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Bodybuilding can be a lucrative job and business investment that many are looking into pursuing these days.

With the rise of social media sites and popular apps such as Instagram and SnapChat, many bodybuilders are able to build a following and a career online.

If you’re looking to become a bodybuilder, or have already started a career as one, you’ve likely heard of, a website dedicated to helping bodybuilders find the best products and services that they need to build their body and their brand.

The website sells products that are focused on protein, energy, endurance, vitamins, weight loss, and muscle building.

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The website also sells accessories for working out such as clothes, workout equipment, and accessories such as shaker bottles, lifting gloves and gym towels.

If you’re a bodybuilder as well as a military man or woman, you’re probably wondering if the website offers a military discount.

A quick Google search shows that they do offer a military discount.

bodybuilding military discount

They use Troop ID to confirm the military status of a person, and those that confirm their status are eligible for a 10% discount.

However, if you aren’t a military man or woman, have no fear!

There are still plenty of other ways for you to claim a discount and knock a few dollars off your next purchase.

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How to use’s military discount

When we originally wrote this article, you had to verify that you actually served in the military.

This involved verifying your service with a program called “”, which is used on countless other sites offering military discounts.

However, after OMK spoke with a rep over at, he (or she) actually said you don’t even need to do that!

Here’s a copy of our conversation below:

11:57 AM – Optimum Oscar
Hi there! Thank you for contacting, my name is Optimum Oscar, how may I help you today?

11:57 AM – Rob
Hi there, I’m inquiring to see if you have a military discount

11:58 AM – Rob
when I go to this page:

11:58 AM – Rob
it redirects to your specials page

11:58 AM – Optimum Oscar
Good question! We do! You will need to place the order first then give us the order number so we can refund the difference of 10% from the subtotal.

11:59 AM – Rob
Ok so place the order and then email you?

11:59 AM – Rob
how do I verify military service? so I even need to?

11:59 AM – Optimum Oscar
You can email, chat or call us. You will not need to verify it.

12:00 PM – Rob
oh ok great, thanks so much!

So there you have it!

All you literally need to do to take advantage of the military discount is simply place an order, and then either email, chat, or call them.

Click Here to visit and start your order. Alternative Discount Option #1 – Seasonal Sales

If you don’t have a military status, you can take advantage of the seasonal sales that are being offered by the site.

One such example is the 4th of July sale that the site offers annually around the holiday season.

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Instead of offering a discount on certain items or certain brands, the site offers a set percentage of money that’s knocked off once the items in your cart reach a certain total.

bodybuilding 4th of july sale

These sales typically only last a few days, and it is up to the buyer to take advantage of them.

A code is provided to the buyer on both the main page as well as during checkout.

The buyer simply has to copy and paste it when prompted during checkout, or type it in manually when prompted. Alternative Discount Option #2 – Brand Sales

Another type of sale that offers is brand sales.

This, as the name implies, means that all items of a certain brand type are on sale.

A preset percentage is knocked off the original price of each item, and the sale carries over into checkout; although you most likely will need to type in a certain code to confirm the discount.

The easiest way to find these special deals is to go to the “Sales and Specials” section of the website.

Click Here to visit that page.

This button can be found right on the main page, just under the main banner.

Once there, you’ll be taken to a page showing all sorts of discounted items and sale items.

From there, you’ll see another button advertising that all items of a certain brand are on sale.

You’ll easily be able to see the brand name that’s offering the sale, as well as the percentage being knocked off the original prices.

bodybuilding military discount - special sales

There is no need to search the brand name in the search bar or try to find the brand name among’s list of products; simply clicking the button will take you exactly to the items on sale.

search for redcon supplements

Once there, you can begin shopping!

Similar to seasonal sales, there may be a code that you need to write down or copy and paste to ensure that you get the discount.

The website advertises the discounted amount; however, you’ll need to ensure whether or not you need to enter in a certain code in order to take advantage of the discount.

As stated before, the sale isn’t limited to certain items, either.

Once a brand has announced that their items are on sale, all items of their brand are on sale.

The percentage is knocked off every item once you enter the proper code, so there isn’t any need to continuously put the code in for each item. Alternative Discount Option #3 – Periodic Deals

A third type of deal that the website offers is general deals.

These kinds of deals mean that they aren’t centered around a certain holiday or time of year; they are simply periodic sales offered by the website simply to promote an item.

However, there is really no predicting what’s going to be on sale.

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The sale won’t affect just a certain item or certain brand; the website decides what is going to be discounted, so there is a possibility that you won’t see what you’re looking for in the discounted section.

To gain access to these good sales, click here to go to the “Sales and Specials” section of the website again – similar to what you would do if you were trying to find a sale exclusive to a certain brand.

Once there, you won’t have to click on any other buttons or go to any other pages.

bodybuilding sales and specials

All you have to do is scroll down to see what the site has put for sale. deals and specials

You’ll see that the sales are also wildly different. It won’t simply be a certain percentage being knocked off the final price.

With some products it will be buy one get one free, or buy one get a second one at a certain discount.

Other items may be a free promotional item, although you may or may not need to buy a certain item or fulfill some type of requirement to gain access to those free items.

In addition, you may or may not be prompted to enter a special code.

With, one code may do many things.

The same code that knocks off a certain percentage off your entire purchase may also be that same code that takes a percentage off items of a specific brand name.

If the sale price or discount isn’t automatically applied upon checkout, you may need to enter that code that you’ve seen plastered all over the site.

Another added benefit to these general sales is that they’re divided by use.

You may not have much control or be able to predict what’s on sale, but you’ll be able see what items are used for what, which will make shopping easier.

Items may be organized based on when you should use them, what kind of item they are, and what items are “bundled”.

Bundles are essentially multiple products that are treated as one single product, thus bringing the overall price of each item down and saving you a few dollars.

These bundles typically have one thing in common, such as brand type or item type.

You may see weight loss items bundled together, or wellness items bundled together, for example. bundle and save Alternative Discount Option #4 – Coupon Sites

Another alternative to consider are third-party coupon sites.

Websites such as RetailMeNot and Slickdeals are great resources for finding additional coupons, codes and discounts that you otherwise might not know about.

You can access these coupons by one of two ways: you either manually go to the website ( or and type in “”, or Google the website you’re planning on going to as well as “”.

You always want to add the .com to make sure you get coupons for this specific website!

Regardless of how you type it, you should see these pages:

retailmenot bodybuilding discount codes coupons for
slickdeals bodybuilding coupon codes discount codes for

From there, you can click the appropriate buttons to get the coupons that you want.

You can copy down the codes onto a sheet of paper or a Word document, continue with your shopping on, and enter the appropriate codes when prompted.

You can also further filter the coupon codes using the filtering options, thus further tailoring what sales you can take advantage of.


If you are a military man or woman, there is a discount at that you can take advantage of.

This useful discount can be achieved by a simply military status confirmation process, and is a good way to familiarize yourself with the website’s products without putting too much money into your first purchase.

However, even if you don’t have a military status (or even if you do), you still have plenty of other options to save some money and earn some discounts while shopping on this site.

These options are all easy to access and only require some simple menu navigation or entering a short code during checkout.

A uniquely useful feature that has is that one code does multiple things.

While most online stores have one code for each type of discount, one code on this website can knock off different percentages depending on the items in your cart or your checkout total.

Good luck and happy shopping!

Rob V.


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