zip military jacket for women keeps hard-working people like you in mind.

The Emma Full Zip women’s military jacket is available in two fashionable looks: Cabernet or Tundra.

Moreover, the warmth of the jacket is extremely reliable even if cotton (86%) is no longer the preferred outdoor material for most enthusiasts.

Neverthemore, the Emma Full Zip military jacket does feature enough polyester and elastane to make it comfortable at far less the cost.

The jacket is closer to a hoodie in layers with quilting accents, concealed zippers, and hand pockets that make it stylish for a night out.

The hoodie can fit over a thin tank top or transfix into a bottom layer on a cooler day.

Lastly, the bottom hem lies wide and flat to pair well with just about any bottoms.

Please keep in mind that all purchases on 5.11 Tactical are final and returns are not allowed.

Where to Buy: www.511Tactical.com

#8. Women’s Aurora Shell Jacket (5.11 Tactical)

Women’s Aurora Shell Jacket
Image: 511Tactical.com
  • Colors: Sangria / Black
  • Sizes: S / L / XL
  • Material: 100% Nylon

Even if we do not agree with their returns policy, 5.11 Tactical is an excellent source when it comes to military jackets for women.

For this reason, the Women’s Aurora Shell Jacket is deserving of the final spot on our best of 2021 considerations.


First, the 5.11 Tactical Women’s Aurora Shell Jacket is uniquely created with a 100% nylon shell.

Consequently, all of the nasty elements in nature like wind or rain cannot penetrate this hardy military jacket.

The military jacket is 15K/15K water-resistant yet breathable enough to accumulate when the temperatures shift.

Zippers are located under the arms to provide additional ventilation.

Meanwhile, the articulated sleeves and shoulders adjust to the form of your body.

For outdoor gear, the Women’s Aurora Shell Jacket is surprisingly modern with internal media ports to organize different cords from being tangled.

Furthermore, the RAPIDraw zipper technology makes access very straightforward.

RAPIDraw is practical for many purposes including the ability to carry a concealed weapon (CCW).

The 5.11 Tactical Women’s Aurora Shell Jacket fits most body types as it’s available in Small (S), Large (L), and Extra-Large (XL).

Where to Buy: www.511Tactical.com

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