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CheapOair Military Discount

CheapOair is a site that is dedicated to getting customers the cheapest tickets for hotels, airlines and car rentals.

The site has a load of services such as easy booking, price matching, 24/7 customer service and a whole slew of promo codes.

This makes it a great service for families and people with all kinds of budgets.

However, if you’re a man or woman with a military background, you may be wondering of CheapOair offers any kind of military discounts?

It would be nice to add an additional discount to the already-low prices that the company offers, right?

A quick search on Google shows that CheapOair does, indeed, offer military discounts.

This is great news for military men and women alike!

A military discount will allow those with a military background to save even more money while flying and traveling, and the best part is that it’s easy to claim?

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How do you claim the military discount?

To claim CheapOair’s military discount, follow the below simple step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official CheapoAir website.

Step 2: Enter in your info like destination / origin airport, departure and return dates, etc.

Step 3: Search for flights.  The discount will be automatically added as long as you click the link above.

The page on CheapOair’s website that mentions the discount – – doesn’t mention special actions that the customer needs to take to claim the code.

cheapoair military travel

There is also no mention of need to scan or enter information nor confirm your military status, however, it’s extremely likely that the customer will need to do something do to prove their status.

The good thing about this discount is that it can be applied to nearly everything.

CheapOair insists that the discount can be applied to both round trip flights and one-way tickets, which means that military people are locked into making a certain kind of purchase just to take advantage of the discount.

Are there other discounts that CheapOair offers?

Yes! Those that don’t have a military background don’t have to worry about never having a promotion to use.

 CheapOair has plenty of other promotions and discounts that non-military men and women can take advantage of.

Along with the options that CheapOair offers, there are also plenty of other third-party sites that offer further cash-saving opportunities.

Third-party couponing sites and cashback are just some of the other opportunities that are available to customers.

CheapOair Discount Option #1 – Promo Codes

Like many other websites, CheapOair offers promotional codes and coupons for customers to use.

These codes and promotions range from knocking off a small amount from your total to taking up to one hundred dollars off.

These discounts are all claimed by putting in a code during checkout.

Each code takes off a different amount of money, and each code is only applicable to certain purchase.

This means that discounts for first class ticket purchases can’t be applied to business class tickets, vacation package discounts only work on international flights, and so forth.

These codes are one-time use, and can’t be stacked.

Meaning, you can’t use multiple codes in one purchase.

These promo codes can easily be found on CheapOair’s website by Googling “cheapoair promo codes” or by going to CheapOair’s webpage dedicated specifically to their promo codes.

Once you’ve found the code that you want to use, it’s easy to simply copy it to your computer’s Clipboard by highlighting the code, right-clicking and selecting “Copy”.

Alternatively, you can copy the code and paste it into a Word document to give yourself a visual reference for when you do go to enter the code.

You can also manually write the code down with a pad and pen.

This will ensure that you won’t lose track of where the code is if you have a lot of Word documents open, or are aren’t that savvy with the computer and are nervous that the code won’t be saved to your Clipboard.

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CheapOair Discount Option #2 – RetailMeNot and Slickdeals

As with many other sites, coupons for CheapOair can be found on the couponing sites RetailMeNot and Slickdeals.

These sites collect all the different coupons and promotional codes that are currently being offered by CheapOair and puts them in an easy-to-read webpage.

In addition, these codes can be curated and filtered so that you only see the coupons that you want to see.

This means that codes can be filtered by how much money they take off as well as what kind of purchase they’re applied to (such as domestic flights versus international flights).

This makes it easier to find codes that are relevant to your purchase and the code is readily available to you once you go to make your purchase.

To find these codes, it’s as simple as Googling the coupon site that you want to use in addition to CheapOair.

So if you wanted to see what coupons RetailMeNot has collected, you’d search “cheapoair retailmenot”.

The coupons should be one of the first results you see.

After this, you’ll be able to see all the coupons the website has collected on CheapOair.

You may also see some coupons that aren’t being promoted on CheapOair’s website.

These sites collect coupons from all over, so other coupons that are being offered by other third parties can also be found on these websites.

A bonus to these sites is that the coupons found on here can be “verified” or not.

It will say something like ‘verified today’ or simply just ‘verified’, along with how many times it was used today.

cheapoair retailmenot coupon codes

This means that if a coupon is verified, you know others have successfully used it for their own purchases.

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CheapOair Discount Option #3 – Cashback Sites

Cashback sites such as Ebates and Rakuten are excellent ways for those who shop online to save a few extra dollars.

Cashback sites offer a service similar to rebates; you get some money back simply for shopping through their site and using their plugin.

To use a cashback site, you simply have to go to either the cashback site of your choice and install their plugin – which is pretty similar to simply downloading a file – and going to their website first to see which code you want to use.

When you see the code you want to use, the cashback site will conveniently provide a button that will bring you straight to CheapOair’s website so that you can begin shopping without manually opening a new tab or typing in the URL.

At the moment, it looks like Rakuten’s subsidiary, Ebates, offers cashback incentives to CheapOair customers.

This still means that those that install the Ebates plugin will be able to have a good, solid cashback percentage simply by using their plugin while online shopping.

The best part is that Ebates offers quite a large cashback percentage for CheapOair shoppers.

At up to $12.50 in cashback, this gives shoppers a huge incentive to shop through Ebates.

Combined with the coupon of your choice, this will help shoppers save quite a bunch when shopping for tickets online.

A perk to these websites is that in addition to listing all of these codes, upcoming deals and holiday seasons are also listed.

This means that visitors to the website can predict when another sale will be coming up, or when a new code will be offered to customers.

A fun little feature is that RetailMeNot also lists how much money has been saved by customers by using these coupons.

This adds an extra bit of motivation for customers to further trust in these deals.

CheapOair Discount Option #4 – Periodic Sales

Though similar to promo codes, periodic sales are seasonal and happen every so often.

They are typically tied in with a holiday, such as Christmas or the Fourth of July.

These codes are typically around for a period of time, and are just as easy to use as the promo codes mentioned in section one – usually because they are the same codes!

One extra benefit that CheapOair’s coupon codes have is that they are usually applicable to more than one sale.

Because these codes do not stack, you don’t have to worry about memorizing the right code for your purchase.

Oftentimes, the seasonal code that’s been promoted across the entire website is the code that you’ll be using for your purchase.

You can use the aforementioned webpage that lists all of CheapOair’s coupons, but chances are the code that you’ll be using will be a code that could also be applied to other kinds of purchases as well.

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CheapOair has a lot of different options when it comes to saving money.

Although they already offer a military discount to those with a military background, it’s good to know that the site offers plenty of other discount opportunities.

Between coupon codes and periodic sales, the site offers plenty of opportunities on its own.

However, combined with couponing sites such as RetailMeNot and Slickdeals, a customer could easily find other coupons that aren’t heavily advertised on CheapOair’s website.

In addition, cashback sites such as Ebates and Rakuten make it even easier for customers to save money.

By offering such a high cashback incentive on those that use their plugins, customers will be able to further save when buying tickets online.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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CheapOair offers some of the cheapest flights you can find online. Find out more about their military discount here.
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