asvab scores for coast guard jobs
Coast Guard

ASVAB Scores For Coast Guard Jobs

The Coast Guard is just like every other military branch in that there are different military ratings and responsibilities for each service member.

With that said, they have the highest ASVAB score requirements out of every branch of the military, including the Air Force.

This is not a surprise, considering they are the smallest (and most selective) branch.

Just like the other branches, your ASVAB score determines exactly what jobs you qualify for.

For starters, the Coast Guard requires the following minimum Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) scores to even be considered: 36

If you have a GED instead of a high school diploma, you’ll need to score better than 50 on your AFQT. 

Keep in mind that having the minimum necessary score does not guarantee that you’ll be accepted into the Coast Guard.

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ASVAB Scores For Coast Guard Jobs

Coast Guard RatingCoast Guard Job TitleASVAB
AETAvionics Electrical TechnicianMin. score: 171
AMTAviation Maintenance
Min. score: 213 (min. AR: 52)
ASTAviation Survival TechnicianMin. score: 162 (Minimum AFQT score of 65)
BMBoatswain’s MateMin. score: 101
CSCulinary SpecialistMin. score: 106
DCDamage ControlmanMin. score: 152
DVDiverMin. score: 104
EMElectrician’s MateMin. score: 152 (Minimum AR of 52)
ETElectronics TechnicianMin. score: 171 (Minimum AR of 52) or AFQT of 66
FSFood Service SpecialistMin. score: 106
GMGunner’s MateMin. score: 208
HSHealth Services TechnicianMin. score: 154
ITInformation Systems TechnicianMin. score: 171 (Minimum AR 52)
ISIntelligence SpecialistMin. score: N/A
IVInvestigatorMin. score: N/A
MKMachinery TechnicianMin. score: 150 or VE+AR of 106
MSTMarine Science TechnicianMin. score: 115 (Minimum MK of 58)
MEMaritime Law Enforcement SpecialistMin. score: 100
MUMusicianMin. score: N/A
OSOperations SpecialistMin. score: 106
PSPort Security SpecialistMin. score: 101
PAPublic Affairs SpecialistMin. score: 110 (Minimum VE of 60)
SKStorekeeperMin. score: 106 (Minimum VE of 52)
YNYeomanMin. score: 106 and NO+CS of 101

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a good ASVAB score for the Coast Guard?

In order to increase your chances of getting into the Coast Guard, you’ll want to score as high as possible.

An AFQT score of 50 or better would be considered a good score.

Keep in mind that you can retake the test several times if your score is sub-par, with a few stipulations.

What is the highest you can score on the ASVAB?

The highest possible score for the ASVAB test is 99, which would place you in the 99th percentile.

What ASVAB score do I need to become a rescue swimmer?

In order to qualify for Aviation Survival Technician (IE ‘Rescue Swimmer), you will need a minimum ASVAB score of 162 and an AFQT score of at least 65.

To better your chances of being accepted, you should try to score higher.

What’s the necessary score for the Coast Guard reserves?

In order to join the Coast Guard Reserve, you will need a minimum AFQT score of 40 on the ASVAB.

The Coast Guard reserve is also very difficult to get into, especially when compared to other military branches.

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