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SARMS For Sale: 6 Best Places / Companies To Buy In 2022

When searching for SARMS for sale on the internet, it’s important that you find a legit source.

After all, these research chemicals are fairly new to the bodybuilding world, and you want to make sure you’re buying from a trusted source.

We’ve done the research for you, and the 5 companies below are those trusted sources.

Learn more about each in our review below.

NOTE: The below research chemicals are NOT intended for those under the age of 18.  If you are under the age of 18, do NOT consider taking them under any circumstances whatsoever.

Also, if you’re planning on joining the military, cease using this (and really any) supplement at least a couple months before going to MEPS. 

They can cause a false positive on a drug test, and will affect your chances of joining!

#1. Sports Technology Labs

sports technology labs is one of the most reputable companies to find sarms for sale

Note: Click Here to visit the official Sports Technology Labs website.

While being a relatively newcomer to the SARMS niche, Sports Technology Labs have burst onto the scene in an incredible way.

As with all of the other companies that sell SARMS in this article, Sports Technology Labs has all of their products 3rd party tested to ensure quality and consistency.

They literally offer the highest quality, cleanest SARMS money can buy.

Not only do they offer all of the most popular SARMS on the market, they do so at drastically reduced prices when stacked up to the competition.

When I say ‘drastic’, I mean it.

Across the board, you’ll find that there SARMS prices are up to 50% less than those of the other companies listed on this page.

In addition, they use a US-based credit card processing service, which makes the checkout process seamless.

Sports Technology Labs Best SARMS For Sale

As noted earlier, Sports Technology Labs offers all of the usual SARMS products, including: 

  • Ibutamoren (MK-677)
  • Ostarine (MK-2866)
  • Testolone (RAD-140)
  • Cardarine (GW-501516)
  • Ligandrol (LGD-4033)
  • Stenabolic (SR-9009)
  • RU-58841

All of their SARMS for sale are available in both liquid form, as well as powder form. 

In addition to the singular SARMS listed above, they also sell a number of stacks that will help you get faster results.

These include the following: 

  • Mass Stack (LGD-4033 & MK-677)
  • Strength Stack (RAD-140 & GW-501516)
  • Advanced Cut Stack (MK-2866, GW-501516, & SR9009)

Click Here to see their full list of SARMS stacks available online.

If you’re looking for the highest quality, results-producing SARMS for sale, I would highly recommend you check out Sports Technology Labs.

#2. Pure Rawz

purerawz sarms for sale

Note: Click Here to visit the official Pure Rawz website.

Pure Rawz is by far one of the best places to find SARMS for sale.

The brand produces a wide range of SARMS and nootropic products.

Their lineup is available in tablet, capsule, liquid, or raw powder form.

Pure Rawz advertises that “it’s all about research” and carefully crafts its SARMS as a result.

The company conceives all of its liquids utilizing a patented suspension method.

The crucial step in production ensures precise, safe dosing based on the research we already have for SARMS.

Pure Rawz takes great pride in delivering the highest quality products and service.

You can reach their customer support (via email or phone) 24/7 just like at Behemoth Labz.

Thus, the company hopes to project a trustworthy and respected source for all compounds related to SARMS.

You can find satisfied personal testimonies and reviews directly through the official website.

Pure Rawz Best SARMS for Sale

Pure Rawz features an extensive catalog of SARMS for sale.

Customers may categorize products based on new releases, top-sellers, bundles, and weight stacks.

The bestselling SARMS at Pure Rawz includes Ostarine (MK-2866), RAD 140 Testolone, MK 677 Ibutamoren, LGD-4033, and Cardarine (GW-501516).

Pure Rawz Andarine (S-4) and YK11 (Myostine) are also popular sellers for SARM support.5

One of the best things about Pure Rawz is that they offer SARMS for sale in a number of varietys, including capsules, tablets, liquid, powders, transdermals, and even injectables.

“Cycles” are vital when getting into muscle growth supplements like SARMS.

It’s essentially the length you plan on using supplements when paired with other factors like workout and nutritional plans.

Pure Rawz does group its products based on 8 Week and 16 Week Cycles depending on how long you plan on experimenting with SARMS.

In addition to SARMS, customers may also want to consider nootropics, botanicals, peptides, kratom, and cannabis products available directly through Pure Rawz.

The company features a variety of ways to make a purchase including PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Google Play, and cryptocurrency.

These alternative payment methods allow your purchase to remain secure and discreet.

Click Here to visit the Pure Rawz official website.

#3. Behemoth Labz

behemoth labz is one of the best places to buy sarms

Note: Click Here to visit the official Behemoth Labz website.

Behemoth Labz markets its lineup as the “#1 top-rated fitness compounds”.

The company is reputable and has been in existence since 2014.

Behemoth Labz aims to “supply the highest quality kick-ass research compounds money can buy”.

The website offers free shipping on orders that exceed $100.

Furthermore, orders are processed the same day with international shipping offered to multiple locations.

Behemoth Labz is also refreshingly different in that it strives to provide the highest quality and purest SARMS available for sale.

The company tests all of its SARMS through third-party organizations to verify you are getting the real thing.

Moreover, the 24/7 live chat and customer service are a fantastic luxury.

Unfortunately, there are so many scams and artificial products out there that it’s not always easy to locate real, pure, and high-quality SARMS.

You can also follow Behemoth Labz through its social media to get updates on products as well as the latest promotions.

SARMS are different from steroids in that they are usually taken orally in a capsule form instead of injections.

Behemoth Labz Best SARMS for Sale

The best-sellers at Behemoth Labz include MK-677 Ibutamoren, Cardarine GW 501516, and RAD-140 Testolone.

Both Cardarine GW 501516 and MK-677 are essential to SARM support for muscle growth.4

All in all, Behemoth Labz offers its SARM support in the version of capsule, liquid, or stack depending on personal preference.

Click Here to see the SARMS capsules they have for sale, and click here to see the liquid SARMS for sale.

For many people seeking to lose extra weight and build lean muscle, building a weight stack is the best option.

Weight stacks allow you to “stack” multiple supplements along with a workout routine and proper nutrition for the ultimate body transformation.

Additionally, Behemoth Labz sells “combos” which contain several different individual compounds grouped together in one bag for easy consumption.

Lastly, customers can also make their own combo or weight stack by bundling multiple SARMS together and saving big!

#4. Chemyo

chemyo is one of the best sarms companies on the market

Note: Click Here to visit the official Chemyo website.

Chemyo is yet another example of a brand that goes above and beyond traditional “quality control” in an industry where verified third-party testing is severely lacking.

As a result, Chemyo has gone to great lengths to confirm that its SARMS are safe, pure, and potent.

Chemyo enforces stern quality control protocols to maintain the consistency of its weight gain / muscle-building supplements.

For starters, the unmistakable packaging of Chemyo products features an induction seal.

Thus, these containers are sealed to maximize shelf life while also making them tamper-proof.

Chemyo relies on independent, third-party testing to confirm the concentration and purity levels of the SARM in each bottle.

Moreover, each bottle contains a unique batch tracking number.

The identifier allows buyers to reference publicly posted lab reports regarding your solution.

Chemyo also seeks to provide value to their products with 50mL of each SARM.

The brand claims this is almost 70% more volume compared to other SARMS for sale that are traditionally available in 30mL versions.

For safe storage, Chemyo suggests storing the containers at room temperature and preferably out of direct sunlight.

Chemyo supplements and other SARMS are not intended for minors and need to remain outside of their grasp.

Thus, please remember to practice safe storage and consumption when using SARMS for muscle growth.

Chemyo’s Best SARMS For Sale

Chemyo has a variety of bestsellers that are third-party tested for identity, purity, and concentration.

What’s unique about Chemyo is each bottle includes an individual identifier so that you can access public records specific to the compound/formula in your bottle.

Additionally, Chemyo SARMS are available in 50mL bottles which is nearly 70% of what most receive in standard SARM supplements (30mL).

Furthermore, the company provides free shipping for all orders in the U.S. that exceed $100.

International orders can also receive free shipping on any purchase that exceeds $275.

Check out their official website here:

The top-selling SARMS at Chemyo include MK-2866 (Ostarine), RAD 140, MK-677, GW501516, and Andarine (S4).

For example, Ostarine has been shown in limited studies to help improve muscle tissue, especially when combined with Ligandrol.6

Chemyo provides insurance on all deliveries so if your package does not arrive, you receive a full refund.

In general, all orders are shipped 24-48 hours after being placed and usually take 3-7 days to arrive.

Of course, international shipping varies and will typically take longer to arrive.

Unfortunately, Chemyo does not accept nearly as many payment options as Behemoth Labz and Pure Rawz.

Lastly, refunds and returns are managed on an individual basis.

You can reach their customer service via email: [email protected].

#5. Paradigm Peptides

paradigm peptides is a legit sarms source

Note: Click Here to visit the official Paradigm Peptides website.

Paradigm Peptides is a reputable supplier that has been in operation since 2014.

Peptides are a type of compound that consists of 2 or more amino acids that are linked together in a chain.

Animo acids are already present in all living organisms and serve as catalysts to replicate or trigger a variety of chemical processes.

There are several benefits to considering peptides along with SARM supplementation:

  • Weight Loss
  • Builds Lean Muscle
  • Anti-Aging Properties
  • Faster Recovery

Paradigm Peptides rely on scientific testing to guarantee the results of their peptides and SARMS.

As a result, the brand promotes using peptides along with other SARMS for a versatile, complete weight stack.

Paradigm Peptides SARMS are available in a tablet that makes dosage and safe consumption easy to comprehend.

In general, liquid SARMS present a stronger risk of featuring impurities compared to tablets.

Meanwhile, Paradigm Peptides offers its peptides in a freeze-dried powder.

The powder must get reconstituted prior to use in order to stabilize and protect the compounds from degradation.

There are many reasons why customers should consider shopping with Paradigm Peptides.

First, the company is American-based and relies on independent research to verify its solutions.

Secondly, the SARMS are only available in tablet form to protect the compounds from other impurities.

Paradigm Peptides Best SARMS for Sale

Selective Androgen Regulator Modulators (SARMS) are constantly evolving based on new research and discoveries.

For this reason, Paradigm Peptides seeks to remain current and adaptive to new technology and revelations.

Paradigm Peptides strives to offer top-quality SARMS that are independently tested to confirm authenticity and purity.

The brand is proud to announce that all of its USA peptides exceed 98% purity.

Meanwhile, some of its SARMS for sale reach purity levels of 99%.

Visit their official site here:

Paradigm Peptides SARM bestsellers include YK-11 and Cardarine, both of which have shown promising results in studies.7

Additionally, BPC-157, CJC 1295, and DSIP are among the top-selling peptides at Paradigm.

The company processes orders on the same day with guaranteed delivery and safe handling of the SARMS.

Paradigm Peptides is dedicated to making sure every customer is satisfied with their purchase.

Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to their customer service.

Paradigm Peptides is located in the United States and can be reached by phone, email, or online contact form.

#6. Swiss Chems

swiss chems is another place where you can buy sarms

Note: Click Here to visit the official Swiss Chems website.

Swiss Chems is the final supplier to make our list of the 5 best places/companies to get SARMS.

There are many reasons why Swiss Chems is among the most reputable and dependable suppliers of SARMS.

For starters, Swiss Chems only offers HPLC-tested products to its consumers.

Moreover, the company provides fast shipping, customer service, as well as a money-back guarantee.

According to the brand, Swiss Chems is all about “science, innovation, and freedom”.

Consequently, the company invests more time, money, and energy into the research and development of their SARMS for sale.

For this reason, Swiss Chems is constantly seeking to improve existing formulas while also eliminating any potential side effects.

The supplier is the original innovator of injectable SARMS, Nano SARMS, and Sublingual SARMS.8

The professional and fast responding customer service team is available by phone or message.

Swiss Chems has a stellar reputation on resources like Trustpilot (4 out of 5 stars).

Furthermore, the brand is proud to announce that more than 80% of its orders are made by satisfied, returning customers.

Swiss Chems Best SARMS for Sale

Swiss Chems has a diverse lineup of SARMS and other supplements for weight gain.

New customers may shop specifically for SARMS or create a bundle to stack with other compounds.

Check out their official site here:

Swiss Chems is the innovator of injectable SARMS and thus provides an alternative to the tablet form only available through Paradigm Peptides.

The brand also features anti-aging, peptides, kratom, and male enhancement pills.

Swiss Chems can also help you build a new weight stack, bundle, or Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) group of products.

Regardless of your purchase, you can feel confident knowing all of their supplements are HPLC tested.

Swiss Chems allows customers to have their SARMS tested at any HPLC licensed testing facility.

Therefore, if the results are negative, Swiss Chems will refund your entire order plus return shipping costs.

The same-day shipping and worldwide delivery enable U.S. customers to receive their products in 7 business days.

On the other hand, international orders traditionally take 2 weeks to receive shipment.

Nevertheless, Swiss Chems provides free shipping on all orders that exceed $300.

Lastly, Swiss Chems offers several different ways to pay for SARMS, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Frequently Asked Questions About SARMS

What are SARMS?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, or SARMs, are a class of therapeutic compounds that were discovered by mistake in the early-1990s.

Professor James T. Dalton sought to pioneer treatment for prostate cancer when he identified the first SARM – Andarine.1

The Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator demonstrated a remarkable effect on muscle growth even if Dr. Dalton was unable to locate a cure for prostate cancer.

Are SARMS the same as steroids?

While SARMS are often connected to anabolic steroids (and do share a few properties) they do not operate under the same framework.

Yes, both SARMS and anabolic steroids bind to androgen receptors which trigger changes to DNA that can help spur muscle growth.2

However, steroids are more of a blunt tool that can also impact (and negatively damage) other parts of the body.

It’s why users of anabolic steroids often endure uncomfortable side effects like hair loss, acne, mood swings, and insomnia.

On the contrary, SARMS selectively bind to tissue essential to gaining lean muscle.

For this reason, SARMS does not produce the same nasty side effects that are notorious with steroids.

Are SARMS FDA approved?

Currently, SARMS are being evaluated in clinical studies regarding treatment for numerous muscle-wasting diseases (like osteoporosis) as well as cancer and liver disease.3

Despite all the positive momentum, SARMS are not FDA-approved and thus struggle to receive comparable clinical attention as other substances that are entering the market.


Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) are trending in the right direction.

It’s clear that the demand for SARMS is increasing as more individuals become aware of its potential benefits.

Despite all the positive momentum, SARMS lack federal oversight since the FDA has yet to acknowledge the compounds as safe and effective for supplementation.

Nonetheless, it has failed to prevent many customers from inquiring where they can find SARMS for sale.

While there are a variety of suppliers, we suggest sticking to one with a long-standing history, solid reputation, and customer service.

You should only consider purchasing SARMS from a supplier that conducts third-party testing and thus verifies the concentration and potency of its formula.

It will ensure that you are receiving top-quality and pure compounds that assist your body in stimulating muscle growth.

SARMS are considered far safer compared to anabolic steroids that have a few comparable properties yet produce far more nasty side effects.


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