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Discharged: No Degree No Problem

On a sunny summer day in a cafe in North Carolina, two young men with short, military haircuts sat in a poorly lit bar, absently staring at the beers in their hands. 

Like you, me and everyone else in the world, they had problems. Both recently completed their last tour of duty, and were only months away from their honorable discharge.

One question burned in their minds: 

What career comes next? 

Neither had a college degree, or any experience other than their military experience.

They talked for hours. In the beginning, they both hunched over and talked in low, somewhat anxious voices. They wanted what we all do — 

A career to be proud of, one that piles plenty of money in the bank and isn’t boring.

But again, no degree, no experience… They were lost for options.  

But as time went by, the tension in their faces started to relax, and their frowns melted. 

By the time they left, they were walking with their shoulders back, heads high, shit-eating grins plastered on their beer-rosy faces.

They both had a career plan — different plans, but plans nonetheless. 

Life was good, or at least was about to be. Let’s fast forward a bit:

Ten years later they met again, to catch up on life…

…in the same bar, “for old time’s sake.” 

Both had gained a few pounds (“all muscle,” they lied). Both had traveled the world. And both had lived what some if not most would call a life of adventure, honor and adrenaline. 

But one thing was different. VERY different. 

The “3x Salary” Difference

One of them was earning $40,600 per year. And the other? 

Well over $132,000.*

Why the 3x gap? Well, the first — we’ll call him Joe — decided to stay in the military.

The other — let’s call him Jonny — he took the PMC path and quadrupled his friend’s income. 


Let’s get one thing straight. 

Money isn’t everything, and I’ll tell you why soon. But it certainly is something, right?

After all, it’s the only way to ensure your basic human needs (and your family’s) are 100% met. 

That’s what PMC-Jonny always said anyway. He also liked to say,

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy me options.”

The options he enjoyed most were experiences, like the option to… 

…travel to Thailand to live like royalty for a couple months (thanks to their insanely low cost of living & his considerable savings), instead of staying in every weekend to save money.

…play guitar more often, and better (thanks to high quality lessons and a gorgeous Gibson), instead of pawning the old guitar to pay off unexpected medical bills. 

…take the wife and kids to Disneyworld (a cleverly disguised trip to floridian-tarpon-fishing paradise), instead of skipping vacations to dodge more debt.

…live a semi-nomadic, retired life in his early 30’s, with his dream house as home base, instead of working well into his 60’s, only to realize pension is basically nothing now and he has to work until he dies.

Here’s the weird part. Life experiences, as amazing as they are, are less than half of the reason Jonny loved his PMC career so much. The best part goes much deeper. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.  

And here’s the weirdest part (if you don’t know this industry well). 

This is 100% reality. Other than the names, this is a true story.

If you’ve already done some research into your private military contractor career, you already know how realistic that is. But if you haven’t, fact check me on the internet and read the book, the highest quality and most extensive resource on the daily life and history of, and how to become a private military contractor (that I know of).

Jonny was lucky to have made the right choice for him. And that’s key — for him. 

The PMC life was phenomenal for him, but let’s face it…

… it’s not for everyone. 

Which is why you need to know your choices, inside out.

*Private Military Contractors earn between $9,000 and $22,500 per month on average. 

Money Isn’t Everything — Which Path is Right For You?

Life is always going to plant forks in the road, especially when it comes to your job and career.  

And the choices you make at those “career forks” will determine: 

✅ Your financial value in life… again, it’s not really about the money unless you see it as a point system (if you have more $ than the next guy, you’re winning) — it’s about the options that open up, which can make you genuinely happy. 


✅ Your quality of living… as a kid, I grew up poor and anxious, hearing my parents argue about money; how will we eat, or pay off the never-ending mountain of debt, or buy gas to get to work? It was miserable not having more than enough. There’s something to be said for providing comfort and safety for your family, and yourself.


The respect your family, friends & significant other has for you… whether they realize it or not. Think about it. Right or wrong, a 20-30 year old cashier or dishwasher will never get the respect and gratitude that a military officer or a 6-figures earning Private Military Contractor almost automatically gets from their loved ones.

So you need to pick the right path. Whether you want to earn more money, or care more about other things, it’s vital to know which path fits you best.

But how?

You have to know your options by arming yourself with the right information.

That’s why I took decades of knowledge and the insider’s perspective of the PMC world and crammed it all into this 106-pg book.

That’s really the only reason you need to download this book:

To arm yourself with true insider knowledge of a career you’re interested in pursuing.

Armed with this gold mine of PMC step-by-step advice and pro-tips, you’ll be able to make the smartest decision, to either:

Choose the path to early retirement, 100’s of thousands & even millions in the bank, true fulfillment and the admiration of your loved ones.


Protect yourself from a lucrative but miserable job that won’t bring you happiness because you’re just not cut out for this thing.

Because some people simply aren’t. There’s no shame in it — some people realize that their personality, skills and what they want out of life just don’t match up to the PMC lifestyle.  

But I’m guessing you want to find out if the PMC life is really for you, or if it would be a bad decision. If that’s you…

…this book will beam a spotlight on the PMC path, so you can see both the good and the bad, and make the most informed decision possible.

Here’s A Taste Of What You’re 

Getting In This Book…

Step by step on how to travel the world & make 6-figures as a PMC (the SMART way) 

One of the fastest ways to land a job that’ll make you proud and your enemies jealous

How to land the more traditional roles in private military contracting

Where to find the BEST PMC positions & avoid the worst

What a typical day, month and year looks like for a PMC

The different types of companies that hire PMCs

Which types of available positions fit your skills and experience 

How much money can you expect to make

What skill sets and training you need to become a PMC 

How to build a strong PMC resume and cover letter, and ace your interview

What to do once you’ve landed a position

What to bring when you deploy

What will keep you safe and successful overseas

The skills and training you need to “up your game” as a PMC

As You Can See… This Guide IS NOT One Of Those Half-Assed Blog-Post-PDF “Ebooks.”

I’m going to take you behind the curtain and show you in 106 in-depth pages, exactly how to become a private military contractor on your own, step-by-step, so you can enjoy:

✔️ Knowing precisely what your life as a PMC will look like before you pull the trigger.

✔️ Access to the best PMC companies & a report on which ones suck. (pg 37)

✔️ Nailing your interview with my PMC job hunt survival kit which includes my proven cover letter and resume template, and PMC interview Q&A’s (pg 81-95)

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Here’s What People Are Saying About It

“This is probably the best book on the market to learn how to become a PMC, I LOVED it, couldn’t put it down and learned a TON. And by that I mean, I now AM a PMC, and it’s mostly because of the foundation of learning I got from this book and  I built my career on.” Steve Manning

“This is a solid book…I ended up reading nearly the entire thing in one sitting.  Lots of nostalgia in there for me (the fork in the road at the end of my military contract was Aegis vs business / marketing work), and loads of value for anyone looking to transition into private military contracting. Love it!” Josh Rueff

The Fairest Guarantee Of Them All

Unless there’s a guarantee out there offering money-back plus interest, this is the fairest of them all. 

So here it is:

I guarantee that you’ll love this book and it’ll be a massive help to you in learning about the PMC world and deciding on whether it’s the life for you.

If for any reason you decide this book sucked and didn’t help you, I’ll return 100% of your money and let you keep the book anyway.

Yep. I know, I’m relying on honesty. Let’s face it, some people WILL rip me off. But that’s the deal. Just email me or call me and I’ll give you back your $19.95, no questions asked.

Fair enough?    

Let’s Review What You’re Getting…

How to travel the world while making 6-figures

Discover an exciting, adventurous profession

How to become a PMC, step by step 

How to access a fulfilling, professional career that you love

The easiest way to get a job that’ll make your family proud and enemies jealous

How to land the traditional roles

What a typical day, month and year looks like for a PMC

What types of companies hire PMCs

What types of positions are available that fit your skills and experience 

How much money can you expect to make

Where to find the BEST PMC positions

What skill sets and training you need to become a PMC 

How to build a strong PMC resume and ace your interview

What to do once you’ve landed a position

What to bring when you deploy

What will keep you safe and successful overseas

The skills and training you need to be successful as a PMC

Private military companies to avoid like the plague

The 7 phases in the professional life of a PMC.

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