Mobile Technology Labs

The OMK Mobile Technology Lab is a portable, internet-ready computer lab for use in a variety of settings. The lab provides access to technology for military youth to communicate with deployed loved ones, learn about technology, enhance educational experiences, or make videos/pictures, etc. to send deployed loved ones.   MTLs include: laptop computers configured for the internet; digital video camera; scanner/and software packages, e.g., video/photo editing and webpage design. 

Military youth use OMK Mobile Technology Labs for creating messages, banners, photos, videos and even podcasts to share events with their absent parents.  Service Members have used the MTL to tape stories and leave video messages behind for their children.

OMK Mobile Technology Labs On The Go!

  • The Indiana Mobile Tech Lab was used during the Family Fall Festival at Division Armory, alongside a professional photographer, to create holiday well wishes for their deployed service members. 

  • New Hampshire OMK used the MTL to create Hero Pillow Cases (which go in the Hero Pack) at FRG and FSG meetings.  Each pillow case has an iron/press on photo of the Military youth’s deploying Service Member.

  • As the demand and request for financial counseling has increased among Service Members, Florida OMK has been educating Military youth on budgeting and financial matters.  The MTL is used at financial money camps for Military youth.  Youth explore the U.S. MINT website by taking virtual tours on-line and participate in scavenger hunts to learn U.S. facts about money.  As an extended activity, Military youth are challenged to create money origami with a dollar bill.  Using the MTL, each child searches on-line for instructions, creates their dollar bill origami project and then shares it with their parents.

The MTL is available for all OMK Partners to use in working with Military children, youth and their Families.  Please select Get Involved in the left menu to connect with your State OMK contact for more information and discuss the logistical and space requirements neccessary to host the Mobile Technology Lab at one of your events!!

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