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10 Military Volunteer Opportunities

Suppose you are looking for a way to give back to the service members who contribute to our citizens’ safety and well-being. In that case, there are several military volunteer opportunities to consider.

Volunteer work is an opportunity to give back to your community and positively impact those who live in your community.

By working with one of these military volunteer organizations, you are directly impacting those who serve the United States. Also, your commitment to service positively influence the families of the service members.

#10 – USO

USO offers Military Volunteer Opportunities

Former President Roosevelt started the United Service Organizations (USO), which combined several support organizations.

For over seventy years, the USO is one of many military volunteer opportunities that connect troops and their families.

Also, the USO has locations near military installations all over the world and the United States.

There are even USO locations in Airports to support troops during travel.

With its decades of work with service members and their families, the USO is adaptable and offers various programs and services.

Lastly, the USO has a Pathfinder program that extends its mission by helping service members and their families while transitioning back into the civilian world.

How You Can Help the USO

There are several military volunteer opportunities to support the USO.

Many volunteers contribute to the organization financially by individual contributions through their website.

Others give financial gifts through estate planning or a stock transfer or IRA charitable rollover.

Fundraisers are another fantastic way to contribute. Consider participating or hosting a fundraiser benefiting the USO.

#9 – Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude’s mission is to invest in the bonds between those in the Military and Americans.

The organization also works to build bonds with first responders, veterans, wounded soldiers, and recruits.

Operation Gratitude accomplishes its mission by sending care packages and letters to soldiers and the soldiers’ children during deployment.

Although this organization started small out of the founder’s living room in 2003, this organization has grown into a nation-wide event.

How You Can Help Operation Gratitude

There are several ways to help Operation Gratitude.

If you prefer to contribute virtually, you can do so as an individual or a group.

Many volunteers send handmade items to add to care packages.

Writing letters of gratitude is a fantastic way to show your appreciation for our troops and first responders.

You can also do your online shopping through Operation Gratitude’s Amazon Smile link because a percentage of your shopped items go to the organization.

If you prefer to help in-person, check out Operation Gratitude’s website to find the dates for assembly work. At these events, volunteers work together to fill care packages for our troops.

#8 – Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project Offers Military Volunteer Opportunities

When service members suffer a mental or physical injury during their service, the Wounded Warrior Project makes it its mission to support those men and women.

The Wounded Warrior Project accomplishes its mission by listening to the needs of the service member.

Also, mental and physical wellness is a priority for the Wounded Warrior Project because they understand the need for interactive programs that address a wounded soldier’s holistic needs.

The Wounded Warrior Project helps service members understand and access their military benefits, and the organization helps wounded soldiers find fulfilling careers that lead to independence.

How You Can Help the Wounded Warrior Project

There are several ways you can support the Wounded Warrior Project.

You might consider a cash donation or work with one of the companies that partner with the organization.

Supporting companies that donate to the Wounded Warrior Project is a great way to ensure the program is funded.

Also, you can host a fundraiser with the Wounded Warrior Project as the benefactor.

If you are a gamer, you can connect your stream to the Wounded Warrior Project fundraising page and share your goal to get your followers to make donations.

#7 – Army Volunteer Corps

The Army Volunteer Corps works to place those who wish to volunteer based on the interests of the volunteer and the community’s needs.

Those who volunteer can be civilians or service members, and the goal of the organization is to encourage selfless service while ensuring volunteers receive meaningful assignments that match their experience.

How You Can Help the Army Volunteer Corp

Army Volunteer Corps Military Volunteer Opportunities

If you wish to help the Army Volunteer Corps, you must first register with You will only need to register once.

Once you register, you will be contacted by a representative to accept you for the position.

Your volunteering begins as soon as the paperwork is complete.

#6 – Volunteers of America

The Volunteers of America supports communities across the United States and Puerto Rico.

The organization works to support hundreds of Human Service programs that support families.

Furthermore, the Volunteers of America work to support venerable populations such as veterans, at-risk minors, the elderly, those with addictions and disabilities, to name just a few.

How You Can Help the Volunteers of America

If you wish to support the Volunteers of America, you can do so in a couple of different ways.

You might donate money directly to the organization either buy planning contributions with financial planning or by contributing directly.

If you wish to know your financial contribution has a local impact, consider donating directly to one of their senior living facilities.

Volunteers of America owns several senior facilities, and it is a beautiful way to contribute.

Other options include donating vehicles or other goods.

If you prefer to donate your time, you and reach out to the Volunteers of America to find your place as a volunteer.

#5 – Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) does a tremendous amount of work supporting veterans.

The VFW offers several military volunteer opportunities to assist veterans in connecting to educational opportunities, navigating their VA benefits, emergency financial relief, and so much more.

One unique aspect of the VFW is that they advocate for veterans by speaking on significant issues to Congress. One goal of the VFW is to ensure veterans’ needs are met.

Since 1899, the VFW leads as an organization that directly supports veterans from all generations, and the organization has over 1.5 million members.

How You Can Help Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

There are several ways you can contribute to the VFW.

You may make a one-time or ongoing monthly donation to the VFW.

If you are not prepared to offer financial support now, you can add the VFW into your estate and future planning.

Also, if you are a veteran who meets the requirements of an honorable discharge who served overseas in a foreign conflict, you may join.

Your annual membership fee helps fund the program, but your yearly contribution ensures your VFW benefits eligibility.

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#4 – Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront is an organization dedicated to helping military families find relief and support to become stronger and more resilient.

The organization offers financial assistance for mortgage payments, utilities, repairs, and food, to name a few.

Also, Operation Homefront helps by having housing villages that serve as a temporary home, so families have a haven when military pay ends and VA benefits begin.

In these villages, families receive support financially, but programs that build resilient families become more self-reliant.

How You Can Help Operation Homefront

You can donate financially either online or by mail.

However, if you prefer, you can donate your time to Operation Homefront by becoming a volunteer to create positive change in military families’ lives.

If you have a corporation, you can partner with Operation Homefront to help support the program.

Also, Operation Homefront accepts charitable donations of vehicles.

#3 – Honor Flight Network

The Honor Flight Network’s goal is to ensure veterans can visit memorials dedicated to those who served our country.

Throughout the entire nation, the network is several small sections from all over who share the same mission.

The Honor Flight Network helps those who served in WWII, Vietnam War, and the Korean War.

Also, the organization helps terminally ill veterans from any area see memorials.

How You Can Help Honor Flight Network

There are several ways you may donate to the Honor Flight Network.

You can donate funds online or by mail.

Also, you could also transfer stock to the organization and your Southwest Airlines Rewards Points.

You might also consider planning for a donation as part of your estate planning.

#2 – Gary Sinise Foundation

The actor Gary Sinise is a longtime advocate for those serving in the military and as First Responders.

Because of his dedication to supporting the men and women in uniform, he started the Gary Sinise Foundation to ensure his commitment has a long-term impact.

The foundation has several programs.

One program is called R.I.S.E, and it makes mortgage-free smart homes that adapt to the needs of a wounded veteran.

Additionally, the foundation helps veterans find customized vehicles for wounded soldiers to have as much mobility as possible.

The Gary Sinise Foundation also works to ensure veterans’ mental health services and works with service members and their families through hardships.

How You Can Help the Gary Sinise Foundation

You can support the Gary Sinise Foundation by giving a cash donation or stocks.

Another idea is to include the foundation in your estate planning and life insurance policies.

If you are a part of a corporation, you can work to be a corporate sponsor.

Also, hosting fundraisers, donating goods, or making everyday purchases through Amazon Smile, where the Gary Sinise Foundation receives a percentage of your purchases as a donation from Amazon.

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#1 – Hire Heroes USA

Hire Heros USA works with servicemen and women in transitioning from the military to civilian life.

This period is often a struggle, and Hire Heroes USA eases the burden and strain.

When leaving the military, service members do not always have a job in line. Also, the unemployment rate among military spouses is very high.

This organization works to connect veterans and their spouses with jobs to ensure a smooth transition.

How You Can Help Hire Heroes USA

Suppose you wish to contribute to this military volunteer opportunity. In that case, you can do so by making a cash donation that has a direct, positive impact on the life of a soldier.

Another option is the host fundraisers with Hire Heroes USA as the benefactor.

Furthermore, there are several volunteer options available.

For instance, nursing consulting, information technology are all areas where there is a current need for volunteers.

However, there are several other industries in which Hire Heroes USA needs volunteers.


There are tremendous military volunteer opportunities to support the men and women who serve our country as well as their families.

In most cases, you can volunteer your time or support the organizations financially by participating in fundraisers, making direct donations, or working with one of their sponsors.

No matter which option you chose, the commitment you make to support your community will always have tremendous value.


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