military recruiter lies
General Military Questions

12 Military Recruiter Lies

Recruiters are usually the first interaction you receive when joining a branch of the Armed Services. They are the ultimate salesperson and have all the influence to steer you in the direction that fits them best. Everyone has heard a, “but my recruiter told me this” story. Most recruiters are not bad, but they have Read More…

What Happens After Army Basic Training

What Happens After Army Boot Camp?

Congratulations! You have completed the Army’s 10 week Boot Camp, (Basic Combat Training). You may be thinking, “Now what?”. The next step in your Army career is to attend Advanced Individual Training. Advanced Individual Training (AIT) is where soldiers learn how to perform the tasks required in their specific Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). This time Read More…

Navy SEAL Salary

Navy SEAL Salary

The Navy pays sailors comparable to other military branches with wages determined by rank and years of service. Therefore, Navy SEAL salary is based on the same factors with a few opportunities for bonus pay. How much can you expect to earn each month serving the military as a Navy SEAL? Read the article to Read More…

asvab scores for air force jobs
Air Force

ASVAB Scores For Air Force Jobs

Air Force jobs are considered Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) or Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC). The Air Force judges new recruits in four areas: Administrative (A) Electronics (E) General (G) Mechanical (M) With the exception of the Coast Guard, the Air Force has the highest ASVAB test score requirements for entry. They require candidates to Read More…

Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation

Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation

Marine Corps boot camp graduation is the defining point in the young career of a soldier. It indicates that you have survived boot camp and are ready to begin advanced individual training for your Military Occupational Speciality (MOS). Marine Corps boot camp graduation is worth celebrating with friends and family so make sure that you Read More…

asvab scores for marine corps jobs

ASVAB Scores For Marine Corps Jobs

Marine Corps Pilot Requirements

Marine Corps Pilot Requirements

Marine Corps Reserve Benefits

Marine Corps Reserve Benefits

Thinking about joining the Marine Corps Reserves? Unsure about what they pay is like or what the benefits of joining are? Marine Corps Active Reserve members work one weekend a month, plus an additional two weeks a year for training. It is difficult to find a civilian part-time employment opportunity that offers the benefits and Read More…

marine tattoo policy for 2020

Marine Corps Tattoo Policy

USMC 63 Field - Avionics/Electrical Systems

USMC 63 Field (Avionics/Electrical Systems)

Coast Guard Pilot Requirements
Coast Guard

Coast Guard Pilot Requirements

Coast Guard pilots are the ones that you see performing search and rescue missions in adverse weather situations. They are the ones that provide response when there is an environmental issue, protecting the waterways, people and aquatic life. According to their website they have approximately 800 pilots in their workforce. Being one of the few Read More…

AAA Military Discount
Military Discounts

AAA Military Discount

AAA is best known for their roadside assistance program, though they provide many additional benefits to their members as well. Some of their locations within the United States provide a military discount to give back to those who serve.  Related Article – Safelite Military Discount About AAA AAA is business that offers a membership program Read More…

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