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Air Force Ground Transportation (2T1X1): Career Details

Air Force Ground Transportation (2T1X1) specialist are responsible for the transportation of people and equipment.

This position was previously titled, Vehicle Operations, but that title changed in 2017 when the Air Force wanted to better capture the truly important tasks this team completes.

These specialist use a variety of vehicle types to safely and efficiently get people and equipment exactly where they need to go.

Education, Qualifications and Training

The basic requirements for this position are below.

These requirements are outside of any physical and medical clearances that are required.

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Individuals must have a High School Diploma or GED.

Airmen will be required to take and meet the Mechanical ASVAB requirements.


The minimum qualifications include:

  • At least 17 years old with parental consent (18 without)
  • Cannot be older than 39
  • Must have normal color vision
  • Have a knowledge of vehicle operation
  • Possess a valid state driver’s license to operate government motor vehicles
  • Must maintain eligibility to mobilize and deploy to any location


Airmen will complete 8.5 weeks of Basic Military Training.

After Basic Training, individuals will attend Technical School at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri for 30 days.

What does a Ground Transportation Specialist do?

Air Force Ground Transportation
Air Force Ground Transportation specialist deliver fuel. Image:

An Air Force Ground Transportation specialist transports people, supplies, munitions, outsized expeditionary forces and any other equipment that may need to be transported.

Specialist will operate both light and heavy equipment.

The types of heavy government vehicles that the Ground Transportation specialist may operate include buses, sedans, 18-wheel tractor/trailer, utility trucks, fork lifts, mounted cranes and hoists. 

Ground Transportation specialist participate in convoy operations and can find themselves transporting equipment and vehicles at any location around the world.

As part of the knowledge learned, specialist will use maps and compass, Global Positioning Systems and must learn the types, specifications, capacities and limitations of all government vehicles.

Specialist will conduct inspections on the vehicles before and after the transport and then log the results of the inspections.

They will investigate any accidents or incidents that occur with the vehicle.

Ground Transportation specialist are responsible for any maintenance that occurs on the vehicle. 

The maintenance includes planning, and performing preventative maintenance as well as cleaning the vehicles.

The maintenance performed and any use of the vehicle, will be logged in operation forms, records and reports.

Specialist will prepare the budget and compare maintenance costs against it.

There may be occasions where Ground Transportation specialist are required to transport distinguished guests or provide transportation for special events.

They may also be required to designate and coordinate mass transportation, school bus transportation, and taxi zones.

Ground Transportation specialist will work with other teams to coordinate and schedule cargo movement.

This job duty requires dispatching, servicing and operating the vehicles.

Specialist are responsible for making sure all vehicles are accounted for and any driver’s licenses needed are issued.

Trip kits, supplies and vehicle equipment such as credit cars, tickets and fuel coupons will be stocked and managed by Ground Transportation specialist.

All vehicle transportation during operational missions will be coordinated by Ground Transportation specialist.

At times the specialist may be required to conduct night operations, this could mean driving in blackout conditions with night-vision goggles and Global Positioning Systems. 

What does an Air Force Ground Transportation Specialist get Paid?

This Air Force position is an entry level position and would follow the basic pay table.

Your pay will be dependent on your rank and time in service.

Your rank is determined by a number of factors including education.

Follow the pay table below for a guide on Ground Transportation potential base pay.

InsigniaPay GradeRankAbbreviation2023 Minimum Monthly Pay
E-1 +4 monthsAirman BasicAB$1,917.60
airman first class smallE-3Airman First ClassA1C$2,259.90
E-4Senior AirmanSrA$2,503.50
E-5Staff SergeantSSgt$2,730.30
air force e 6 insigniaE-6Technical SergeantTSgt$2,980.50
E-7Master SergeantMSgt$3,445.80
E-8Senior Master SergeantSMSgt$4,957.20
E-9Chief Master SergeantCMSgt$6,055.50
command chief master sergeant insig smallE-9Command Chief Master SergeantCCM$6,055.50
chief master sergeant of the air force insigE-9Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air ForceCMSAF$6,055.50

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All airmen will receive benefits from the Air Force.

The benefits received tend to be one of the positive attributes people refer to when speaking about the Air Force.

Benefits include:

  • Insurance: Medical and dental at little to no-cost; paid sick time; low-cost life insurance
  • Housing: Allowance that covers housing costs, utilities and maintenance
  • Food: Allowance for the on base dining hall and access to tax-free department and grocery stores
  • Vacation: 30 paid days annually
  • Retirement: Available after 20 years with zero out of pocket costs
  • Education: Multiple tuition assistance and scholarship opportunities
  • Recreation: On-base recreational activities including social events and youth centers

Find more information on benefits at the Air Force website here.

Job Reviews

Individuals in this position generally like the work that they do.

Having an opportunity to be trained on the various transport vehicles is something that is not offered in the majority of civilian jobs.

Positive reviews of this specific position include the training airmen receive, the benefits available and the ability to get to know individuals on base through transportation.

Negative reviews of this position include multiple deployments and the difficulty some individuals have had with upward progression.

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You can see what the Ground Transportation position is like from an airmen’s point of view in the video below.

Civilian Career Opportunities

Working in Ground Transportation for the Air Force offers many skills.

Individuals gain experience in driving, logistics, administration and maintenance.

Having skills in a variety of different areas allows for multiple position opportunities once you complete your service with the Air Force.

Possible position titles include:

  • Construction Operations-Crane Operator, Forklift driver, heavy machinery 
  • Transportation Mobility Air Affliction
  • Transportation Dispatcher
  • UXO Technician
  • Mechanic 2/Munitions

The pay for these positions greatly depend on the business that you work for and the position that you hold. 

Some positions will be substantially less than what you would make in the Air Force (including benefits) and others will be more.


2T1X1 at work
Air Force Ground Transportation working on bus mechanics certifications. Image:

Air Force Ground Transportation specialist are in charge of planning, coordinating and completing transportation for equipment and people.

People in this position are responsible for operating a variety of government vehicle types and find their services being needed on-base, off-base and in deployment situations.

This is an entry-level position in the Air Force with minimal requirements.

Individuals in this position enjoy the work that they do.

Being versatile with many different job functions opens individuals in this position into several different civilian career fields.

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Air Force Ground Transportation

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