army national guard military police mos 31b
General Military Questions

National Guard Military Police (MOS 31b): Career Details

What is an MP? Military Police Soldiers are different from every other MOS because, as an MP, you have a dual mission: combat support in deployment zones and Law Enforcement on the home front. MP’s wear many different hats across the many missions that might be assigned. As a National Guard Military Policeman (MOS 31b), Read More…

high school to flight school

High School to Flight School

Aircraft pilots are easily one of the most sought after positions in the United States Armed Forces. It has always been a lofty, coveted role that many aspired to reach yet only a select few were able to complete. Becoming a pilot in the U.S. Military has always been competitive, but thanks to a new Read More…

MA Dog

Master at Arms (MA): Career Details

A Navy Master at Arms is a Sailor trained as a security specialist. They perform operations in the areas of law enforcement, force protection, physical security, and antiterrorism. Most people have heard of MPs, better known as Military Police, and the Navy equivalent to an MP is an MA. Master at Arms can find themselves Read More…

air force signals intelligence analyst afsc 1n231
Air Force

Air Force Signals Intelligence Analyst (1N2X1): Career Profile

With information being one of the most vital contributors to a successful mission, an Air Force Signals Intelligence Analyst is tasked with gathering and using the information to plan and conduct activities. Often working closely with other military branches to resolve threats, Intelligence Analysts are helpful in completing missions. They can analyze and use the Read More…

marine corps engineer equipment operator - mos 1345

Marine Engineer Equipment Operator (MOS 1345): Career Details

Engineer equipment operators are specialists in the U.S. Marine Corps who utilize heavy, construction, equipment to accomplish various tasks. These tasks may be as simple as moving a few pallets of water to help a unit prepare for a deployment, to something more complicated like building a stretch of road on a remote island in Read More…

Marine Corps Grooming Standards: Haircuts, Mustaches, Beards, And More

marine corps age limit

Marine Corps Age Limits

marine corps height and weight standards

Marine Corps Height And Weight Standards

To get recruited to the Marine Corps, recruits must meet a set of fitness standards and enlisted Marines must always be physically fit throughout their time as Marines. The Marine Corps updated their fitness requirements in 2017, which include combat fitness tests, physical fitness tests, and body fat standards. The weight and body fat standards Read More…

How To Join The US Marine Corps

marine infantryman training on 50 caliber machine guns

Marine Machine Gunner (MOS 0331): Job Description And Summary

Coast Guard

Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer: Pay, School, Training, and More

Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers represent one of the most thrilling and challenging roles in the U.S. Coast Guard. The specialists have advanced through incredibly difficult training and testing in order to achieve the rank of an Aviation Survival Technician (AST)/Helicopter Rescue team member. You may have become inspired by the heroics that are reenacted on Read More…

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