Missouri Operation: Military Kids (OMK) is proud to serve our children and youth in all military branches who have been affected by deployment in service to the U.S.  Each of you are special and we salute your sacrifice!  It is a privileged to work with you and help you feel connected, active, and supported during these challenging times. You are our heroes!

O:MK is focused on fostering local community connections for military families and building on the strengths of our great state and local partners. Military kids are geographically dispersed and live in all counties in MO. Knowing that their children are being looked after at home by family and community allows military members to focus on their mission abroad.

Five efforts have been established to support and empower military youth:

  1. Hero Packs
  2. Speak Out for Military Kids and Communication Tech Team (SOMK/CTT)
  3. Mobile technology lab (MTL)
  4. Ready, Set, Go! Train-the-Trainer Workshops
  5. Youth and family activities and events

Goals of Missouri O:MK

  • collaborate with groups across the state to provide sustainable local support services to military youth and their families
  • create networks of support for the military children and connect them with other military and non-military youth through a variety of recreational, social and educational programs
  • work to raise community awareness and foster understanding about the impact of the deployment cycle on the military member, family, child and larger community
  • act as a resource for military children/families for summer camps, after school programs, youth councils, and more

Thank you to our Missouri OMK State and Local Partners!
Missouri OMK is a collaboration with various community and military organizations forming a team; and, as a team, we believe that supporting children on the home front is helping to support military personnel on the war front.  Knowing that their children are being looked after at home by family and community allows military members to focus on their mission abroad. 

  • Afterschool Network
  • Air Force Reserve
  • American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Army Reserve
  • Baker, Aaron -chief of staff for Senator Bill Stouffer
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Building Strong Families
  • Child Care Aware of Missouri
  • Child, Youth, School Services of Fort Leonard Wood
  • Coast Guard
  • Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Guidance and Counseling 
  • Faith Community 
  • Joint Family Assistance Programs and Joint Services Support
  • Missouri School Board Association
  • Missouri Veterans Commission
  • Mizzou Collegiate 4-H
  • Missouri 4-H
  • Missouri 4-H Council
  • National Guard (Army and Air) 
  • Navy and Marine Reserves 
  • Operation Homefront
  • ParentLink
  • Red Cross
  • Scouts
  • Springfield: Warrior Wives
  • University of Missouri Extension
  • Veterans Centers
  • VFW and VFW Auxiliary
  • Whiteman Air Force Base Youth Programs
  • Youth and Volunteers
  • YMCA
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