Ready Set Go


Ready, Set, Go! community trainings are designed to increase non-military youth workers, educators, counselors and other community members understanding of:

  • the unique issues facing military youth
  • military culture
  • the deployment cycle
  • fostering resilience in youth and

to engage them in building State and Local community networks to provide support for military children and youth.

State OMK Teams use the Ready, Set, Go! Training & Resource Manual as the foundation for training that is adapted for the specific needs of the community and audience.  For example:

Pennsylvania OMK partnered with the Center for Safe Schools, Pennsylvania Department of Education, and the PA National Guard State Family Program Office to present three on-line learning sessions on The Impact of Military Deployment on Pennsylvania Students.  1,243 administrators, student services personnel, educators and community members participated.

 Wisconsin RSG! trainings have been offered in seven Cooperative Educational Service Agency (CESA) networks that reach out to 225 Wisconsin school districts.

 In Iowa, Military kids in the Charles City Middle School find lots of caring adults who support them.  After attending OMK RSG! training, an in-school military kids support group was initiated by the school counselor with the support of the administration and classroom teachers.  Military kids meet twice per month.

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