While men and woman are fighting for the freedom we get to live with everyday, the families of the deployed need a support network. Montana is striving to build military youth support in the communities stretched out over Montana’s 56 counties. Providing support to families dealing with the deployment of their loved ones overseas is crucial. The mobilization and deployment are at record highs, Operation Military Kids of Montana wants to reach out and provide opportunities and resources to these families. 

The program goals are:

  • Create community support and involvement for youth when a soldier is deployed,
  • Military kids that are coping with stress will obtain support to deal with the deployment,
  • Have recreational, social, and educational programs available for military youth in all communities,
  • Education programs for the public to become more aware but also an opportunity for them to give back to a soldier through their family and kids,
  • The prospect for the military family to become involved in many of the ongoing national and Montana Partner Programs: Montana 4-H, National Guard, Reserves, Boys & Girls Club of America, The American Legion, American Red Cross of America,
  • Create a support network of adults, youth, and organizations, reaching out to dispersed youth across our large state.