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Red Robin Military Discount

Red Robin is a classic restaurant known for their gourmet burgers and bottomless fries.

Unfortunately they do not offer a typical daily military discount, but they do give back to service members in a different way throughout the year.

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About Red Robin

Red Robin started as a restaurant called Sam’s Tavern in the 1940’s.

The owner, Sam, loved singing a song called “When The Red, Red, Robin (Comes A Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along).”

He sang the song so much, that he decided to change the name of his restaurant to match his favorite tune.

Red Robin officially became the chain restaurant that it is today in 1969.

They still serve their well-known burgers after all these years, and they have added a wide variety of grilled and fried classics to their menu to go along with them.

They focus on customer service and making sure that every guest has a good time in their restaurant.

They make a point to only hire the friendliest of people, and they encourage their guests to stay as long as they like, even after they are finished with their meal.

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What Is The Official Red Robin Military Discount?

Red Robin unfortunately does not offer a military discount that gives a steady percentage off every day like many other restaurants across the country do.

They do, however, provide various coupons and deals to military members throughout the year through their Red Robin Loyalty Program.

The Red Robin Loyalty Program is available for anyone, but military members are given additional deals through the platform.

Deals are emailed out throughout the year and may include discounts such as 15% off during the month of July or a free meal on Veteran’s day.

These military deals are added on top of the regular Royalty Program deals, which include free birthday burgers, every tenth item free, $20 off your 6th visit, and more surprise rewards throughout the year.

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How To Use This Deal

To take advantage of Red Robin’s military deals:

Step 1: Click here to sign up for the Red Robin Royalty Rewards Program

Step 2: Verify your account through the link sent to your email

Step 3: When filling out your account information, choose “USA” as your country and then choose your military status from the listed options

(Note: The military status options will not show up until after you have selected USA as your country.)

Once you’ve completed your account, military deals and regular deals will be sent to your email throughout the year.

To use these discounts, follow the directions that are sent to you along with them.

The website states that Red Robin has the right to check identification at any time.

Because of this, you will want to have a valid military ID with you when you are redeeming the discount.

Whether or not they will need it every time is not clear.

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

According to the options listed during the account registration process, this discount is available for active duty military members, veterans, and retired military members.

It is available for those who serve in all five branches.

The deal is also available for parents and spouses of military members. 

According to the form, the deal is not available to National Guard or Reserves soldiers.

However, you may want to check with your local Red Robin to ensure the accuracy of this for your specific location.

What Are The Restrictions?

The Red Robin website does not mention any restrictions for this deal.

We know that the deals are only available at certain times, so you will need to follow any guidelines that may come along with each specific discount.

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Overall, Red Robin’s Royalty Rewards Program gives back generously to those who serve.

Even though it is not a daily discount, it is definitely something worth signing up for and using if you ever eat at Red Robin.

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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews, or simply Red Robin, is an American chain of casual dining restaurants founded in September 1969 in Seattle, Washington. In 1979, the first franchised Red Robin restaurant was opened in Yakima, Washington. Red Robin's headquarters are in Greenwood Village, Colorado.
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