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PSA Dagger Review: 4 Pros & Cons About This Pistol

With the wide variety of firearms and brands available, finding the perfect weapon to meet your needs and standards can be challenging.

The introduction of the PSA Dagger is something to be excited about because of its high performance and excellent price point.

Essentially, the PSA Dagger is a Glock 19 Gen3 with a few additional features at nearly half the price.

It is easy to recommend the PSA Dagger to any gun enthusiast or those looking to purchase their first firearm.

With the expiration of the Gen3 Glock patent, the market is now flooded with Glock clones.

However, the PSA dagger is more than a clone with its focus on quality, competitive pricing, excellent warranty, and customization.

The article below will review the pros, cons, and differences between the PSA Dagger and the Glock 19 Gen3.

Note: This is just a review. Click Here Now to see a range of PSA Dagger pistols on the official Palmetto State Armory.

Who Is Palmetto State Armory

psa website logo

Palmetto State Armory is one of the best resources to get high-quality firearms and accessories at an excellent price.

PSA also builds affordable firearms, including handguns, carbines, and rifles.

Their mission is not to make money. It is to sell as many guns for common use as possible to maximize American freedom.

To accomplish their mission, they sell their weapons at an affordable price with a full lifetime warranty.

PSA Dagger Pros

psa dagger review

Note: Click Here Now to see a range of PSA Dagger pistols on the official Palmetto State Armory.

#1. Price

The pricing for the PSA Dagger is very competitive and costs almost half of a conventional Glock 19 Gen3.

Many people usually associate price with quality.

That is not the case with Palmetto State Armory because its mission is to sell as many high-quality firearms as possible at affordable prices.

#2. Customizable

There are countless options to customize the PSA Dagger with its compatibility with most Glock 19 Gen3 and various PSA Dagger parts.

What does this mean for you?

You can use almost any stock or aftermarket parts to upgrade the PSA Dagger.

With the Dagger’s low price point, you can upgrade your hardware to competition-grade parts for less than a stock Glock.

Want a flat competition trigger and optics on the optics cut Dagger? Go for it.

It is interesting that you can also use PSA Dagger parts on the Glock 19 Gen3 for an affordable option to upgrade things such as the threaded barrel.

The Dagger is compatible with Glock 19 Gen3 magazines and has a stock PMAG magazine.

#3. Features

There are a few features I prefer on the PSA Dagger compared to the Glock 19 Gen3.

Between the Gen3 and the Dagger, I would prefer the Dagger’s grip because of its texture, comfort, larger beavertail, and magazine cut.

The texture is more aggressive to provide a better grip, and the single finger groove paired with the larger beavertail allows you to get a higher grip.

I would compare the Dagger’s grip closer to the Gen5 Glock 19 because it removes the three-notch finger grooves found on the Gen3.

I also like the magazine cut, which allows you to yank the magazine out in case of a jam.

The Dagger has serrations on the front and back of the slide to allow better weapon manipulation.

There are a few different slide options with the Dagger.

The standard Dagger has a three-dot sight system, but the optics cut slides have raised sights to allow co-witnessing.

You can get the optics before or after the rear sight based on the model you pick.

I would choose the standard optics cut because it offers a better sight radius when there is no optic installed.

Another excellent option is that some models come with a threaded barrel, and yes, you can use the threaded barrel and slide on your Gen3 Glock.

The Dagger also comes equipped with a stainless-steel recoil guide rod compared to the Gen3’s plastic one.

Another pleasant surprise with the Dagger is it is slightly lighter than the Gen3.

#4. Lifetime Warranty

One thing I love about Palmetto State Armory is its 100% lifetime warranty.

The warranty even extends past the original owner to give you peace of mind.

However, it is likely that you will never need to use the warranty with PSA’s 99% non-repair/return ratio.

When you buy from Palmetto State Armory, you know you are buying quality.

PSA Dagger Cons

psa dagger compact review

#1. Brand Recognition

While PSA is becoming a well-known brand in the gun world, Glock has been around for decades, and their weapons have been battle-tested and proven to stand the test of time.

I am not saying the Dagger is unreliable. They are excellent weapons.

Glock is just a household name, but you will pay more for the brand recognition.

#2. Trigger

Some shooters prefer the trigger on the Gen3, saying it has a smoother trigger pull.

The Dagger’s trigger is like an M&P with a flat-faced hinge trigger, which does not have a clean break point.

However, if you do not prefer the shallow reset, you can always buy an aftermarket or Glock OEM trigger.

Even after upgrading your trigger, you will still pay less than a stock Glock.

#3. No Ambidextrous Controls

Like the Gen3, the Dagger does not have ambidextrous controls.

I’m left-handed and don’t mind that the magazine release and other controls are not swappable.

If you are left-handed and want the Dagger, it will just take a little getting used to reaching the slide and magazine release.

However, speed/combat reloads take a couple of extra seconds.

#4. Not Compatible with All Glock Holsters

Even though the Dagger is very similar in shape and size to the Gen3 Glock 19, it has a few differences that will prevent you from using most Glock holsters.

For a better experience, I would suggest buying a holster made for the Dagger.

The Nerd IWB PSA Dagger Holster is available here:

Different PSA Dagger Options

psa dagger full size vs compact

Below are two options that PSA offers, but plenty of customizable options are available for the Dagger.

To see the full lineup, check them out here:

PSA Dagger Full Size – S 9mm Pistol with Extreme Carry Cut RMR Slide & Threaded Barrel

  • Overall Length: 7.15”
  • Barrel Length: 4.5”
  • Weight: 22.5 oz.
  • Capacity: 17 Rounds

The PSA Dagger Full Size is an excellent option for shooters who want a larger capacity and grip size.

You will have the benefits and ergonomics of a full-size frame with a compact slide.

It has a 4.5” stainless steel threaded barrel with a DLC coating for enhanced durability.

This model has an RMR pattern optics cut and front and rear Ameriglo co-witness sights.

Like all Daggers, it has a flat-faced trigger, an aggressive texture, and excellent ergonomics for a comfortable shooting experience.

Get your PSA Dagger Full Size here:

PSA Dagger Compact 9mm Pistol with SW2 Extreme Carry Cut RMR Slide & Threaded Barrel

  • Overall Length: 7.65”
  • Barrel Length: 4.5”
  • Weight: 22.4 oz.
  • Capacity: 15 Rounds

This model of the PSA Dagger is very similar to the one above, with a few differences.

It has SW1 Window cuts on the slide to give it a unique look while reducing its weight.

The compact version has a 15-round capacity because of its reduced grip height.

Also, this version has a Flat Earth Cerakote finish on the slide.

If you are looking for a smaller Dagger for concealed carry, the PSA Dagger Compact is an excellent option. 

Get your PSA Dagger Compact here:

Final Verdict

Overall, I love the PSA Dagger lineup with its baffling amount of customization options.

Palmetto State Armory’s price, lifetime warranty, and dedication to quality make the PSA Dagger an easy recommendation for any gun enthusiast.

If you are on the fence between the Gen3 and the Dagger, get the PSA Dagger.

You can install competition-grade aftermarket parts in your Dagger for the same price as a stock Gen3 Glock 19 or just save some money and enjoy the excellent stock features of the Dagger.


Palmetto State Armory Official Website

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PSA Dagger Review

PSA Dagger Review

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The PSA Dagger is a relatively new pistol made by Palmetto State Armory. Learn more about it here.
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