Operation: Military Kids thanks the 15,000 Minnesota kids that have been affected through recent troop deployment in service to our country. We are proud of YOU! And salute your sacrifice. Helping kids feel connected, active and supported are the goals of Minnesota Operation: Military Kids.

  • Minnesota Operation: Military Kids provides support for military kids through the following elements:
    Hero Packs
    • Hero Packs are given to military kids who have a loved one deployed to thank them for their service and courage.  The packs are typically distributed at Family Prep Academies.  Packs are only handed out at events and not on an individual basis. 
  • Speak Out for Military Kids (SOMK)
    • SOMK is a speaker’s bureau where youth are given the opportunity to speak out about having a loved one deployed.  Retreats are held throughout the year to train youth to speak out and to allow them to have fun with other military youth.  SOMK participants are available to speak at various events, including school functions, scout meetings, Legion Conventions and more. 
  • Mobile Technology Lab (MTL)
    • The MTL is a lab that travels the state and is available at events for military kids to stay connected to their deployed loved one.  The MTL is can be used in a variety of ways, including to create Zoom Albums, SOMK presentations, greeting cards and more. 
  • Youth Activities
    • OMK holds many youth activities throughout the year to provide support for military kids.  You can find OMK holding day camps and workshops, as well as at FRG meetings, holiday parties and military family days.  Activities may include using the MTL, making crafts, playing games, going fishing and a variety of other activities that allow kids to grow and learn.  To request OMK Programming at an event, please fill out the OMK Program Request Form.
  • Ready, Set, Go! (Hidden Heroes) Training
    • Professionals around the state go out to community groups, schools and conferences to help build awareness around the issues that military youth face.  At these trainings participants learn about the deployment cycle, how kids are affected by deployment and ways that they can help support military youth.
  • Kissing Hand Kits
    • Kissing Hand Kits include the book “The Kissing Hand”, a raccoon puppet, an activity book and other resources available to military families to check out to help their kids deal with a loved one’s deployment.  The kits are available at Family Assistant Centers, libraries around the state and various other locations.

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