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10 Best Tactical Wallets For 2022 (Military Grade Gear)

When shopping for a tactical wallet, there are a few things to keep your eyes out for.

Design and style are key components to deciding if a wallet is right for you.

Tactical wallets are designed to provide you with a durable frame while keeping it stylish.

A tactical wallet will serve the same function as a standard wallet to store credit cards and your driver’s license.

A unique thing about them are their features, which are not available in the standard bi or tri-fold wallet.

Standard wallets are usually designed with basic leather or fabric for the classic look and feel.

However, you may want more out of your wallet.

Tactical wallets are designed for those who want to have a durable wallet with function.

This could be seen in the materials used, such as aluminum, steel, and damage-resistant materials.

They are designed to withstand whatever you want to throw at them.

Some tactical wallets are more like multitools rather than a place to put your money.

With utility in mind, they may come equipped with a knife or other tools to help you in a pinch.

We will now go over the 10 best tactical wallets that you can buy.

#1. T01 Tactical Bifold Wallet

dango T01 tactical wallet
  • Dimensions: 4.375″W x 2.75″L x .75″ thick
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Card capacity: 17
  • Colors Available: Blackout, OD green, desert sand
  • Price: $109

The T01 Tactical Bifold Spec-Ops edition Wallet by Dango is built to go far beyond the use of the standard wallet.

Made out of high-grade materials, this wallet can withstand extreme conditions.

It combines a mixture of metal with damage-resistant material to provide a beast of a wallet.

Standard wallets are normally made out of leather, but the T01 is constructed with DTEX combined with 6061 aerospace grade aluminum.

It also includes a Cerakote ceramic coating for extra durability.

With a card capacity of 17 cards, the T01 Tactical Bifold has enough space for everything you need.

The wallet provides RFID blocking to prevent others from stealing your credit card information.

A unique feature of the T01 Tactical Bifold Spec-Ops edition Wallet is that it comes with a stainless steel multitool.

The multitool has over 14 functions, such as a serrated edge blade, ruler, bottle opener, and a glass break.

The wallet’s functionality is quite amazing, with the ability to help you out in tight situations or if you need to defend yourself.

The multitool is also removable to allow you easy travel on any flight.

The T01 Tactical Bifold Spec-Ops edition Wallet is surprisingly slim for all it comes with and weighs only 4 ounces.

If you are looking for a wallet with form, fit, and function, the T01 by Dango Products may be the right tactical wallet for you.

Pick it up on their official website here:

#2. M1 R-Spec Wallet

dango m1 r-spec tactical wallet
  • Dimensions: 3″W x 4.25″L x .43″ thick
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Card capacity: 10
  • Colors Available: Black, red, white, cement grey
  • Price: $129

Dango’s M1 R-Spec wallet has a sporty design that is inspired by high-performance race cars.

Much like a race car, the M1 R-Spec is made out of top-quality materials to ensure that your cards and money remain secure.

The wallet is constructed with aerospace grade 6061 aluminum, carbon fiber, and premium stitched leather.

The slim design allows you to carry 10 cards and still have space for your banknotes.

To keep your information safe, the wallet is also designed with RFID blocking technology.

Another cool feature is that it is compatible with the MT04 multitool (sold separately) to provide additional functionality.

A silicone wallet band is included to provide you a solid grip on your wallet.

The wallet has a red, white, cement grey, and black prismatic powder glossy coating that provides a sporty look while adding a layer of protection.

The carbon fiber backplate looks great while providing extra protection to your credit cards and ID.

With a total weight of 3 ounces, the M1 R-Spec has a nice lightweight feel.

If you are looking for a wallet that brings the style, feel, and quality of a race car, the M1 R-Spec Wallet by Dango Products would be a good choice for you.

Pick it up on their official site here:

#3. M007 Limited Edition – Maverick Wallet

dango m007 tactical wallet
  • Dimensions: 3″W x 4.25″L x .43” thick
  • Weight: 4.5 oz
  • Card capacity: 10
  • Colors Available: Gold finish
  • Price: $147

Dango’s M007 Limited Edition – Maverick Wallet is constructed of solid materials to provide you extra durability and protection.

The wallet is made of 6061 aerospace aluminum, premium leather, and stainless steel, making it a great choice for everyday carry (EDC).

With a 10 card capacity, you have the ability to bring all your cards with a slim profile wallet that weighs only 4.5 ounces.

The wallet comes with built-in RFID protection technology to keep your personal information safe.

The Maverick wallet has a stylish gold finish and is similar to the M1 R-Spec except for a few key differences.

The M007 includes an MT04 multitool that gives you extra functionality.

The multitool comes with a chisel, a seatbelt cutter, a serrated edge blade, and a bottle opener.

With over 10 different functions, the MT04 multitool can get you out of a tough situation.

Dango’s M007 Limited Edition – Maverick Wallet has a Chem-Etched Gold anodized finish that brings style to a tactical wallet.

If you are looking for a great looking wallet that provides a 10 function multitool utility, the M007 Limited Edition – Maverick Wallet is an excellent choice.

It can be purchased at Dango Products website here:

#4. Titan One Rugged 

aviator titan one rugged
  • Dimensions: Adjustable
  • Weight: .25 oz, .6 oz, 1.06 oz
  • Card capacity: 7, 11, 20
  • Colors Available: Acrylic glass, aluminum, titanium
  • Price: $362 – $775

The Titan One Rugged by Aviator wallet is made for those who want extreme durability.

Each wallet is made out of 99.9% pure titanium. You have likely heard of titanium, but you may not have heard of how durable it is compared to other metals.

Titanium has the strength of steel but at half the weight.

In addition to that, it is also non-magnetic and scratch-resistant.

The durability of the titanium makes the Titan One Rugged almost indestructible.

The Titan One Rugged consists of two 1 mm titanium plates, a carbon fiber cash clip, the inner frame, and a coin holder.

The modular coin holder comes in either carbon fiber or aluminum.

The inner frame comes with three different material options: acrylic glass, aluminum, or titanium.

Aviator Wallet backs up the Titan One Rugged with a lifetime warranty on the aluminum and carbon fiber parts.

Some of the other great features of this wallet include RFID blocking technology to prevent theft, and the inner band can be adjusted to fit the number of cards you own.

The downside to the Titan One Rugged by Aviator wallet is the price tag. It costs about $362 for the acrylic glass frame and no coin holder.

The titanium space frame with a carbon fiber coin holder costs about $775.

That is one expensive wallet.

If you are looking for a practically indestructible wallet and have a large budget, the Titan One Rugged by Aviator Wallet will be a great choice.

Pick it up on their official website here:

#5. 5.11 S.A.F.E 3.4 Badge Wallet

5.11 tactical wallet
  • Dimensions: 3″W x 4.5″L
  • Weight: Not specified
  • Card capacity: 1
  • Colors Available: Black
  • Price: $59.99

Special Note: This item is only available to law enforcement, police, and fire department agencies only. Confirmation is required prior to purchase.

The 5.11 S.A.F.E 3.4 Badge Wallet is designed for fire departments, police, and law enforcement personnel to, as you might have guessed, act as a badge holder.

With that said, you must show proof of agency affiliation before being allowed to purchase the badge wallet.

It is constructed with durable materials for those who are authorized to wear the 5.11 S.A.F.E 3.4 Badge Wallet.

It is made out of nylon and leather for a classic look while offering you excellent durability.

The badge holding wallet comes with a low-profile permanent attachment for your badge.

In addition to the badge, the 5.11 S.A.F.E 3.4 Badge Wallet comes with a transparent ID window pocket for quick identification.

The wallet comes with a removable 14” chain to allow you to store the badge wallet in your pocket easily.

The impressive design comes with an embossed 5.11 reticle on the front flap for a stylish look.

The compact design and durability of the 5.11 S.A.F.E 3.4 Badge Wallet make it an excellent choice for peace-keeping personal.

It is available for purchase at 5.11 after verification of your credentials.

Pick it up on their official site here:

#6. 110 North (Hammitt)

hammitt 110 north
  • Dimensions: 3.625″W x 7.5″L x .5″ thick
  • Weight: 5.6 oz
  • Card capacity: 10
  • Colors Available: Black/gunmetal, pew/brushed silver, black/brushed gold, and 6 limited edition colors
  • Price: $175

Hammitt’s 110 North folding wallet has a classy design that provides you a classic leather look constructed out of high-grade materials.

It also has a lifetime warranty.

If at any time something breaks on the 110 North wallet, you can get it repaired or replaced free of charge.

It is crafted with premium leather and is equipped with gunmetal hardware.

The 110 North comes in 9 different designs to fit anyone’s style.

The wallet comes with 10 card slots, a transparent id card slot, two bill pockets, magnetic closures, and a zipper pocket for coins.

You will have space for all the essentials with this wallet.

If you are looking for more of a classy looking wallet with a lifetime warranty and a lot of card space, Hammitt’s 110 North folding wallet is an excellent choice for you.

Pick it up on their website here:

#7. Bulletproof Wallet (Premier Body Armor)

bulletproof tactical wallet
  • Dimensions: Not specified
  • Weight: Not specified
  • Card capacity: 8
  • Colors Available: Black, ranger green
  • Price: $54.95

The Bulletproof Wallet by Premier Body Armor is one of the more interesting wallets on the list.

It may not look as cool as some of the other wallets on the list, and it does not come with a multitool, but it is bulletproof.

Premier Body Armor makes the world’s only bulletproof wallet.

The wallet is constructed with the same material used for ballistic vests and comes with NIJ – Level II ballistic panels.

With a 600D Cordura outer shell, this wallet is extremely rugged and water and tear-resistant.

It has the standard bi-fold style you are used to with 8 card pockets and a bill pocket.

Premier Body Armor is also proud that all materials used to construct the Bulletproof Wallet are domestically sourced.

Protect your booty with the unique design of the Bulletproof Wallet by Premier Body Armor.

If you are looking for the most extreme level of wallet protection, this wallet is the best fit for you.

It is available for purchase on the Premier Body Armor website here:

#8. Steel Jacket Multitool Wallet

511 tactical steel jacket multitool
  • Dimensions: 3”W x 2”L x .2” thick
  • Weight: 3.49 oz
  • Card capacity: 15
  • Colors Available: Tumbled steel
  • Price: $29.99

5.11’s Steel Jacket Multitool Wallet is more multitool than a wallet.

The steel body provides excellent protection for your cards that are house between the two plates and is held together by a rubber closure.

With the expandable rubber closure, you can fit up to 15 cards.

The hardcore exterior also includes RFID protection to prevent your information from being stolen.

This is the only utility wallet that is TSA carry-on certified on this list since it does not have a blade installed like Dongo’s multitools.

It also includes slots to keep your SIM and memory cards safe.

The multitool includes 3 different sizes of flathead screwdrivers, a multi-size bolt wrench, a ¼” hex bit socket, a bottle opener, and a pry tool.

If you are looking for a multitool that can store your credit cards, the Steel Jacket Multitool Wallet by 5.11 is an excellent choice.

Pick it up on their official site here:

#9. A10 Adapt Bifold Wallet

dango a10 adapt bifold wallet
  • Dimensions:16″W x 3″L x 0.75″ thick
  • Weight: 3.5 oz
  • Card capacity: 13
  • Colors Available: Grey
  • Price: $109

The A10 Adapt Bifold Wallet by Dango allows you to adapt to whatever style you want by giving the wallet a modular design.

The modular design allows you to have a super slim wallet much like Dango’s M007 or to have a bifold design by adding the adapter.

The basic frame can carry up to 5 cards. With the bi-fold adapter, it can carry up to 13 cards.

Constructed out of machined 6061 aerospace grade aluminum, the A10 is a durable wallet with some great features.

The wallet is tear, scratch, and water-resistant.

The A10 wallet also has RFID blocking technology to keep your information safe.

The A10 Adapt Bifold Wallet by Dango Products is an excellent choice for those who want the option to customize their wallet on the fly.

Pick it up on their official website here:

#10. Gerber GDC Money Clip

gerber gdc money clip
  • Dimensions: 1.6”W x 3.6”L x .3” thick
  • Weight: 2.88 oz
  • Card capacity: 5
  • Colors Available: Steel
  • Price: $41.19

Gerber’s GDC Money Clip, while not exactly a wallet, provides a unique feature.

The Money clip is just like any other money clip and holds up to 5 cards or some cash.

The difference is that it includes a sharp 1.7” stainless steel blade, the only tactical wallet in this article that has a knife.

With a length of 3.6,” it can easily fit in your pocket.

The blade is easy to access. All you need to do is pull the blade from the thumb notch and hit the release.

The thumb notch will offer you firm control of your blade.

When you are done, it easily snaps back into your G-10 composite sheath.

Though not technically a tactical wallet, the GDC Money Clip by Gerber offers excellent utility in a low-profile package.

The GDC Money Clip is available on the Walmart website here:

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