soldier receives promotion to second lieutenant

Army Promotion Timeline for Enlisted & Officers

When considering your career in the Army, it is vital to consider the Army promotion timeline when you plan. The Army consists of 13 different enlisted ranks. These ranks break into Junior enlisted, Noncommissioned officers, and Senior Noncommissioned officers. Also, the Army has commissioned officers. The Army bases some of its promotion criteria on time Read More…

Three members promoted to master chief petty officer

Navy Promotion Timeline for Enlisted & Officers

To best understand the Navy promotion timeline, there are several factors to consider regarding how the Navy advances enlisted members. First, the Navy uses a sailor’s rate to determine rank. Enlisted rates have three different groups, including: General – E-1 to E-3 Petty Officers – E-4 to E-6 Chief Petty Officer – E-7 to E-9 Read More…

0300 MOS Infantry Students during Assault Course

Marine Corps Basic Infantryman (0300 MOS)

The United States Marine Corps Infantry are the forces trained to handle enemies by close combat or with firepower. The Infantry has access to and training to use a variety of weapons and ways to communicate with one another. Also, there are a variety of specialties under the 0300 MOS for Infantry. Therefore, infantry will Read More…

USMC Maintenance Management Specialist - MOS 0411

Marine Maintenance Management Specialist (MOS 0411)

MOS 0621 Radio Operator sets up satellite communication

Marine Radio Operator (MOS 0621)

Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Coach - MOS 0933

Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Coach (MOS 0933)

A Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Coach (MOS 0933) is important during training. The coach teaches other Marines how to properly fire an M16 rifle. The M16 rifle is the standard weapon of the Marine Corps which considers every service member a “rifleman”. Instructors also train new recruits on how to properly fire the M9 pistol. Read More…

Marine Combat Engineer - MOS 1371

USMC Combat Engineer (MOS 1371)

Marine Corps Security Force - MOS 8152

Marine Corps Security Force (MOS 8152)

coast guard requirements
Coast Guard

Coast Guard Requirements

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) acts as the coastal defense and maritime law enforcement branch of the Armed Forces. The U.S. Coast Guard also participates in critical search and rescue missions at sea. There are requirements for joining the Coast Guard like every other military branch. The Coast Guard requirements make sure that you Read More…

Jegs Military Discount
Military Discounts

Jegs Military Discount

Jegs is a performance automotive parts retailer with an in-person store and a large online presence. They offer a military discount of up to 10% off to give back to their military customers. Click Here to jump to details on the Jegs military discount. About Jegs Jegs was founded in 1960 by a man named Read More…

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