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MOTS-C Peptide Review

MOTS-C is quietly emerging as a popular supplement for weight loss.

The peptide is different from most other weight loss products in that it targets improving glucose metabolism.

As a result, men and women are completely transforming their bodies and enjoying several other benefits in the process.

Learn more about MOTS-C peptide in our complete review:

What is MOTS-C Peptide?

mots-c peptide

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MOTS-C peptide is a unique weight loss supplement that is part of a classification known as mitochondrial-derived peptides (MDP).1

In other words, MOTS-C functions differently from most other peptides in that it doesn’t induce the release of growth hormone.

Rather, the peptide enhances glucose metabolism through various pathways and contributes to numerous benefits (see, below).

MOTS-C peptide consists of 16 amino acids designed specifically from the mitochondrial genome.

For this reason, the peptide is associated with generating new energy while also improving metabolism.

The increased energy levels not only lead to burning more fat but also can help increase lifespan and deliver several other anti-aging benefits.

Mitochondria are unique in the human body in that they actually produce their own DNA.2

And, within this mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) are short open reading frames known as sORFs.3 4

These tiny reading frames are used to encode and produce peptides which provide numerous benefits to the body.

Consequently, it’s not uncommon for this peptide to be found in various parts of the body, including the brain, muscle tissues, and liver.

Peptides like MOTS-C play an instrumental role in managing metabolism, which is critical to maintaining a healthy weight.

How Does It Work?

MOTS-C operates differently compared to most weight loss peptides.

While most peptides function by stimulating the release of human growth hormone (HGH), MOTS-C targets your metabolism through various pathways.

As a result, glucose metabolism is improved and delivers significantly more energy to the body.5

Moreover, the peptide also is designed to improve insulin sensitivity, particularly in skeletal muscles.6

MOTS-C does so by stimulating the AMPK pathway which allows the body to use more storage biomolecules as well as increase energy expenditure.7

Additionally, MOTS-C peptide has the ability to improve liver function by removing excess glucose production.

It’s also been associated with improving bone cell differentiation as well as alleviating symptoms that derive from osteoporosis.8

Unfortunately, metabolic dysfunction (like a surplus in food intake with no exercise) contributes to obesity, diabetes, and other health problems.

Thus, using peptides like MOTS-C can help regenerate energy allowing individuals to exercise longer and burn more calories.

MOTS-C Peptide Benefits

There are multiple benefits to using MOTS-C peptide.

For starters, the mitochondrial-derived peptide (MDP) is commonly used for weight loss with impressive results reported by many users.

Additionally, MOTS-C peptide offers several other benefits thanks to increased energy and endurance.

Here is what you can expect to experience injecting MOTS-C as a supplement:

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Energy & Stamina
  • Improves Insulin Sensitivity
  • Enhances Mitochondrial Health
  • Improves Metabolism
  • Anti-Aging Properties

Discover more about each important benefit of the MOTS-C peptide, below:

Weight Loss

MOTS-C peptide may be considered novel yet it’s been studied far more compared to other mitochondrial-derived peptides (more details, below).

In fact, multiple studies have confirmed the effectiveness of MOTS-C for losing weight.9

Furthermore, several customer reviews and personal testimonials on Reddit attest to the weight loss wonders of MOTS-C.

It’s not uncommon to learn about individuals losing 15 – 18% of body fat without significant changes in diet or exercise.

As one Redditor observed, “My pants are starting to fall down and I’m getting compliments from my spouse.”

Fitness experts believe that the improved regulation of glucose metabolism allows the peptide to combat obesity.

Energy & Stamina

MOTS-C peptide is renowned for its ability to improve energy and endurance.10

For this reason, most users of the peptide report significant increases that lead to better, more promising results at the gym.

Energy is significantly improved during intense cardiovascular exercise so individuals can train longer and harder.

You’ll appreciate the difference in other aspects of life, too, such as in the bedroom.

Insulin Sensitivity

MOTS-C peptide is effective at improving insulin sensitivity.11

It’s important to maintain a healthy insulin balance to avoid problematic issues like diabetes.

Recently, it was discovered that MOTS-C peptide combats 3 different types of insulin resistance:

  • Aging-associated insulin resistance
  • High-fat diet (HFD) insulin resistance
  • Obesity-associated insulin resistance

These findings offer promise for those who are diagnosed with type II diabetes and other health conditions.

Mitochondrial Health

It would make sense that MOTS-C is effective at managing the mitochondria since its DNA derives from it.

It has been examined that the peptide improves the rate of mitochondrial biogenesis.

In other words, mitochondrial biogenesis is the process by which cells divide and grow within the body.

Mitochondrial biogenesis was first studied by John Holloszy in the 1960s.

Holloszy discovered that physical exercise leads to higher levels and greater glucose uptake in the muscles.

Thus, Holloszy believed that improving mitochondrial health would help the body resist diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other signs of aging.

Anti-Aging Health

Another groundbreaking discovery with MOTS-C is its reported anti-aging benefits.

These discoveries were recently made in 2020 when observing how mitochondrial-derived peptides influence aging.12

Unfortunately, natural MOTS-C levels in the body gradually decline with age.

However, researchers believe that by supplementing the peptide it can restore levels and health to an earlier era.

In fact, researchers found that a specific genetic alteration within MOTS-C may be the primary reason people in Japan live much longer than the average lifespan.13

MOTS-C peptide has been studied for numerous other anti-aging benefits designed to expand your lifespan.14

The improved strength in skeletal muscles and metabolism offer several other advantages, including the ability to ward off age-related diseases.

Additionally, the cell differentiation of MOTS-C reduces inflammation and degradation (osteoporosis) of bones.15

Even better, the peptide has been shown to stimulate osteogenesis which helps bones and fractures heal and recover properly.

MOTS-C Peptide Side Effects

The good news is that no serious or dangerous side effects have been reported with MOTS-C.

In general, the peptide is considered safe for human consumption although research trials remain fairly limited.

Thus, most of the reports of side effects come from personal reviews of customers who have used the supplement.

Nevertheless, the peptide is not currently approved by the FDA which makes it crucial to only purchase from a reliable supplier (more information, below).

MOTS-C peptide is generally injected into the skin which can produce some redness or irritation.

In the past, some users have responded well to the peptide while others have not noticed the same results.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict how the peptide will interact with other prescribed medications or pre-existing health conditions.

Thus, make sure you speak with a qualified physician before using any new supplement.

How to Use

Peptides offer much potential but need to be used correctly in order to avoid abuse or misuse.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that peptides like MOTS-C are not currently regulated by the FDA.

Be that as it may, most users online report minimal adverse effects if they stick to the recommended dosage.

Most agree that new users should begin with a low dosage and gradually build up to approximately 10mg per week

There are different suggestions on cycling, but most generally stick to 3 – 4 weeks of use.

MOTS-C is injected subcutaneously and requires some prep work to administer correctly.

Furthermore, make sure to store your peptides in a safe and cool place away from direct sunlight.

Does It Really Work?

The secret is out regarding the MOTS-C peptide.

It’s well documented that the peptide improves energy and stamina, along with delivering optimal weight loss benefits.

While most agree that users can experience the benefits of MOTS-C without altering diet or exercise intensity, the spikes in energy may alter their thinking.

Generally, it leads to stronger results in the gym because individuals have the energy and endurance to hit it hard.

MOTS-C is terrific at improving energy and optimizing exercise while also overhauling metabolism.

As a result, many consider it one of the safest and most effective ways to lose weight.

Furthermore, the anti-aging benefits are noteworthy and should make MOTS-C even more popular in the future.

Despite it, more human clinical trials are necessary to reach a firm conclusion and gain FDA approval.

For now, MOTS-C (like most peptides) remains underground yet has produced some impressive results for those willing to give it a try.

Meanwhile, others may want to give weight stacking a try by pairing MOTS-C with other popular peptides like IGF-1 LR3 and CJC 1295.

Weight stacking is a fantastic way to achieve optimal results by supplementing multiple peptides together.

Where To Buy?

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MOTS-C is a hidden gem in terms of weight loss.

The peptide functions differently from most in that it targets energy and metabolism.

As a result, users feel energized and ready to hit the gym with full force.

More importantly, MOTS-C can help increase lifespan thanks to its anti-aging properties.


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