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Best Stun Gun Flashlight Review: Police Force Tac Torch

People commonly carry electroshock weapons such as tasers, high-power tactical torches, and stun guns for self-defense.

It’s a matter of safety, especially for people who live in neighborhoods with higher crime rates, work night shifts, or have to pass through unsafe routes regularly.

A tactical flashlight combined with a stun gun can be the perfect weapon and accessory to accompany you on unsafe ventures.

The Home Security Superstore got in touch with OMK about reviewing one of their leading non-lethal self defense flashlights.

They sent us their Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun flashlight free of charge, but we were in no way paid to do this review.

Let’s dive right in!

What is Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight?

best flashlight stun gun combo

Note: This is just a review. Click Here to visit the official Home Security Superstore website.

Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight combines a powerful 1,200-lumens flashlight with a 17 million volt stun gun. It’s an all-in-one defense weapon that you’ll ever need.

The hefty burst of over a thousand lumens is enough to disorient a perpetrator or potentially threaten an individual with a single button press.

The massive incapacitating power of over nearly 17,000,000 volts is enough to disarm and render a perpetrator unconscious in seconds.

The aluminum-alloy body is tough yet light. It’s not just a plain aluminum-alloy-composed exterior.

In fact, it has a military-grade aluminum-alloy exterior that’s built to last for long and let you have years of care-free outings.

You can even temporarily blind the attacker with this highly convenient and easy-to-use tactical torch-stun gun if you time it right.

It has five different light power modes, including strobe, maximum, medium, low, and of course, SOS.

The 13-inch body is enough to act as a powerful baton in case the attacker dodges the powerful flashlight and the precise stun charge launch.

One or two swings of this 13-inch tactical torch are enough to deliver an incapacitating or nerve-wracking blow to the attacker’s temple.

It’s twice as long and tough as any other flashlight on the market.

It has a 3-inch stun gun head diameter which is twice the size of other flashlights on the market.

Even the crackling sound and sight of 17 million volts are enough to scare away an attacker for good with a single button press.

If that’s not enough, a single button will leave the attacker wishing they never came near you!

The Home Security Superstore is one of the best places to buy this handy self-defense weapon for years of care-free outings.

Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight Features

  • 5 watt T6 LED bulb
  • 2-in-1 self-defense tool
  • 17 million volt stun charge
  • 5 different light modes, including SOS
  • 1,200 lumens-powered light
  • Lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • 2 18,650 batteries (rechargeable)
  • 13-inch long exterior (easy to scare away an assailant or attacker)
  • Potentially blinds and disorientates assailants
  • Military-grade aluminum-alloy exterior
  • 3-inch stun gun head
  • Easy to recharge and carry around (adjustable carry strap)

What’s included in the package (accessories)?

The Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight comes with a small but very useful set of accessories.

These are the only accessories you need in conjunction with the Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight to keep yourself at a safe distance and protect yourself from assailants:

  • An instruction manual
  • 2 rechargeable 18,650 batteries
  • 1 carry strap (highly adjustable for comfortable wearing when you’re outdoors)
  • 1 plug-in battery charger (highly suitable for standard wall outlets)
  • 1 charging cradle for both batteries

The instruction manual clearly lays out exactly how to use the product in great detail, here’s a snapshot:

Who Sells It?

Most users at The Home Security Superstore find the Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight extremely satisfying and functional.

Buyers have never felt safer after purchasing one, with most of them agreeing that The Home Security Superstore is the best retailer on offer.

You can visit the official website here and order the right self-defense weapon collections based on your needs and requirements.

If you’re ever confused, you can always contact the customer support at the company.

Besides, The Home Security Superstore offers various perks to buyers when you purchase a product, such as the Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight!

User Reviews: What Users Say About Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun?

The customer reviews about the Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun are self-explanatory and highly encouraging.

The customer reviews have played a crucial part in encouraging people around the U.S. to order this zapping self-defense tool!

Here’s what people have to say about it:

  • It is durable and reliable. It’s not too heavy, it’s easy to operate, and I got it at a great price. And the customer service and warranty were just the cherries on top of the package. I Like this tool a lot, and it’s worth every penny.” – Lenore M. (U.S.)
  • I’m very happy with my purchase! You’ve found yourselves a repeat customer because I’m certainly coming back for another.” – Eric T. (U.S.)
  • Very bright, and the zapper part is good. It’s very lightweight and fits in the ring on my duty belt, a lot lighter than the old Maglites.”Matt C. (U.S.)

The abovementioned customer reviews share the firsthand experience of owning and using the Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight!

Where to Buy Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun?

You can visit The Home Security Superstore right now to order the high-quality Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun.

Click Here to see their page on it.

The company sells this high-end self-defense tool online through its convenient e-commerce platform.

Here’re the benefits of ordering from The Home Security Superstore:

Affordable Prices

Tactical self-defense flashlights and stun guns, including the Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight, are available at a lower price.

For instance, the Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight costs $70 on Amazon, while you can get it at The Home Security Superstore for $47.95.

Same-Day Delivery

If you order before 04:00 PM ET, you can get same-day delivery without having to spend another day without a reliable self-defense tool.

Lifetime Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty/ Money-Back Guarantee

The Home Security Superstore sells the Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight with a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

You also get a money-back guarantee if you fit their terms and conditions. It’s a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Free-Shipping and Free Technical Support

It’s quite surprising to know that the company also offers free technical support on customer orders while you don’t have to pay a dime for shipping costs.

Similar Products From The Home Security Superstore

The Home Security Superstore offers a range of survival, self-defense, and safety equipment for new and veteran users of self-defense weapons.

Here are a few similar self-defense weapons with high-end features and indestructible qualities:

Taser® Strikelight Rechargeable

It has two activation buttons for each feature, i.e., flashlight and stun gun.

It’s extremely easy to use and carry around, being smaller in size compared to the Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight.

It produces three powerful electrical arcs to incapacitate an assailant.

Also, it features a loud cracking sound when you activate the stun gun head, which can easily intimidate an attacker.

Click Here to visit their page on the Taser Strikelight Rechargeable.

Police Force Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight 9.2M

Although only 6.5 inches in length, this rechargeable gun flashlight is built to last and has Triple Stun Technology that improves its effectiveness as a self-defense tool.

With a military-grade exterior, it also features a long battery life that can protect you for much longer than other flashlights since it also comes with a stun gun.

It’s easy to use for first-timers and doesn’t require professional training to operate.

Click Here to see their page on it.


Self-defense weapons like pepper sprays have blinded users due to a slight change in the wind.

However, you don’t have to worry about being zapped, disoriented, or blinded by your Police Force Tactical Torch Stun Gun Flashlight.

Thanks to its convenient controls and high-end features, it is easy to use and reliable in tactical situations.

Order it now at The Home Security Superstore and avail free shipping along with a money-back guarantee and lifetime-limited manufacturer’s warranty today!

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If you're looking for the best stun gun flashlight combo, consider checking out the Police Force Tactical Torch. It's one of the best taser flashlights on the market today.
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