The intent of the Louisiana Operation: Military Kids is to create a smooth transition through the deployment process by offering fun and educational experiences to military children, focusing on guard and reserve, to help them better understand and cope with military life, family member deployment and reintegration, as well as the challenges of maintaining family integrity.

  • Hero Packs

Hero packs are our way of saying thank you to the children of deployed loved ones for their courage and support. These bags contain items from many of our national partners,are assembled by other children around the state, and distributed at various events such as briefings, camps, or other youth activities. Louisiana has distributed thousands of hero packs, and continues to say thank you every day to its military children.

  • Speak Out for Military Kids (SOMK)

SOMK is a speakers bureau that gives youth the opportunity to speak out on issues that military children deal with. Comprised of military and non-military individuals, these youth are training at SOMK retreats and love to have fun with other military kids. The SOMK team is available to speak at schools, youth conferences, and other events in the state of Louisiana.

  • Mobile Technology Lab (MTL)

Louisiana is excited to have a mobile technology lab for use throughout the state of Louisiana. The MTL is a way for military kids to stay connected with their deployed loved one, and software such as ZoomAlbums helps to achieve this goal.  The Louisiana 4-H State Technology Youth Board is trained in the proper usage of the MTL, and is available for assistance at various events.

  • Ready, Set, Go! Trainings

Professionals around the state of Louisiana are available to train others on issues faced by military children in order to help build awareness, and to create support networks to be used by military families. At these trainings, participants are educated on the deployment cycle, how deployment affects military children, as well as ways to help support youth in our state.

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