Get Involved in Virginia OMK


Virginia’s communities have joined forces to provide support to the children and youth of families impacted by deployment. This includes those served by military installations and those children and youth who are geographically dispersed.  A special emphasis is placed on giving support to the children and youth of National Guard and Reserve Service Members.


The Virginia OMK partners include Army Child, Youth & School Services, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia 4-H, U.S. Army Reserve, Virginia National Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, Virginia Defense Force, Virginia Department of Education, Community Builders Network, American Legion, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and other community organizations and individuals.

In Virginia the major OMK initiatives include:


  • Ready, Set, Go! (RSG) Training:  This training is designed to educate non-military youth workers, educators, counselors and other community service agencies on the unique issues facing military youth and assists in creating State and local community support networks.
  • HERO Packs:  These packs are provided to children of deployed service members as a “Thank You” for the sacrifices they make while their parents are deployed.  Children of deployed National Guard and Reserve Service Members are given priority to receive Hero Packs.  Community groups assemble and donate items for this initiative.   These packs are not mailed to military youth.
  • Link Military Youth: 4-H, Boys and Girls Clubs and other community youth resources are identified as sources of support for youth where they live.
  • Youth Advocates:  The Speak Out for Military KIDS Project enables military and non-military youth ages 13 and up to gain leadership, organizational, and technical skills.
  • Camping Opportunities: Check the State website for a range of recreational, social, and educational programs for military youth.
  • Mobile Technology Lab:  The lab is used to stay connected with deployed service members. It is composed of a suite of 15 laptop computers, DVD burners, digital, and video cameras.


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