12 Best Jobs In The Navy for 2019

best jobs in the navy

For many men and women, joining the United States Armed Forces is their dream job, which also includes great benefits and an unrivaled experience. For those wanting to Enlist, there is an extensive list of jobs available to choose from.

A high school diploma or equivalent could place you in the ranks of many career opportunities available among America’s Navy.

To those who are already a practicing professional (Physician, Dentist, Lawyer, etc.) or have a four-year college degree, and want to gain personal fulfillment while serving your country, then apply for a position as a Commissioned Officer.

If you’re looking for a job categorically, here is a list compiled of the top three most fun, highly paid, and in-demand for 2019.

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Top 3 Most Fun

1. Diver (ND)

navy diver at work
Source: Wikimedia.org

Love to swim? Are you interested in exploring the depths of the sea?

Well, if you’re considering enlisting and diving is your thing, then becoming a Naval Diver is the job for you.

Navy Divers thrive by working below the water’s surface.

Divers carry out routine restoration and repair for ship maintenance. They salvage wrecked ships and submarines as well as provide tactical support during diving missions.

Divers also contribute to a multitude of underwater demolition and construction projects that include installing and repairing structures utilizing drills and welding equipment.

A specialty that Navy divers may take interest in is Saturation Diving, which is when a team of divers eat, sleep, and work inside a pressurized chamber under the sea to complete missions for days at a time.

This may include testing equipment and even communicating with astronauts in outer space.

2. Master-At-Arms (MA)

navy master at arms at work
Source: Wikimedia.org

An enlisted member who has a strong interest working with various weapons may decide to work in the Master-At-Arms (MA) rate.

MAs are the Navy’s security and protection professionals.

These security specialists perform antiterrorism, force protection, physical security, and law enforcement duties on land and sea. An MA may operate force protection watercrafts, direct investigations, control base access points, or even supervise K-9 assets.

Duties may include conducting base security patrols, providing protection for high ranking dignitaries and government officials, and performing weapons and funds escorts, to name a few.

And the amount of specialized training and experience gained in the Navy can be a great resource on your resume if applying for a position in the Secret Service.

3. Naval Aviator – Pilot

naval aviator at work
Source: Wikimedia.org

Third top most fun job in the Navy, in this case for an Officer, would be a Naval Aviator.

A career as a Naval Aviator includes searching for underwater threats, delivering payloads of firepower or manpower, executing strategic aerial maneuvers ranging from Earth’s stratosphere to just a few hundreds of feet above the sea.

In the Navy as a pilot you would fly some of the most innovative, high-tech, and high-performance aircraft in the world.

Some of the fixed wing aircraft currently being flown in the Navy:

Regardless of what you’re flying, your role is critical in mission completion for the Navy.

Top 3 Highly Paid

1. Cryptologic Technician Interpret (CTI)

navy cryptologic technician at work
Source: Wikimedia.org

Cryptologic Technicians serve as specialists in cyber communications in the Navy.

CTs analyze encrypted electronic communications, jam enemy radar signals, decipher information in foreign languages, and maintain state-of-the-art equipment used for top secret intelligence.

Within the Navy, cryptology has certain specialties: interpretive, technical, networks, maintenance or collection.

Specifically, Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (CTI), the Navy’s linguists, is a highly paid job for an enlisted member.

Currently this position holds an enlistment bonus of $25,000. CTIs attend language training at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.

They specialize in analyzing foreign language and prepare statistical studies and technical reports.

Language training is available for both men and women in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Persian-Farsi
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Plus additional languages for CTIs who qualify.

Students automatically advance to the rank of E-4 upon successful completion of “A” school as part of an Advanced Technical Field Program.

Sailors receive a Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus for maintaining proficiency levels, being awarded upwards of $1,000 per month in addition to their base pays, depending on proficiency level and number of foreign languages proficient in, making CTI one of the top three highly paid positions in the Navy!

2. Surface Warfare Officer (Nuclear)

Among the top three highly paid jobs in the Navy is a Surface Warfare Officer.

With their advanced nuclear training, they oversee the propulsion systems and personnel aboard the Navy’s most technologically advanced, multibillion-dollar ships.

navy surface warfare officer nuclear at work
Source: Getarchive.net

SWOs head various departments aboard the Navy’s aircraft carriers.

Candidates accepted into the Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) program can: receive salary and benefits up to $168,300 (which includes a monthly salary and housing allowance, based on school location) and start receiving funding up to 30 months prior to college graduation, are eligible to receive a $15,000 selection bonus plus an additional $2,000 bonus upon successful completion of nuclear propulsion training, enjoy military health-care while a student in the program, and do it all without having to drill or wear a uniform while attending school.

3. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician

One of the most abundant weapons used by the enemy is the Improvised Explosive Device, otherwise known as an IED.

navy eod at work
Source: af.mil

They pose serious threats to any mission and is it an EOD technicians’ job to eliminate that threat.

Other responsibilities a Navy EOD Technician has includes: carrying out demolition of hazardous munitions, performing underwater location and identification of ordnance, working with cutting-edge technology on remotely disabling unsafe ordnance, performing helicopter insertion operations, supporting law enforcement agencies, and executing underwater mine countermeasures.

The missions will be difficult, but ultimately these sailors make the world a safer place.

Due to the high nature of difficulty and dangers that come with this job, it can be mentally demanding.

On www.navy.com the EOD rating currently has an enlistment bonus eligible of $36,000.

In addition to an enlistment bonus, you may also be eligible to earn special duty assignment pay, parachute jump pay, dive pay, or demolition pay.

With these incentives, EODs are one of the highest-paid in the Navy.

Top 3 In Demand

1. Aviation Rescue Swimmer (AIRR)

Navy AIRRs are members of the Naval Special Operations (NSO) community, comprised of both men and women who partake in elusive missions and objectives.

navy rescue swimmer at work
Source: Wikimedia.org

Aviation Rescue Swimmers form small groups to become a top emergency response unit.

As their title suggests, they perform rescue missions, recovery missions, humanitarian assistance, and operational support.

Some duties include: saving pilots from downed aircraft, people on stranded vessels at sea, or even hikers in danger on land, rescuing civilians during natural disasters, working as a Crew Chief on an H-60 helicopter to make sure the rescue swimmer and pilot are operating in sync during rescues, provide critical support during Naval Special Warfare Operations and much, much more!

The experiences and opportunities are vastly rewarding in this line of work which is why this job is high in-demand with an enlistment bonus set for $36,000.

2. Advanced Electronics Computer Field (AECF)

This field specializes in all aspects of electronics, including computer systems, radars, communications systems, and weapons fire control systems like the Navy’s advanced missile system and Aegis radar.

navy aecf at work
Source: Navy.mil

The two ratings included in this field are Electronics Technician (ET) and Fire Controlman (FC).

ETs repair and maintain equipment involving electronics such as radars, communication and navigation equipment.

FCs operate, repair, and maintain Fire Control Radars, the mainframe computers, large screen displays, LANS, weapon control consoles, automatic gun systems and the associated electro-mechanical systems used in weapons systems.

Together these ratings create the basis of the ship’s Combat Systems department on ships and are responsible for their readiness for combat ops.

These Enlisted operators are currently in demand and the Navy is offering an enlistment bonus of $10,000 for those that qualify according to www.navy.com.

3. Nurse Corps

navy nurse at work
Source: Wikimedia.org

Working in the Nurse Corps is a high-demand career in the Navy for Officers in 2019.

Navy Health Care provides among the best world-class medical care to those in the military as well as their families.

As an Officer in the Nurse Corps, you will develop a strong relationship with Navy Physicians in addition to gaining the respect and honor that come with the uniform.

Some duties of Navy Nurses include: working with a team of skillful colleagues to complete common missions, opportunities to educate and lead within the Navy Health Care system, instruct HMs on how to provide quality patient care, and even pursue a specialty such as becoming a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist.

Typical responsibilities of a nurse are expected as well—checking vitals, treating wounds, managing triage, and mentoring others.

There are many service options as a Navy Nurse as well, Active Duty Officer serving full-time or Reserve Officer serving part-time.

A Medical Officer Recruiter can help you determine what choice will be best suited for you.

To end on a comedic note, it seems there are always positions and assignments in every profession in which people find the least enjoyable.

I have listed the top three Navy jobs that fit this description.


12 Best Jobs In The Navy for 2019
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