army national guard military police mos 31b
General Military Questions

National Guard Military Police (MOS 31b): Career Details

What is an MP? Military Police Soldiers are different from every other MOS because, as an MP, you have a dual mission: combat support in deployment zones and Law Enforcement on the home front. MP’s wear many different hats across the many missions that might be assigned. As a National Guard Military Policeman (MOS 31b), Read More…

army ranks and pay

Army Ranks and Pay For 2019

The Army is the largest branch in the U.S. Military. There are over a million reported uniformed personnel when you include Army National Guard and Army Reserve with traditional uniformed soldiers. The U.S. Army has a structured system for how it ranks personnel as well as how they are treated in terms of monthly pay. Read More…

navy electronics technician

Navy Electronics Technician (ET): Career Details

A United States Navy Electronics Technician (ET) is an enlisted sailor who repairs and maintains naval electronics equipment including navigation, radar, and communications equipment.  Sailors in this rate are normally assigned to the ship’s Combat Systems department, responsible for ensuring the ship’s readiness for combat operations. The Electronics Technician rate is part of the Navy’s Read More…

airborne mission systems operator
Air Force

Air Force Airborne Mission Systems Operator (1A3X1): Career Profile

If having an Air Force career that’s demanding and has lots of flying hours greatly appeals to you, then being an Air Force Airborne Mission Systems Operator may be a perfect fit for you. Airmen who act in this capacity in the Air Force play a major role in managing the battlespace during tactical and Read More…

marine corps dog handler

Marine Corps Dog Handler (MOS 5812): Career Profile

You swell with pride at the sight of your partner, best friend, and loyal companion as they alert to an improvised explosive device buried just in front of your squad as they make their way down a hot, desert road. The training has finally paid off and you get to share in the jubilation of Read More…

Marine Corps MOS 3451

Marine MOS 3451

marine corps military police - mos 5811

Marine Corps Military Police (MOS 5811)

usmc 3043


MOS 3043 is the MOS designation for supply admin and operations specialists. These marines are responsible for controlling the distribution of supplies to the unit they are assigned to. Supply and operations marines must have good record keeping, be extremely organized, and be able to focus on tedious tasks for an extended period of time. Read More…

Marine MOS 1300’s Field

marine corps ranks and pay

Marines Ranks and Pay for 2019

coast guard ranks and pay
Coast Guard

Coast Guard Ranks and Pay for 2019

The United States Coast Guard, USCG, serves as the coastal defense and maritime law enforcement branch of the military. The USCG reports that it has over 40,000 members on active duty, and another 7,000 reservists. Even though the U.S. Coast Guard is the smallest of the military branches it still serves an important role. There Read More…

modells sporting goods military discount
Military Discounts

Modells Military Discount

Modells is a sporting goods store that has all sorts of products, ranging from clothes to outdoor game products to backpacks. Lots of the products are reasonably-priced, however, there are many ways to bring the prices of Modells’ products. If you have a military background, you may be wondering if this store offers any military Read More…

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