Arizona Operation: Military Kids reaches geographically dispersed military youth (All Branches of Service – National Guard – Reserves – Active) throughout Arizona and salutes military kids for their bravery.  At the heart of Arizona’s programming efforts and outreach are the following programs: Hero Pack Distribution, Speak Out Military Kids Speaker’s Bureaus, OMK Camouflage Day-Camps, The Mobile Technology Lab, Ready Set Go! Trainings and a variety of OMK Local Partner Events hosted in partnership with various military and community partners throughout Arizona communities.   The goal of Arizona OMK: to help military kids feel connected and supported during all stages of the deployment cycle.

Arizona Operation Military Kids is supported by a growing network of partnering community organizations throughout Arizona, including: 4-H Youth Development, Boys & Girls Clubs, The American Legion & American Legion Auxiliary, VFW/Ladies Auxiliary, Schools, Active Military Installations [Stateside: Davis-Monthan AFB, Luke AFB, Ft. Huachuca, Yuma Proving Grounds], Army Garrisons CYS, National Guard & Reserve Units, local Family Readiness Groups and other organizations in communities throughout Arizona. Arizona OMK works to educate and engage communities with the intention of supporting military youth before, during, and after the deployment of a parent or loved one.

Arizona Operation: Military Kids provides support for military kids through the following programming efforts:

Hero Packs

  • Hero Packs are given to military kids to thank them for their service and courage, during the deployment of loved one.  The packs are distributed in Arizona, during various youth-focused events and activities.

Speak Out for Military Kids (SOMK)

  • SOMK is a speaker’s bureau where youth and teens have the opportunity to share their “military voice” by expressing their thoughts and stories about having a deployed loved one.  Speaker’s bureaus are held in conjunction with various community events throughout Arizona.  SOMK also gives teens an opportunity to reach out to younger military kids by becoming teen mentors.  Teen mentors lead various OMK events/activities throughout Arizona in partnership with OMK Community Partners.
  • Check out the OMK Calendar on this site to see when an SOMK activity will be hosted in a community near you!

Mobile Technology Lab (MTL)

  • The MTL is a computer/technology lab that is available for use at various OMK events.  The MTL offers military kids the opportunity to stay connected to their deployed loved one.  Additionally, the MTL is used to assist with SOMK and  OMK community outreach efforts.
  • Check out the OMK Calendar on this site to see when the MTL will be hosted in a community near you!

Camouflage Day-Camps

  • OMK Camo-Camps are hands-on, interactive day-camps for all military youth ages 9-12, hosted by OMK Community Partners throughout Arizona.  Teens assist with the day-camps as teen mentors, by facilitating and leading a variety of camp activities.  Day-camps include hands-on, interactive programming, enhanced by the four Essential Elements of 4-H (Belonging, Independence, Generosity, Mastery).
  • Check out the OMK Calendar on this site to see when an upcoming OMK Camo-Camp will be hosted in a community near you!

Ready, Set, Go! Training

  • Hosted throughout Arizona, for a variety of community based organizations, these trainings help participants learn about the deployment cycle and how it affects military kids.  RSG! Trainings provide information on OMK programming opportunities and ideas on “how to” host an OMK Local Partner Event.
  • Check out the OMK Calendar on this site to see when an upcoming RSG! Training will be hosted in a community near you!

Local Partner Events

  • Local Partner Events are educational and/or engaging events hosted by a variety of community partners that enhance OMK programming efforts throughout Arizona in the following ways: 
  • Educate military families and community organizations about Arizona OMK;
  • Engage military kids in Arizona OMK-related activities;
  • Increase awareness of Arizona OMK Program;
  • Provide a community service project opportunity that enhances Arizona OMK outreach efforts.
  • Check out the OMK Calendar on this site to see when an upcoming OMK Local Partner Event will be hosted in a community near you!
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