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Testofuel Review: Does It Work?

Note: This is a review, not the official website. Click Here to visit the official Testofuel website.

It seems to be the curse of men that while we grow more advanced in mind (and, let’s face it, age) we start to lose a bit of that inner fire that we had burning crazy-hot in our late teens and into our mid-twenties.

We are working with less overall energy, it takes more effort and time to see the same results in the mirror from our hard work at the gym, food affects our aging bodies in different ways now, and a solid night of sleep can sound more fun than a solid night in the sack.

There is some good news though, the makers of Testofuel claim that it may well help stop these problems, restoring the body and baseline energy level you enjoyed in your prime, without dangerous chemicals or steroids.

But as men, we’ve all seen these claims before, what makes Testofuel any different?

Does it work, and what about the ingredients, are they safe, are they functional, are they affordable, and probably the most important questions of all, is it worth it?

Important!! If you are under the age of 18, you should NOT use this or any other supplement. Also, refrain from using this (or any other supplement) 2+ months before attending MEPS.

What is Testofuel?

does testofuel really work

Testofuel is a men’s sexual health supplement that is designed to boost raw strength, speed muscle growth and repair, and helps the user to grow a healthy and positive mindset.

Testosterone is a hormone that is vital if you want to increase lean muscle mass; protein shakes and hitting the gym just won’t cut it.

It doesn’t matter how much protein you take in, how hard you go at the gym, or how bad you want it, if your body isn’t producing testosterone you simply will not have the natural fuel you need to advance to the next level of physical greatness.

This product boosts natural testosterone production and release by using a proprietary formula made of all natural nutrients that work in sync to provide the virile boost you need.

Boosting your base testosterone levels means you can start to see new levels of muscle growth in only a few short months.

But adding muscle mass is only the beginning of the wide array of benefits Testofuel touts.

This massive increase to testosterone provides a variety of benefits to your overall health, including a more chiseled physique, boosted confidence, and a massively energized libido.

It claims to help you tone lean muscle, boost weight loss, and even give your confidence a well-needed shot in the arm.

How Does Testofuel Work?

Testofuel was created with all natural ingredients, leveraging compound nutrition to provide stacked health benefits that will bring your body to the next level

It uses a wide array of ingredients to bolster the benefits of the next, leading to a large complementary, synergistic, or “entourage” effect that purportedly boosts the practical effects of them all.

There were a number of reasons that we decided to give Testofuel the opportunity to impress us, such as:

  • Boosted Muscle Growth: Whether you are a bodybuilder, athlete, or anyone that wants an improved physical condition, Testofuel is FDA approved as a dietary testosterone supplement. Within the first three months of taking Testofuel, you should see greatly accelerated muscle growth.
  • Maxed Out Motivation: Testofuel also helps you stay in the optimal mindset and mood. It helps with stress and anxiety reduction, making staying focused much easier, and helping you reach your goals.
  • Super Stamina & Strength: The unique combination of natural and holistic ingredients used help increase both your athletic endurance and physical strength. Due to this, your post workout recovery times will be shorter, and you should enjoy reduced muscle soreness and pain.
  • Pumped Up Libido: The natural aphrodisiacs and libido boosters help you fire up your sex drive, as well as making you feel younger and more virile.
  • Regulation Of Fat Storage: Testofuel also has the benefit of helping to regulate the cholesterol in your body, boosting heart health, and helping to define your new physique.

What Are Testofuel’s Ingredients?

For starters, here’s a snapshot of the ingredients label: 

ingredients list in testofuel

OMK reached out to Maggy Doherty, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, to get her take on this.

Here’s what she had to say about each of the primary ingredients in Prime Male:

D-Aspartic Acid

Aspartic acid an amino acid that is incredibly important and required by the body for many performance-related benefits.

Aspartic acid helps the minerals taken in with food to be absorbed fully, allowing the body to make full use of the fuel that you give it.

D-Aspartic Acid also has a large role in fighting fatigue in men of advanced age, as well as giving an increase in energy and athletic performance. (Source)

There has been some evidence that D-Aspartic Acid can increase testosterone levels in healthy adult males, but tat research is still limited.1

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vitamin, soluble in fat, which is present in many foods, and drinks and added to others for enrichment.

The human body also produces some of its own vitamin D as a result of UV exposure, in a form of photosynthesis.

Vitamin D works with calcium and helps it be absorbed by the body more easily, boosting bone density and strength.2

Vitamin D is also shown to relieve cramps, spasms, and contractions in muscles when taken as a supplement. (Source)

Oyster Extract

Oyster has incredible levels of zinc and helps the body maintain a healthy zinc level if zinc is lost or somehow made otherwise unavailable by any number of conditions that cause deficiencies.3

Extract of oysters has also been used for many years to increase the body’s production of serum, as well as raising sperm motility and rates of maturation, mitigating many effects resulting from sexual dysfunctions. (Source)


Ginseng has been used as both a supplement and a targeted medicine in countries across Asia and Europe for hundreds of years.

Harvested and utilized as a root, it is then usually dried and powdered, then made into an extract or other similar method of administration.

Some evidence shows that ginseng has properties that help increase brain function and enhance the regeneration of cells, while also increasing immune system strength.4

Ginseng has also been consistently known as a natural supplement for increasing energy and alertness, and as a medicine, for males to cure some symptoms of erectile difficulties. (Source)

Fenugreek Seed Extract

Fenugreek has a very significant history of being used in herbal, holistic, and traditional healing and medicine.

It is often used as a spice in Indian cuisine to flavor dishes as well as impart the many health benefits it has.

Fenugreek is a great supplement for those that may also need more iron in their diet, as it can account for 20 percent of the daily recommended dose, in addition to protein and dietary fiber.

One of the effects fenugreek is most often known for is its ability to not just boost the libido, but to actually facilitate the production and release of more testosterone.5

It has even been found to help reduce snacking by helping to reign in the appetite, which can help trim excess body fat from the user. (Source)


Magnesium is one of the minerals your body absolutely requires, and it is found in a wide variety of foods, with it being added supplementally to other items for additional enrichment.

Magnesium is vital in the process of energy production, also helping with the synthesis of glycogen, another crucial compound in the body. (Source)

Some studies have suggested that regular magnesium supplementation can help increase testosterone levels in athletes at rest and after exhaustion.6

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a crucial component in the storage and modulated expenditure of energy, that is sourced from carbs, sugars, and proteins.7

It is incredibly important, as it helps your body and muscles stay sufficiently oxygenated. (Source)

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is found in foods that are often very protein rich such as eggs, liver, and red meats, with Vitamin K2 working with Vitamin D, helping the body to release greater amounts of the testosterone that it creates.8

It also helps in a passive sense by helping the release of your body’s most potent and important hormones related to sexual health. (Source)


Zinc deficiencies have been linked time and time again to clinical erectile dysfunction, so much so that research now points to erectile dysfunction being a reliable symptom of a zinc deficiency.9

Having enough zinc is also crucial to testosterone production in males. (Source)

Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

D-Aspartic Acid is known to be safe when orally taken, in doses that would normally be present in food.

D-Aspartic Acid is also considered to be safe if taken as a supplement for short durations, but there is little research to indicate with any surety.

Fenugreek has been known to trigger diarrhea or possible indigestion in users with sensitive stomachs.

Damiana extract has been known to alter blood sugar levels, though generally only in small amounts, so diabetics or others with blood sugar conditions should take care.

Muira Pauma has been known to occasionally disrupt the user’s sleep routine, causing insomnia sometimes, also being linked to potential muscle coordination dangers.

The rest of the ingredients are vitamins and minerals and are considered safe when used as supplements and in recommended doses.

As with any dietary supplement or exercise program, before beginning you should always consult a doctor or your preferred medical professional, to evaluate the risk of complications, reactions, or interactions, due to any existing medical conditions or medication use.

Does Testofuel Really Work?

Going into the test, expectations weren’t too high, there are so many different supplements that claim to boost testosterone significantly but very few actually deliver on those claims in any sort of measurable or meaningful way.

Testofuel actually delivered on their promises and claims, and it did so before the first bottle was finished.

There will be a significant improvement in energy and baseline testosterone within a few short weeks, but the real results come when the program is continued for several months.

The most surprising results come when you take Testofuel for at least 2-3 months while continuing your normal diet and exercise regimen.

Once finished with the first two months for our testing, the increase in energy alone was incredible, and the improvement in libido and general sexual performance equally so.

The biggest results, and most meaningful can during the fourth month of the six-month test, which is when the additional benefits of weight loss and muscle tone started to make themselves known in the mirror.

For the purposes of our evaluation, Testofuel works and works well, few supplements on the market can boast results like these without paying for them.

Testofuel Reviews / Before and After Pics

So it goes without saying that, if you’re going to take any supplement, you’ll want to see if guys really are getting the results promised.

With that said, we poured through various sites to see if we could find before and after pics.

Here’s a few of the more positive ones we found, as well as their corresponding testimonial: 

testofuel before and after - ian johnson

“Hi my name is Ian Johnson , from Kissimmee, Florida (studying personal training). Here is my take on TestoFuel. For the first 2 weeks I was like I don’t feel anything. The third week I started seeing how tight and vascular I started to look.

The price is definitely worth the results. I won’t ever switch to no other product. I have tried other test boosters, but because of my age 42, they didn’t seem to work. TestoFuel has tought me age is just a number of greatness. So now everyday day is a good day to TestoFuel up. I’m loving my new body and self confidence.”

-Ian Johnson, USA

kashif ali's results with testofuel

“I started researching online and found an article for testofuel stating it is natural and safe, yet very powerful. I was a bit reluctant as my presumption was that this product will contain testosterone however it clearly states TestoFuel does not contain actual testosterone.

I thought I have nothing to lose so I ordered it and started a new fitness plan in line with it and was amazed with the results. My pictures show the difference over a period of 3 months, I have been ordering ever since and have not been disappointed. All I can say to whoever reads this testimonial, you have to try it. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Kashif Ali, UK

paul testofuel review and before and after “Now middle-aged, I was overweight, out of shape, lacking energy and not happy with the way I looked. I wanted to get back to my old self, I wanted to feel the way I did when I was in my twenties again.

I started researching online, and I found some conclusive studies behind D-Aspartic acid and Vitamin D for boosting test levels naturally in men, that’s when I came across TestoFuel.

It was rated highly, so I bought the 4 box deal and set myself a challenge; to get back in shape in just 4 months. Within a few weeks I could feel the difference, more energy and a lot more motivation to go to the gym and eat healthier.

As you can see from the pics I reached my goal and got the results with TestoFuel, I look and feel great and I’ve got my confidence back!”

– Paul, Australia

Click Here to see more user testimonials.

How to Use Testofuel

Getting the most from Testofuel doesn’t require much effort on your part, simply take 1 capsule four times per day.

It should be taken with a meal or a snack, and for best results try to keep your doses as evenly spaced as possible.

Each bottle has 120 capsules in it, so it should last 30 days, and heavy discounts are available on large quantity purchases, with smaller discounts available on as little as two bottles.

Where Can You Buy Testofuel?

Buying Testofuel is pretty simple; you can’t find it in physical stores, but it is available online directly through the manufacturer’s official site.

You can also find it in some other digital marketplace sites, but it is always recommended to buy directly from the official site to avoid unauthorized sellers that may be trying to pass off different pills as the Testofuel.

By obtaining Testofuel directly from an authorized source, you ensure that your Testofuel is the original, and has not been tampered with or adulterated in any way.

Here’s a link to order it: www.Testofuel.com/order

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying Testofuel?

Testofuel is a rare supplement, in more ways than one.

First of all, it’s rare because it works which is something that is becoming increasingly hard to say about supplements these days.

Secondly, it’s rare because not only does it simply “work” but it does precisely what the manufacturer claims, and gives the user not only increased testosterone, but a robust array of other benefits as well, such as enhanced weight loss, boosted muscle tone, improved libido, mood elevation, and pumped up bedroom performance.

It doesn’t matter if you are a 20-something who is looking for the latest edge at the gym to tone, cut, or pack on muscle, a 30-something trying to maintain or even regain some performance, or even older and trying to rekindle that inner furnace, Testofuel has got you covered.

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Maggy Doherty, MS RD LD

Infatuated with all things food, Maggy Doherty is a Registered Dietitian from Dallas, Texas.

After competing as a UCLA student-athlete on the Women’s Diving team, earning her Master of Science in Nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and practicing as a clinical dietitian at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital, she is now the proud founder of Doherty Nutrition LLC.


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