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Alienware Military Discount

Alienware is a computer hardware company associated with Dell Computers.

Gamers prefer Alienware consoles because the hardware specializes in the components needed to excel and defeat your opponents.

The Alienware military discount is comparable to the one available on Dell products.

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About Alienware

dell military discount
Alienware specializes in gaming computers that feature enhanced graphics performance and other hardware. Image: Pexels

Alienware is a computer hardware manufacturer.

The company is a subsidiary of Dell, which is one of the most reputable computer brands in the world.

Alienware specializes in offering gaming devices with better specs than your traditional PC.

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The company has produced devices since the mid-1990s.

Alienware gaming PCs enable you to work hard and play harder.

They feature the latest generation Intel Core processors.

The sophisticated Intel Core processors produce improved graphics compared to standard PCs.

What is the official Alienware military discount?

dell veteran discount
The Alienware military discount is comparable to the savings available on other Dell computer products. Image: Flickr

The Alienware military discount is part of the Dell military appreciation program.

Dell features 10% off PCs and electronics as a salute to heroes everywhere, including Alienware devices.

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The 10% savings coupon is available to active-duty military personnel.

Saving 10% on gaming PCs is an opportunity to gain an advantage over your online competition the next time you compete with family and friends.

Additionally, Dell products (including Alienware) guarantee that your delivery will get there on time even if you serve overseas.

The company features an international shipping option for service members to continue and show appreciation at no extra cost.

Do you think you can find a better price on Alienware hardware elsewhere?

Dell is willing to price match on any Alienware product for 30 days after your purchase.

Furthermore, Alienware devices qualify for Dell Rewards which offers 6% back on purchases.

Dell Rewards also presents free expedited delivery along with exclusive offers on other computer accessories.

Your Dell Preferred Account provides online purchasing power with special financing offers and low monthly payments for soldiers.

Follow the steps below to claim this deal:

  1. Shop Alienware Gaming devices at the official store here.
  2. To get an additional 10% OFF, contact our Dell representative with an email to: [email protected]
  3. Identify yourself as an Operation Military Kids members Member

They will quickly and easily be able to verify your military service, and give you the 10% off discount.

Who Can Claim This Deal?

dell military laptop
The exclusive offer is available to active-duty military, veterans, and eligible family members. Image: Pexels

The Alienware military discount is just like the one available through Dell.

Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell which is why its military discount falls under the same guidelines.

The Alienware military discount is available to active-duty military personnel.

Additionally, military veterans and family members may take advantage of the offer through Veterans Advantage.

Regardless of your military status or affiliation, you’ll need to confirm military status to receive the special offer.

Veterans Advantage does require a paid membership yet it is not mandatory to receive the exclusive deal.

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What Are The Restrictions?

The Alienware military discount utilizes the same guidelines and restrictions as other Dell products.

You can receive 10% off your purchase by contacting Dell directly at [email protected].

On the other hand, you can go through Veterans Advantage.

However, you need to sign up for a membership that requires a monthly payment.

Eligibility for Veterans Advantage is specially reserved for current or former military members.

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The Alienware military discount provides 10% off available devices.

The savings are reserved for military personnel, veterans, and family members.

It is offered through the Dell military appreciation program which is affiliated with Alienware.

Do you have more questions?

Contact Dell for more information at 1-888-971-1774.

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Alienware offers a military discount that can help you save 10% on your next gaming PC. Learn more about the details, including how to get it, what the restrictions are, and more.

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