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Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program (HRAP) Explained

Every branch of the military focuses on recruitment because they want to attract the very best for military training and service.

Therefore, the Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program (HRAP) came into being.

Usually, recruitment has a goal of recruiting a certain number of candidates; however, these goals balance out with retention numbers.

Either way, it is vital to hear the stories of soldiers so potential candidates have a person they can relate to other than a recruiter.

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What is the Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program (HRAP)?

Maryland students beta test Army STEM recruiting vehicle during HRAP event

The Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program is an opportunity for soldiers to return home for a short period of time to help with local recruiting efforts.

If you volunteer for this program, you will promote the Army by word-of-mouth in your community during contact with the public.

Therefore, you may have invites to recruiting activities at your local high schools, colleges, another events.

The purpose of the HRAP is to assist the Army’s recruiting efforts by allowing soldiers to talk about their experiences.

How Does the Recruiters Assistance Program Work?

To participate in the HRAP program, your first step is to fill out the DA Form 31.

This form is a request for leave, and once your leave is approved, you can participate.

Also, there are other requirements for HRAP.

You must have a high school diploma, GED, or have at least 15 hours of college.

Furthermore, you must meet the weight and height Army standards.

Also, you must be within 50 miles of the nearest recruiting station and have access to transportation independently.

Lastly, the duty is considered a Temporary Duty Travel (TDY) without any cost to the Army.

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Day to Day Life of a Recruiter Assistant

Those who apply for this program and support local recruiting efforts have a lot of positive things to say about the experience.

Many soldiers enjoy an extra opportunity to visit with family and friends.

Soldiers invest time with recruiting efforts, but they are still able to have free time at home.

Many soldiers spent time at the recruiter’s office, but they also went along to schools and colleges to speak with those who show interest.

Also, some soldiers schedule appointments with potential candidates.

Other times, participants spend time on the phone doing follow up phone calls or cold calls to potential candidates.

How to Apply for the HRAP Program for Each Branch

Air Force HRAP Recruiting hosts Rated Diversity Improvement event

While the Army uses the Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program, other branches have their own version of the program.


In the Army, your first step is to make sure you meet the basic requirements mentioned above.

After, you will fill out the DA Form 31, which is your request for leave.

Next, you will receive a safety briefing before you leave.

Then, you will report to the recruiting team.

Finally, you must contact the local recruitment center before your leave is approved.


The Navy has the same program as defined by the Army.

Therefore, you will find the same process to gain approval to participate as those in the Army.

Air Force

The Air Force has a program like the Army’s program.

In the Air Force, it is called the Recruiter Assistance Program.

To participate, first, you will find a nearby recruiter, and obtain permission to participate and receive leave status.

Next, you will submit a form called AFRS IMT 1327, which is an application, to the recruiter.

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard believes everyone is a recruiter.

However, there is a program called the Recruitment Assistance Program (RAP).

However, service members are to reach out to their local recruiting office to determine what type of assistance is desired.


For the Marines, the program is titled the Command Recruiting Program.

This program was established to support recruiting efforts.

First, you must bring your request to your chain of command for approval.

If you are a Marine, you will submit your request in Marine OnLine (MOL).

If interested, you can talk to a Marine Recruiter where you would like to work and find out exactly how to approach your chain of command.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About HRAP

Let’s address some of the more common questions about this program.

For How Long Can I Be a Recruiter Assistant?

In most branches of the military, you are looking at two weeks, 10 days, of leave to participate in the program.

This leave does not count against your accumulated leave you earn through the year.

Will I Receive Pay for HRAP?

You do not receive payment extra for your participation in these programs.

However, you do maintain your pay as if you were at work on the base.

Does Hometown Recruiting Count as Leave?

It is classified as leave.

However, the leave you accumulate throughout the year is not impacted by the granting of this leave.

Some service members chose this option because it is an excellent opportunity to visit with family and friends in exchange for helping local recruiting efforts.

Can I Live at Home While Serving in the HRAP Program?

Yes, ideally, you have a recruiting station within 50 miles of your home.

The purpose of the program is to have service members visit their communities and talk about their experiences in the service.

Therefore, you will be at home working with a recruiter visiting members of your community while being at home with family.


Recruitment is essential to all branches of the military.

Your participation in these programs is essential because potential recruits often want to talk to someone from their community to whom they can relate.

Also, service members enjoy the opportunity to see family and friends without lowering their accumulated leave.

Therefore, the program has several benefits for both service members and military recruiters. 


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The Army HRAP is a program that sends Army soldiers back to their hometowns to help recruiting efforts. Learn more about the program, including how to get involved in it, here.

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