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9 Gyms With Military Discounts

As a member of the armed forces, it’s important to be in good shape. Sure, it can be hard to drag your ass to the gym.

But there’s nothing better than the feeling of satisfaction you get once you complete a hard workout.

Most military bases in the US have a fitness center, complete with a weight room, cardio stations, and in some cases, even basketball courts and a pool.

With that said, some bases basically have jack squat in the way of a decent gym.

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OMK contacted 11 of the largest gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs in the United States to get the skinny (pun intended) on any military or veterans discounts they might offer.

Here’s what we found out.

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Gyms W/O A Discount

1. Gold’s Gym Military Discount

golds gym military discount

Opened in 1965 at Venice Beach, Gold’s Gym has locations in over 20 countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and even Egypt.

Regardless of where you’re deployed or stationed (unless it’s Iraq or Afghanistan), there’s a good chance you’ll be within driving distance of one of their locations.

With over 3 million active members, Gold’s Gym is one of the largest fitness centers in the world.

I just so happen to be one of those members since 2005.

What Discount Do They Offer?

Typically, the starting membership fee (down payment, if you will) is in the area of $80, depending on your preferred package.

However, Gold’s Gym has waived the enrollment fee for servicemen and women on active duty at most locations.

Many locations also waive the first month’s fees for military members. 

New members are sometimes given discounts on memberships. In addition to the discount codes available online to help new and current members save on membership fees, there are other discounts extended to military, corporate, and group memberships.

Discounts may vary in different clubs. We contacted several locations across the country (particularly those near military bases) and some offered a discount, and some did not. 

So, you need to talk to a local club representative to know about the specials in your specific location.

All you need to do is to use a location finder to know the Gold’s Gym near you. You need to show a military ID or military pay stub as proof of eligibility when activating your membership.

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For those who don’t want online transactions, simply visit your local Gold’s Gym.

Keep in mind that Gold’s Gym military discount varies depending on the promotions and deals at the time of signing up; not all promotions and discounts apply to all plans

Get More Info

Not only will these military discounts offered by Gold’s Gym help you stay fit and healthier at an affordable price, but they can also help you save on health insurance policies, especially those programs rewarding wellness.

FYI, this discount is not only applicable to military service members, but also to police officers, firefighters, and first responders as well.

You can find your local Gold’s Gym military via this link.

2. Anytime Fitness Military Discount

anytime fitness military discount

Anytime Fitness is another one of the largest health and wellness clubs in the US, with over 4,000 franchised locations worldwide.

Unlike many of the other gyms on this page, Anytime Fitness lives up to its name…

It’s literally open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You can visit any Anytime Fitness on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter Sunday.

When other gyms are closed, Anytime Fitness is open.

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What Military Discount Do They Offer?

OMK got in touch with a representative from Anytime Fitness regarding their military discount policy.

Here’s what he had to say:

Anytime Fitness is a franchise and each gym is independently owned and operated by a franchisee. Thus, policies vary slightly from gym to gym.

That said, the vast majority of Anytime Fitness gyms offer discounted “Hero memberships” for military veterans and their families.  We recommend checking with your nearest Anytime Fitness gym to determine its policies.

After doing a little more research, I noticed that it’s also offered to Firemen, Police Officers, and other first responders.

In fact, in a Facebook post, even registered nurses qualify for the discount!

I searched their website for the official policy on all of this, and their FAQ page confirms that a discount is probable but to check your specific location.

Just like with the other discounts, be sure to have proof of military service readily available when you go to sign up!

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3. Orange Theory Military Discount

orange theory military discount

OrangeTheory is not your traditional type of gym.  Instead of rows and rows of workout equipment, stair-climbers, stationary bikes, and free weights, you’ll see 3 different workout areas.

    • A row of treadmills
    • A row of stationary rowing machines
    • A small area to do bodyweight exercises

It’s sort of a cross between a CrossFit-style gym and a Boot Camp-style gym.

My wife absolutely loves going to Orange Theory and has actually been a member there for several years.

Myself, on the other hand, prefer the traditional membership-type gym (like Gold’s) for my workouts.

What Military Discount Do They Offer?

At first, I tried reaching out directly to the Orange Theory PR department regarding their military discount.

After receiving no reply, I called my local branch and they told me that they offer $10 off all of their monthly plans.

They did, however, also mention that since every location is individually owned and operated, not all of the Orange Theory locations would do the same.

We recently surveyed a selection of Orange Theory locations near military bases across the country. The location near MacDill AFB offered a discount. However, the one in Washington D.C. did not.

So, long story short, give your local location a call before you head there.

Also, be sure to have your military ID ready.

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4. Crunch Fitness Military Discount

crunch fitness military discount
Image: Google Maps

Crunch Fitness is a unique type of gym that focuses on the casual gym goer.

Unlike Gold’s Gym, you won’t hear a lot of loud grunting noises and weights being slammed to the ground.

Crunch Fitness puts a premium on no judgments, positivity, and fun, which is something a lot of people struggle with when they hear the word “gym.”

Like a lot of the other gyms on this page, Crunch Fitness is franchise-owned.

What military discount does Crunch Fitness offer?

We spoke with the manager at the local Crunch Fitness in Palm Beach Gardens about their military discount. Here’s what they had to say:

Yes, we offer a discounted rate to any person with a military ID. Which means active, inactive, or even spouses and family of military.

We offer no enrollment fee and $19.95 for our monthly membership. The normal fee is $75.00 enrollment and $39.95 each month.

Not too bad if you ask me!

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However, during our latest survey of other locations across the country, a few of the Crunch Fitness gyms offered a military discount but the majority did not. 


ymca military discount

There are 2,700 YMCA fitness centers and community centers across the country, and many of them are located near military bases.

In fact, the YMCA has a special branch called the ASYMCA (Armed Services YMCA) dedicated to helping families of deployed service members.

As a part of the YMCA’s focus on supporting active and veteran military personnel and as a way of honoring the selfless sacrifice they make for our country, this gym offers various benefits including discounts on membership.

This non-profit community partners with the Department of Defense to offer discounts to military men and women as well as their families. They provide different services including child care, fitness classes, Military Outreach, indoor track, pool, gym, and community events.

The Armed Services YMCA is a program that provides no-cost fitness facility memberships and respite child care services for eligible active-duty military and their families nationwide.

If you’re stationed where there are no base-provide fitness facilities, you may be eligible for a free membership to the YMCA. You can find out more here.

The VA’s new “Whole Health Program” offers limited memberships to local YMCAs for veterans utilizing their healthcare services. 

Keep in mind that these programs might not be available in all YMCA centers and the same with discounts. Therefore, contact your local YMCA to know the services available.

Note that monthly fees may vary from one location to another. To qualify for a military discount, you need to contact Military OneSource and obtain a form from them.

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Once properly filled out, you’ll then present it to your local YMCA.

Those who qualify include:

  • Active duty members and their families
  • Family members of reservists and deployed National Guard
  • Relocated spouses as well as dependent children of active duty personnel who have been deployed for over six months

What Discount Do They Offer?

YMCA offers 3 different types of discounts to both active military and veteran members:

  • Membership discount

To honor and appreciate the sacrifices that active military personnel and veterans, YMCA offers a discount on its monthly membership fees. The discount may vary depending on which program you qualify for.

As a new member, you will be required to produce your active military ID or a driver’s license with a “Veteran” designation to receive discounted rates. You will be given discounts throughout the period of your military ID validity. Upon expiration, you must provide a new military ID.

  • Waived Joining Commitment Fee

Typically, a YMCA joining fee is around $59 for families. However, this fee is waived for qualified military members and their families, since most military members can be transferred at any time.

  • Active duty discount

Should an active duty member be called outside their local area, his/her family is allowed to enjoy discounted or free rates on YMCA membership pending their spouse’s return. When they return, a service member may apply for a YMCA membership.

Get More Info

Should you be called to active duty outside your local area, you can write to the Membership Office and have your membership frozen at no additional cost to you.

If frozen, the current membership card should be left with the YMCA Membership Coordinator or Development and Marketing Director. Upon return, you can write to the Membership Coordinator or Development and Marketing Director to have it reactivated.

You can learn more about the YMCA military discount here.

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6. Youfit Military Discount

youfit military discount

Founded in 2008, Youfit Health Clubs is a chain of health clubs spread across 14 states in over 100 locations. It caters to regular gym-goers including service members.

With its wide variety of activities as well as a welcoming atmosphere, Youfit offers a training atmosphere for both active duty military personnel and veterans.

What Discount Do They Offer?

Youfit recently offered a complimentary 3-month membership to veterans and first responders. You just needed to show proper military/veteran identification to sign up. 

During our recent survey of YouFit locations, we found that every one offered some kind of military discount. 

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7. CrossFit Military Discount

crossfit military discount

I’ve never been a huge fan of CrossFit, but nonetheless, it’s still considered a “gym” for all intents and purposes.

CrossFit offers a unique style of workout that caters to the type of athlete looking to up their game, utilizing a hybrid of competition and extreme workouts.

Some have criticized CrossFit for not putting an emphasis on form, but rather sheer numbers.

In any event, they actually do offer a military discount.

So what do they offer?

OMK spoke with a representative from CrossFit, and they told us that they offer a 20% off discount, regardless of whether you are actively serving or retired.

Since all memberships are month-to-month, this can provide a significant amount of savings.

One thing they did note, however, is that the military discount does not apply to the 10-day pass.

So keep that in mind if you’re just thinking about “trying it out” before committing to a full membership.

8. Retro Fitness

There aren’t a lot of Retro Fitness locations, and most seem to be in the Northeastern U.S. 

Retro Fitness stands out by focusing on corporate services, offering team building and company health and wellness training. It also emphasizes healthy nutrition and cooking lessons.

Retro Fitness offers standard gym equipment, including weight machines, aerobic equipment, and free weights. They also offer massage chairs and a smoothie bar for that spa experience.

So what do they offer?

Things seem to have changed recently for this gym. We couldn’t find a military discount for this gym previously. However, they now offer free enrollment and no annual fees, with a no-commitment contract for military members and first responders.

We came across an old Facebook post for one location stating they do, as well.

Retro Fitness locations are all franchisee-owned and operated, so it’s nice that all locations can get together to offer a discount. 

9. 24 Hour Fitness

24 hour fitness military discount

This gym stands out by being open day or night, making physical fitness easier to fit into any schedule.

Some amenities you’ll find are standard strength and cardio gym equipment, lap pools, steam rooms, and whirlpools.

So what do they offer?

A search of their website ( reveals a small discount for active duty and retired military members. 

According to the page here, they waive initiation fees along with a $5 per month discount on membership.

We did note that the site has offers for even deeper discounts if you pay for a year’s membership upfront. 

Gyms That Do NOT Offer Military Discounts (or it’s unclear)

gyms without military discounts

Unfortunately, not every gym we contacted was too keen on offering any sort of military discount.

From our research, the following gyms do NOT offer a military discount or other incentives for veterans to join:

LA Fitness

la fitness military discount

Here’s what the LA Fitness representative had to say regarding military discounts:

I was following up in regards to your interest in joining LA Fitness. Please send me your zip code or name of location so I can look into current promotional rates in your area.  We do not normally offer any Veteran or military discount. Please feel free to contact me via email or by phone if you have any questions. When you have a moment we can discuss the several options we have available. I am available Monday through Friday from 6:30am-3pm PST. All promotional rates are subject to change without notice.

I ended up sending them an email with my zip code, and here’s what they responded with:

Here are our current most affordable promotions, , they are all for Single Club(Access to only 1 location) if you are interested in Multi-Club(Access to multiple locations in your area, Excluding Signature locations) I can look into that as well for you.

All of our memberships have a $49 annual fee that gets charged after the 2nd  month of billing and then will be billed each year after.

We recently followed up with LA Fitness by contacting a selection of locations across the country that are near military bases. We wanted to make sure that the policy was still the same. 

Across the board, the resounding answer was: “No.” 

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Planet Fitness

planet fitness military discount

Unfortunately, Planet Fitness is another large gym that does not have any military discounts or Veteran specials.

Here’s what they had to say when we contacted them:

Thank you for contacting us! As each Planet Fitness is an independently owned and operated franchise, the specific promotions or discounts offered per location may vary.

We invite you down to the location to take a tour of the facility, or you may always call the location directly with any inquiry you may have.

Thank you!
PF Member Services

So in short, it’s possible that your local Planet Fitness does indeed have a military discount, but you’ll have to check with them directly.

We recently surveyed a handful of locations situated near military bases across the country. None of those franchises offered any kind of military discount.

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Snap Fitness

snap fitness military discount

There are a few other sites out there that claim Snap Fitness offers a military discount, but we couldn’t find any info that proved that 100%.

There’s no mention of it on their website, and they didn’t respond to inquiries and repeated phone calls.

Like the others on this page, we will update if any of this changes.

Life Time Fitness

No military discount or Veterans Day special was found online. However, we contacted a Life Time Fitness representative, who told us that they do have a military discount.

According to the rep, they offer 50% off for military members and their families. The rep did point out, however, that most locations are offering to waive the $100 to $200 joining fee for everyone. So, this really isn’t a discount.

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Bottom Line

While only the YMCA offers free gym memberships for military members, and only under special circumstances, these discounts at other gyms will certainly make it easier on your wallet!

Keep in mind that there are literally thousands of other smaller gyms across the country, many of which will offer their own military discount.

In some cases, they may even ask you without you bringing it up! (happened to me recently, actually)

If you know of any other gyms that aren’t listed in this article that offer military discounts, feel free to post a comment below!

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OMK contacted 11 of the largest gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs in the United States to get the skinny (pun intended) on any military or Veterans discounts they might offer.
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  1. I was a member of 24 hour fitness in LA and they are big into the armed forces. They give priority to veteran applicants and offer a discount of $0 enrollment and $25/month with no commitment.

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