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Pizza Hut Military Discount for 2023

If you’re like me, when you go out to eat, you want to be able to get the most food you can for as little as possible. Right?

And not just if you’re by yourself. If you and a group of friends want to go out to eat, it can get costly.

So, many restaurants these days offer all kinds of deals and discounts where you can do just that: eat more for less.

One of my favorite places to eat out, whether I’m by myself or with a group, is at Pizza Hut. It always has such a fun atmosphere, and the pizza is extremely yummy.

I often wondered if they had a discount for the military. But when OMK inquired about this, I was told that Pizza Hut does not have any sort of military discount.

Never fear! Just because they don’t offer any discounts or deals for the military, doesn’t mean you still can’t save money at Pizza Hut.

After doing some digging, I found a few money-saving options for anyone, military or otherwise. Let’s go over some of these options.

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Pizza Hut Discount Option #1 – Coupon Codes


Two of my favorite places to get coupons for various businesses are with either RetailMeNot or SlickDeals.

If I’m shopping anywhere and want to know if there are coupons or discounts available, I’ll check either one of these websites (sometimes both).

Luckily, they both currently provide valid coupons to be used at Pizza Hut. Some can be used to order delivery/carryout, while some can be used to dine in.

Let’s start with RetailMeNot. It’s both a website and an app, so you have access to coupon codes and discounts wherever you go.

A search for Pizza Hut brings up many coupon possibilities, but that doesn’t mean all of them work.

pizza hut coupon codes

I tried the first one, the one for the dinner box for $10. It wasn’t a valid coupon for the Pizza Hut near me. That doesn’t mean it won’t work for other locations, though, so you will just have to try it.

The second one I found — $5 off a $25 online purchase — did work for me, so that is a valid coupon.

In order to try any of the coupons listed, click on the purple button that says “Show Coupon Code”. It will first open up a new tab, bringing you to that business’s website.

This will either already enable the coupon on the website, or you’ll get a pop-up like this one below, and you just copy the code by clicking the blue button that says “Code”.

visafive pizza hut discount code

Then go to the Pizza Hut website, fill up your order with the food you want (has to be more than $25 for this coupon), and during checkout, paste the code in the coupon field and then click “Apply”.

5 dollars off with pizza hut

SlickDeals works much the same way, just looks a little bit different. You do a search for the business (in this case, Pizza Hut), and try out the offers they have listed.

Just like RetailMeNot, you click the button that says “Get Coupon Code” or “Get Offer”. It opens a new tab for the business and gives you the code (if there’s a code to copy and paste).

I noticed with SlickDeals that the most relevant coupon is right at the top, so you don’t have to search too far for it.

pizza hut promo code

But if you scroll down a bit, there are other offers and coupons to try, if you are interested.

other offers from pizza hut

Another great way to apply coupons, if any exist, is with the Honey extension for your web browser.

If you don’t already have the browser extension, you can easily get it for any of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. The Honey website tells you exactly how to find the extension for your browser here:

Once installed and activated, sign up using your Facebook, Google, or email, and whenever you are ready to checkout from any shopping site (Amazon, Walmart, etc.), this little window will pop up.

pizza hut honey coupons

Just click “Apply Coupons,” and it will automatically try every coupon it can find for that website or business. Once it’s done, it’ll refresh and tell you if it found one that worked (and how much you saved with it!), and let you continue to checkout.

I used it with my dummy Pizza Hut order, and this was the outcome.

pizza hut discount using the honey app

That’s better savings than that $5 off coupon from earlier!

If Honey can’t find a valid coupon, many times you can still earn Honey Gold if you keep Honey active during checkout. Honey Gold can eventually earn you money off future purchases.

The way Honey Gold works is like a points system. Once you earn 1,000 Honey Gold, if you live in the US you can redeem your gold for a $10 gift card to Amazon, Walmart, or Target (among other stores). Or you can donate your Gold to a charity of your choice, if that’s what you would prefer.

Looks like I have more shopping to do!

honey gold

If browser extensions like Honey interest you, RetailMeNot has one that is similar called the RetailMeNotGenie: Instant Coupon Finder. However, unlike Honey, the Genie is only available for Chrome and Firefox.

retailmenot coupon finder

Pizza Hut Discount Option #2 – Official Pizza Hut Deals

While Pizza Hut doesn’t offer a military discount, they do have some pretty sweet deals up their sleeves.

One thing they have going right now is a program called Hut Rewards. For every $1 that you spend with them, you earn 2 points.

pizza hut deals

The more you buy from them, the more points you can collect that you can later use to get free food.

Signing up is easy. You can do that in the app, or at Then just make sure you’re signed in whenever you place an order.

Pizza Hut also puts together a lot of different deals and combos now and then that save money, especially if you plan on ordering a lot of food. Just go to, or find the Deals section of the smartphone app.


It can be a little discouraging as an active member of the military or veteran when businesses such as Pizza Hut don’t offer specific discounts for them. I know.

In a perfect world, everyone would. But just because Pizza Hut doesn’t have a military discount, doesn’t mean you can’t still save money in some way.

There are many different ways to get discounts and coupons and save money when dining at Pizza Hut. What I’ve put together in this article are just the ones I was able to find after much digging, but it doesn’t mean those are the only options out there.

And who knows, maybe one day Pizza Hut will change their policy and finally offer a discount for you and your military buddies.

Until then, use what discounts you can find, and enjoy your pizza!

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At this time, Pizza Hut doesn't have a military discount. With that said, they do offer multiple ways to save on your next order.
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