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8 Best Tasers For Women In 2023

The best tasers for women deliver unrivaled protection.

In modern times, it’s vital that women stay alert and aware of their environment.

And, in the event of an assailant, tasers are a terrific option for staying safe and protected.

Tasers are are lightweight, reliable, and straightforward to use making them reliable for self-defense.

Read the full article to discover the 8 Best Tasers for Women in 2023.

#1. Taser Pulse+

Taser Pulse+ is one of the best tasers for women

The best taser for women is the Axon Police Taser Pulse+.

The Taser Pulse+ frequently ranks among the top stun guns for reliability.

In fact, several police departments and law enforcement personnel depend on self-defense weapons like the Axon Police Taser.

The Taser Pulse+ is extremely consistent with accuracy from up to 15 feet.

Consequently, law enforcement and others needing self-protection are able to maintain distance from an assailant.

The Pulse+ delivers 2 electrical probes that present an initial shock designed to immediate drop criminals to the ground.

The taser can strike through clothing and even bullet-resistant materials like body armor.

If you miss the target on the first discharge, the taser transforms into a 50,000-volt stun gun.

Finally, a GPS app notifies local dispatch and transmits your location to nearby law enforcement.

The Axon Taser Pulse+ is available in several varieties at The Home Security Superstore.

The online wholesaler features the best tasers for women (and at affordable prices).

Women may also want to consider purchasing with a holster or additional cartridges.

Lastly, the Taser Pulse+ stun gun is very lightweight and easy to use.

The taser features a laser for accuracy and flashlight to utilize in the dark.

The built-in safety prevents accidental discharges and power automatically shuts off after 20 minutes of no use.

NOTE: You may also want to consider buying the Taser Pulse+ Bundle Pack. Customers receive more accessories at a great value!

#2. Taser X1

Taser X1

The Taser X1 is another reliable and trusty favorite among the best tasers for women.

The price is much higher compared to the Taser Pulse+ Subcompact Stun Gun yet many women deem it necessary.

For starters, the Taser X1 reloads and is equipped with a targeting laser.

The features improve confidence for women that may feel disturbed if they miss with the first discharge.

The X1 model is considered a new and improved version of the previous Taser X26P and Taser X26C.

It ejects barbed probes that go through clothing and other restrictions (even some bulletproof items).

The X1 unleashes electrical impulses that immediately incapacitate an attacker and cause muscle contractions, vertigo, and paralysis.

Furthermore, the range of the X1 Taser is impressive with a laser that zeros in on targets from up to 15 feet.

As a result, the taser is used by law enforcement and very reliable for immobilizing assailants.

Women find it trustworthy for self-defense since the PPM battery pack has enough power to support up to 500 discharges.

The Central Information Display (CID) presents status of the battery and other critical details.

Women can shop for the X1 Taser at The Home Security Superstore.

The Home Security Superstore provides the largest selection of non lethal self-defense weapons online.

#3. Taser 7 CQ Stun Gun

Taser 7 CQ Stun Gun for women

Another terrific option for self-defense is the Taser 7 CQ.

The Taser 7 CQ Stun Gun is designed for close-quarters and can impact damage from as close as 3 feet.

On the other hand, the maximum range of the taser is 12 feet.

Thus, the Taser 7 CQ does not feature quite the same distance as the X1 and Pulse+.

Still, it’s a really trustworthy source for self-protection and among the best tasers for women.

There is plenty to appreciate about the non lethal personal defense weapon including the ability to reload.

The ability to support 2 cartridges enables rapid fire in the event the target is missed with the first discharge.

The kinetic darts travel straighter and faster and can penetrate clothing.

Moreover, the electric shock is 2x stronger than previous models.

The durable design can withstand drops from 4 feet and is weather-resistant.

Even more, women can use the taser in all types of weather (rain, snow, etc.).

Females appreciate that the taser presents an audible warning at the sight of an intruder.

The audible warning is designed to prevent many assaults from even occurring in the first place.

Nevertheless, if you need to use the taser, the red laser is visible even during the daylight.

What’s more, the 210 lumen LED flashlight is strong enough to temporary blind assailants prior to delivering an electrical shock.

Lastly, the ambidextrous safety is designed to prevent accidental discharges.

We recommend considering a stun gun holster or other method for safely carrying the non lethal weapon.

#4. Taser Strikelight 2 Stun Gun / Flashlight

Taser Strikelight 2 Stun Gun Flashlight for females

The Taser Strikelight 2 is one of the most unique self defense weapons you’ll find online.

It’s the ideal combination between safety and security.

The Taser Strikelight 2 stun gun presents an ultra bright 700-lumen flashlight.

Meanwhile, the stun gun can step up if an intruder takes things too far.

For this reason, the Strikelight 2 ranks among the best tasers for women.

The Taser Strikelight 2 is easy to switch between activation modes.

The lighting also provides a nighttime vision for protection in the dark.

The taser produces a loud crackle and the beaming LED light is enough to scare away just about any sane criminal.

There are multiple ways to use the Strikelight 2 for protection including driving the bezel head into an assailant’s chest.

The taser is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that produces 5 hours of continuous light.

Additionally, the Strikelight 2 can produce 100 5-second stun discharges with a typical charge.

There are not a lot of tasers with the recharging capability of the Strikelight 2.

The last feature worth mentioning with the Taser Strikelight 2 is the hands-free carrying ability.

The adjustable wrist strap that is provided prevents the self-defense flashlight from being snatched in an altercation.

#5. Taser Bolt 2

Taser Bolt 2 for women

The Taser Bolt 2 LED Stun Gun is a high-tech solution to self-defense.

It’s a traditional stun gun in certain regards with advanced features like LED lighting and the Axon Protect app.

The design of the taser makes it appear like a lightweight flashlight with the ability to also toggle on extra light.

Another luxury with the Taser Bolt 2 is it reloads with barbed probe cartridges that reach distances of 15 feet.

The barbed probes are capable of penetrating most clothing.

From there, the electrical current stuns a target and immobilizes the individual for up to 30 seconds.

It’s enough time and distance to keep yourself safe from harm.

Once the cartridge is ejected, the Taser Bolt 2 also doubles as a stun gun.

Therefore, the electrical current can stun anyone upon contact if the first line of defense is not successful.

The illumination is provided thanks to a 210-lumen LED light.

Additionally, the Taser Bolt 2 features a red targeting laser for improved accuracy.

If nothing else, the LED light is strong enough to temporarily blind an assailant.

Lastly, the Bluetooth capabilities of the Taser Bolt 2 are really high-tech.

The technology allows you to connect to your phone (via the Axon Protect app).

Then, the app will alert nearby authorities in the event of an attack.

Your GPS location is forwarded to local law enforcement where a response is sure to come quickly.

If that is not enough, the cartridges for the Taser Bolt 2 feature small confetti-like Anti-Felon ID tags.

The Anti-Felon ID tags stick to attacks which allows law enforcement to identify much easier.

For this reason, the Taser Bolt 2 is widely considered one of the best tasers for women.

#6. Taser 7 CQ Home Defense Bundle Pack

Taser 7 CQ Home Defense Bundle Pack

There are many reasons women prefer the Taser 7 CQ for home defense and personal protection.

First, the stun gun is specifically designed to operate well in close quarters.

Consequently, if there is a home invasion, the Taser 7 CQ is effective at reaching a target from as close as 3 feet.

Moreover, the Taser 7 CQ supports 2 cartridges which allows women to quickly reload in the event of a misfire.

The Taser 7 CQ is also something that you can take on the road as it can reach max distances of 12 feet.

The bundle pack provides all the outstanding features of the original Taser 7 CQ stun gun along with several extras:

  • 4 Taser 7 CQ Reload Air Cartridges
  • Safariland Stun Gun Holster
  • Taser 7 CQ Battery Pack
  • Stun Gun Carrying Case
  • Practice Target

The Safariland holster is a secure and stylish place to store the self defense weapon while out in the public.

Meanwhile, the extra air cartridges are a luxury to have or something you can pass on to a friend.

Women appreciate the reliability and effectiveness of the Taser 7 CQ.

It’s why the bundle pack is an outstanding value considering all the accessories you get with one of the top tasers available online.

#7. Jolt Protector Rechargeable Stun Gun

Jolt Protector Rechargeable Stun Gun for women

The Jolt Protector stun gun is a terrific value at under $20.

As a result, if you are on a tight budget there is plenty to appreciate about this compact self defense stun gun.

The Jolt Protector stun gun is designed to unleash 60 million volts of electricity with a simple squeeze of your fingers.

Meanwhile, the device sits comfortably in your hand while providing a significant punch.

Additionally, the built-in LED flashlight is a new feature of stun guns that provide another form of self-defense.

Often, the bright light is enough to discourage an attacker from even pursuing you or can even temporarily blind a subject.

Consequently, women have a self-defense arsenal in one simple to use device.

The Jolt Protector stun gun is rechargeable which is another budget-friendly feature.

Therefore, you will not have to worry about buying additional cartridges in the future.

Women get all they need to stay safe and protected with the Jolt Protector rechargeable stun gun.

The purchase includes a charging cord that connects to standard outlets.

Lastly, the nylon holster provides a method to secure the stun gun to your body while walking.

#8. ZAP LED Pistol Stun Gun

ZAP LED Pistol Stun Gun

There is nothing to underestimate regarding the ZAP LED stun gun despite its tiny size.

In fact, the stun gun packs quite the punch while also having the appearance of a pistol.

The design of the stun gun is intended to discourage intruders before they even think about laying a hand on your body.

For this reason, women appreciate that the stun gun can deliver 950,000 volts of electricity.

The electrical shock is more than enough to drop a criminal to the ground and have time to escape.

Moreover, the sheer sound of the electrical spark is enough to prevent many assaults from happening in the first place.

The built-in 60 lumen LED light provides some illumination in the dark.

The battery is long lasting (3 hours) so you can remain illuminated for longer destinations in the dark.

Finally, the on/off switch prevents handlers from accidental discharges.

The device is powered by 3 CR2 batteries with an approximate lifespan of 2 years.

Purchase of the ZAP LED stun gun includes a wrist strap lanyard and belt clip with nylon holster.

The compact ZAP stun gun is extremely affordable compared to most tasers and stun guns on the market.

FAQs: Best Tasers for Women

What do you need to know regarding the best tasers for women?

Search the most frequently asked questions for solutions/answers:

Who uses tasers for self-defense?

Tasers and stun guns are heavily used by law enforcement at all levels.

Furthermore, the military and other types of security have a use for tasers.

Also, it’s worth noting that tasers are highly reliable for women and college students.

Lastly, tasers are a terrific type of non lethal self-defense for those that prefer an alternative to firearms.

Tasers can immobilize a subject without producing lethal force.

It provides the diversion and time to escape and get authorities to handle the situation.

Are tasers legal?

Yes, in most states, tasers and stun guns are legal to own.

Furthermore, most states do not require any type of special permit.

As a result, tasers are a type of self defense that can keep you safe and protected.

You should be aware that certain states (such as Rhode Island and Hawaii) currently prohibit sales.

There are other states that have restrictions so make sure to check with local laws before making any purchase.

Are tasers easy to use?

Yes, tasers are extremely to use for any gender or ability.

Often, tasers only require 1 or 2 steps to discharge an electric shock.

Moreover, other features of the taser may provide other methods of self-defense.

Tasers are generally equipped with a safety function and other security features.

Civilians are allowed to buy and carry tasers in most states.

However, there are age and other restrictions depending on location.

What is the difference between a taser and stun gun?

Stun guns produce an electric shock that incapacitates an individual.

It does not typically produce lethal force yet can still temporary freeze a person.

Additionally, the person may experience vertigo and muscle convulsions due to the kinetic shock.

Meanwhile, a taser immobilizes an attack by producing an electrical current.

Shoppers will notice that many self-defense weapons on The Home Security Superstore provide both functionality in one taser.

Once discharged, a taser or stun gun can temporarily paralyze an intruder.

Are tasers safe for women?

Tasers produce harm to attackers but how dangerous are they for the handler?

Fortunately, non lethal self-defense weapons like tasers and stun guns are far safer compared to other options like firearms.

Tasers do not produce lethal force yet are still extremely powerful and will temporarily subdue a violent or threatening individual.

Furthermore, tasers and stun guns provide safety from a distance since most are effective between 10-15 ft.

How much do tasers cost?

Customers can expect to spend anywhere from several hundreds to over a thousand for a quality taser or stun gun.

Nonetheless, the investment is worth keeping you and your loved ones safe from harm.

Women appreciate the lightweight and ease of use tasers provide for self-protection.

We suggest shopping for tasers at The Home Security Superstore.

The self-defense weapons are shipped same day with a 90-day money back guarantee.

The Home Security Superstore also specializes in security, surveillance, reconnaissance, and survival gear.

Conclusion: Best Tasers for Women

The best tasers for women are lightweight, reliable, and effective.

Tasers and stun guns are easy to use and provide a dependable form of self-defense.

Women will appreciate having this alternative to the most well known types of self-protection, like firearms and knives.

These tasers are designed to keep you safe and secure after dark or wherever you need an extra layer of protection.

Often, these self-defense weapons have other features that are designed to prevent an assault altogether.

Shop the best tasers for women at The Home Security Superstore website here:

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