Army Reserves Vs. National Guard
General Military Questions

Army Reserves Vs. National Guard

The Army Reserves and Army National Guard each present unique opportunities to individuals who want to serve their country without making a full time commitment. Both the Reserves and National Guard allow individuals to work civilian jobs or attend school full time, while serving in their MOS. They allow you to work one weekend a Read More…

Army Reserve Benefits

Army Reserve Benefits

Being in the Army Reserves provides flexibility, additional income and training for a successful future. Army Reserve benefits set you and your family up for success now, and with a future civilian career. Army Reserve benefits extend to more than just medical and dental insurance. They have programs, resources, pay and partnerships that foster relationships, Read More…

Navy Reserve Pay

Navy Reserve Pay for 2019

The United States Navy Reserve is an important reserve component (RC) of the military. Members of the Navy Reserve are enrolled in different divisions including Full-Time Support (FTS) and Selected Reserve (SELRES). Reservists are required to perform drills a minimum of one weekend per month, and two weeks per year of active duty training. Your Read More…

air force tattoo policy for 2020
Air Force

Air Force Tattoo Policy

Tattoos are not discussed quite as frequently in the Air Force compared to the Navy, where its origins begin. However, the Air Force tattoo policy for 2020 is actually fairly loose and arguably as liberal as the new Navy policy. It is important that you have body art which remains in compliance with Air Force Read More…

marine tattoo policy for 2020

Marine Corps Tattoo Policy

The Marine Corps is considered the most demanding and challenging branch in the military. As a result, many of its expectations are set at a higher level compared to the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The same is true of what tattoos are allowed, and which ones are not during service. Learn more about the Read More…

USMC 63 Field - Avionics/Electrical Systems

USMC 63 Field (Avionics/Electrical Systems)

USMC 62 Field - Fixed Wing Aircraft Maintenance/Mechanic

USMC 62 Field (Fixed Wing Aircraft Maintenance/Mechanic)

UAS Operator MOS 7314

Marines Corps UAS Operator (MOS 7314): Career Details

Marine Corps UAS Operator (MOS 7314) plans, coordinates and integrates unmanned aircraft systems missions to support the MAGTF (Marine Air-Ground Task Force).  UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) Operator will remotely pilot the air vehicle. Previously this MOS was referred to as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations. According to Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations (MCRP 3-20.5), in 2008 Read More…

Marine Air Traffic Controller MOS 7257

Marines Air Traffic Controller (MOS 7257): Career Details

Marine LAAD Gunner MOS 7212

Marine Corps LAAD Gunner (MOS 7212): Career Details

coast guard tattoo policy
Coast Guard

Coast Guard Tattoo Policy

The U.S. Coast Guard has standards and expectations like every other branch of the military. Personal appearance is something that the military takes very seriously from the uniform down to facial hair and tattoos. What is the Coast Guard tattoo policy for 2020? The Coast Guard permits tattoos in certain places yet has restrictions on Read More…

nightforce optics military discount
Military Discounts

Nightforce Military Discount

Nightforce Optics sells high quality sights and scopes. They have a military discount program to give back to those who serve.  Related Article – Optics Planet Military Discount About Nightforce Optics Nightforce Optics was started in 1992 by Ray Dennis, as a subsidiary of his already running, successful Australian business, Lightforce Performance Lighting. The American Read More…

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