did pepsi really have a navy
General Military Questions

Did Pepsi Really Have A Navy?

With all the stories floating around the internet bringing up past curiosities, some people wonder if the rumors are true. For instance, you might wonder did Pepsi really have a Navy. Well, it is true. Pepsi certainly did have its own Navy, and the story itself is pretty interesting. The story begins in 1959 when Read More…

Army Pilot Simulator Training will help soldiers pass the sift practice test

SIFT Test Prep Tips

If you are in the Army and want to advance your career, you are likely considering taking a Selection Instrument for Flight Training, or SIFT, practice test. Soldiers who want to take the US Army Warrant Officer Flight Training program need to take the SIFT test. The SIFT tests how much you know about aviation, Read More…

Students with Officer Candidate School (OCS) class 04-20

Navy OAR Test Study Guide

If you serve in the Coast Guard, Navy, or Marines, you have likely heard of the OAR test. Service members who meet the minimum criteria for officer training must take the OAR as a part of the process. Also, anyone who qualifies to apply for an Officer Training Program can register for the OAR. However, Read More…

There are Marine Corps Requirements to meet before joining

Marine Corps Requirements

Joining the Marines is a chance to get your career on track and be a part of something greater than yourself. However, you must be aware of the Marine Corps requirements for enlistment. Your first step is to discuss your goals and plans with a recruiter. However, it is an excellent idea to prepare for Read More…

marine corps police

How To Become A Marine Corps Police Officer

marine doctor

How To Become A Marine Corps Doctor

marine corps reservist pay tables and charts

US Marine Corps Reserve Pay Chart

The US Marine Corps Reserves is the reserve force of the US Marine Corps. Reservists are called upon during times of national emergency, a need for humanitarian relief, or to support major combat operations. It was founded on August 29, 1916, and as of 2020, retains a force of 35,501 personnel. Like other branches of Read More…

Marines march across the parade deck during a graduation ceremony at Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Here’s What Happens after Marine Boot Camp

Flag of the Commandant of the Marines

Marine Chain of Command

coast guard special forces
Coast Guard

Coast Guard Special Forces

The Coast Guard often gets overlooked when recruits consider the different uniformed services of the U.S. Armed Forces. It is a mistake as the U.S. Coast Guard serves two vital functions on American soil – maritime security and law enforcement. Additionally, the Coast Guard has Special Forces just like any other military branch, even if Read More…

best tactical vests
Tactical Gear

10 Best Tactical Vests

Tactical vests are designed to provide you utility while on the battlefield or to keep you safe. Besides looking cool, each vest has its own style and function. Some vests are designed with anti-munitions armor to keep you safe from enemy fire. Other types of tactical vests are designed to provide you quick access to Read More…

military discounts on cell phones and cellular plans
Military Discounts

9 Cell Phone Companies with Military Discounts

It’s hard to imagine a world where handheld forms of communication do not exist. Cell phones have evolved from oversized devices with unreliable technology to sophisticated miniature computers in such a short time frame. The U.S. Armed Forces relies on wireless communication, perhaps even more so, to remain in contact with friends and family while Read More…

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