trying to improve asvab st score can improve job opportunities

ASVAB ST Score Explained and Potential Army Careers

If you are looking into the Army, you are probably already wondering about the ASVAB ST score. The ST score makes up just one part of the ASVAB test, but your performance on the test determines how many jobs are available for you. This score is especially vital if you wish to be in a Read More…

navy boot camp schedule

Navy Boot Camp Schedule

If you’re currently considering the idea of enlisting in the Navy or currently in DEP awaiting your orders to go to Great Lakes for your eight week training, keep reading. We’ll be outlining the Navy Boot Camp schedule week-by-week and explain what will be going on during your time. If you are a parent or Read More…

Marines from Delta Company, Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry East on patrol

Marines Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) Guide

In the Marines, every Marine is a rifleman and must have the skills necessary to handle themselves in combat confidently. Some Marines receive their training through the Infantry Training Battalion, while others train with the Marine Combat Training Battalion. Infantry Training Battalion vs. School of Infantry The School of Infantry is the school all Marines Read More…

marine corps martial arts program - mcmap

MCMAP Explained

marine corps boot camp schedule

Marine Corps Boot Camp Schedule

MCT Marines perform field exercise

Marine Combat Training (MCT)

Not every Marine is in Infantry, but every Marine receives Marine Combat Training. You could work every day in administration or as a cook, but you still know how to handle yourself with a rifle and in combat. After graduating from boot camp, Marines earn a day of travel and ten days of leave. Those Read More…

USMC PFT/CFT Calculator

recruits uses the fireman’s carry technique during Marine CFT

Marine Combat Fitness Test (CFT)

coast guard boot camp graduation
Coast Guard

Coast Guard Boot Camp Graduation Dates For 2020

Coast Guard Graduation is an exciting time for new trainees and their families to celebrate all that they have achieved at their time in training. With all of the excitement and logistics to deal with, many people get easily overwhelmed when trying to figure out how to get to the base and what to expect Read More…

va disability for hearing loss
General Military Questions

VA Disability for Hearing Loss Guide

Hearing loss is relatively common both in the civilian world and military life. Unfortunately, soldiers risk even more as many service members generally operate around incredibly loud, damaging sounds. For this reason, many veterans seek to receive VA disability for hearing loss. What do you need to know about hearing loss and how to file Read More…

nectar military discount
Military Discounts

Nectar Military Discount

Nectar promotes itself as offering the most comfortable mattress in the world. The “five layers of life” are radically changing the norm for expected levels of comfort on bedding. Even better, the Nectar military discount can help you save money on your next order. Continue reading to learn more about the Nectar military discount. Note: Read More…

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