Military Medical Waiver Guide
General Military Questions

Military Medical Waiver Guide

The U.S. Armed Forces employ several guidelines to make sure recruits are eligible for service. It’s why the military has educational, citizenship, and physical fitness requirements. Additionally, new recruits must pass a medical and dental exam, as well as an observation of your mental health. If the military deems you unfit for service, you may Read More…

army ocs

Army OCS Guide

The United States Army conducts Officer Candidate School (OCS) for prospective officers in training. Candidates that receive an offer to attend Army OCS are former enlisted members, warrant officers, inter-service transfers, or recent college graduates. Officer Candidate School teaches you the fundamentals of serving the military branch as an officer. Army OCS lasts several months Read More…

navy intelligence officer

Navy Intelligence Officer

A Navy Intelligence Officer conducts an important and detailed job for the military branch. Navy Intelligence Officers specialize in handling sensitive information related to protecting national security from perceived threats. The high demanding Navy rating challenges Intelligence Officers to gather information via human tracking, satellite, and photo/video. Learn more about what it takes to become Read More…

Air Force Safety Specialist - 1S0X1
Air Force

Air Force Safety Specialist (1S0X1)

An Air Force Safety Specialist (1S0X1) is crucial to the day-to-day operations taking place on a military base. Air Force Safety Specialists prevent mishaps and accidents by inspecting the base for violations. Consequently, Safety Specialists (1S0X1) plan, organize, direct, and control safety activities to keep the operations safe from accidents that may harm personnel. Learn Read More…

marine corps basic training

Marine Corps Basic Training Guide

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is one of the smallest and most selective branch of the Armed Forces. There are only 186,000 active-duty Marines compared to the U.S. Army which has over 1,000,000 and U.S. Navy with 337,000. As a result, surviving Marine Corps basic training is your primary hurdle to getting recognized as Read More…

Marine OCS Guide

Marine OCS Guide

Marine School of Infantry

Marine School of Infantry

Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation

Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation

Marine Corps boot camp graduation is the defining point in the young career of a Marine. It indicates that you have survived boot camp and are ready to begin advanced individual training for your Military Occupational Speciality (MOS). Marine Corps boot camp graduation is worth celebrating with friends and family, so make sure that you Read More…

asvab scores for marine corps jobs

ASVAB Scores For Marine Corps Jobs

Marine Corps Pilot Requirements

Marine Corps Pilot Requirements

coast guard basic training
Coast Guard

Coast Guard Basic Training Guide

The United States Coast Guard protects maritime activities and provides search and rescue operations. Serving the USCG is an opportunity that anyone thinking about joining the military should consider, especially if you like water and living near the coast. However, before you get too far you’ll need to pass Coast Guard basic training. Here is Read More…

5.11 Tactical Military DIscount
Military Discounts

5.11 Tactical Military Discount

5.11 Tactical is a tactical gear retailer that sells to military members, law enforcement, and the general public. They offer a military discount on their products to give back to those who serve.  Related Article – Optics Planet Military Discount About 5.11 Tactical 5.11 Tactical was founded by a man named Dan Costa. They first Read More…

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