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Marine Silkies: 6 Things You Need To Know

Marine silkies have enjoyed a resurgence in the last few years in the civilian world, of all places.

The infamous short shorts of the Marine Corps were recently banned following a controversy.

However, it hasn’t prevented Marine silkies from experiencing a revival online thanks to their incredible comfort and practicality.

Discover 6 things You Need to Know about Marine Silkies.

#1. History

usmc silkies

Marine silkies, or “Ranger Panties,” were first issued to U.S. Army Rangers in the 1970s.

The purpose of the shorts was to give Rangers a workout alternative to a uniform.

Thus, silkies became an essential part of the Army Ranger Physical Training (PT) uniform.

Later, other regiments of the Corps started to incorporate Ranger panties into their own PT uniform.

Be that as it may, Marine silkies remain the most cherished for their comfort and reputation.

Ironically, the short design of the shorts was more prevalent when Soffes shorts were introduced in the 70s.

However, by the start of the 21st century, the design was considered offensive and prompted the U.S. Armed Forces to take action (more information, below).

Now, short and snug designs are making a comeback that have fashion origins in the 70s and 80s.

Thus, Marine silkies are trending in popularity online due to their unprecedented comfort.

#2. Purpose

Soffes. Ranger Panties. Silkies.

You’ll hear a variety of nicknames that reference essentially the same gear — Marine silkies.

In general, the nickname is tied to the military branch you serve and what that branch commonly refers to as the same piece of PT training.

The military-issued shorts are designed with soft and durable material, especially for jogging or running.

The durable material dries rapidly from moisture and also takes years to wear out.

Notwithstanding, the soft fabric of the shorts makes them notorious for being ultra comfy.

Still, Marine silkies are practical since they remain some of the most versatile shorts ever developed.

Athletes can essentially run a marathon or swim with silkies without feeling restricted.

Of course, Ranger panties are also cozy for everyday use while making repairs on the house or other chores.

When Marine silkies were first designed, it was the style of the time period for men to wear shorter shorts.

Moreover, the inexpensive design made it affordable for military branches to acquire in large quantities.

The breathable material adapts to your environment including humid and wet conditions.

As a result, you can utilize silkies as underwear, workout gear, or swimming trunks.

#3. Design

marine corps silkies

Traditional Marine silkies are designed with nylon tricot fabric.

The type of material makes it elastic/expandable while feeling extremely cool and soft on the skin.

It has contributed to silkies being highly desired for both comfort and practicality.

The breathable fabric can adapt to a variety of conditions including directly submerged into water.

The 2-inch inseam does an outstanding job of preventing chaffing – a common issue with men’s underwear.

However, you need to make sure you buy the right size for your fit as the tendency is to purchase too small.

Today, you can shop for a variety of Ranger panties online.

#4. Benefits of Marine Silkies

There are several benefits to considering Marine silkies as a man in the 21st century.

For starters, short shorts are coming back with a vengeance, especially with the younger crowds.

Meanwhile, they still serve as a form of hilarity for pranksters who want to get one over on a wife or girlfriend.

More importantly, there are several practical uses to Ranger panties.

Let’s consider some of the highlights of Marine silkies:

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Versatile and adaptive
  • Breathable material adapts to the environment
  • The material gets wet and dries quickly
  • Extremely affordable

It’s difficult to imagine how shorts that are considered this comfortable and versatile would land among controversy.

…But that is exactly what happened nearly 50 years after silkies were first introduced to the PT uniform:

#5. Marine Silkies Controversy

Irreverent Warriors host first silkies hike for suicide awareness. Public Domain

In 2011, the Marine Corps officially banned silkie shorts from physical training (PT).

Furthermore, one of the primary military bases for Marines – Camp Lejeune – banned silkies outright.

The response was triggered by leadership finding the snug design inappropriate and revealing.

However, loopholes in the order still allow for Marines to wear silkies in protest.

It was recently announced in 2021 that the U.S. Marines are testing new PT uniform options.

For this reason, some are optimistic that silkie shorts will make a comeback with a more appropriate design.

Nevertheless, the civilian world has also discovered a fascination with Ranger panties.

Marine silkies and other types of military PT gear are popular sellers online.

#6. Where to Buy Marine Silkies?

Silkies have become popular shorts for working out and swimming.

As a result, you can shop for Marine silkies just about anywhere online.

These include cheap Ranger panties knockoffs that are available on Amazon to ones manufactured by Veteran-owned operations like Semper Silkies.

The great thing about silkie shorts is their affordability.

You can land a legit pair for $12-$20 which might just transform your world.

Conclusion: 6 Things You Need to Know About Marine Silkies

Marine silkies feature an intriguing history that is continuing a new chapter in the 21st century.

Ranger panties were originally developed as cozy and adaptive shorts for PT exercises.

The breathable material quickly became popular among recruits who found favor with the design.

Later, the notorious short design of Marine silkies contributed to their reputation while also igniting controversy.

The design, which is revealing for both the legs and crotch, made some military personnel feel uncomfortable.

As a result, the Marine Corps and other branches shifted away from using soffes as part of the PT uniform.

Nevertheless, the argument for still using silkie shorts during physical training is valid.

These shorts are notoriously cool, comfortable, and flexible.

Finally, Marine silkies will not set you back much, with an average pair ranging between $12-15.

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Marine silkies have experienced a resurgence after being banned in the military in the early 21st century. Learn interesting facts here.
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