Rosetta Stone Military Discount
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Rosetta Stone Military Discount

Rosetta Stone is a software that teaches new languages to its users, through discs and online programs.

They offer a military discount on their products to give back to those who serve.

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About Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone was founded in 1992 by a man named Allen Stoltzfus. Stoltzfus had a goal of making the pathway to learning a new language quicker, through the use of technology. 

He named his creation “Rosetta Stone,” after the historic stone that was found with three language translations inscribed upon it.

His program was initially sold to schools, but quickly became popular and started to be sold in stores around the world as well.

Today, Rosetta Stone is still one of the most well-known and efficient tools to learning a new language.

Their programs teach reading, writing, and speaking in more than 30 languages. Their strategies are backed by science, and have been consistently proven as successful among learners of all ages.

Rosetta Stone started as a program run off of discs. Today, they are hold more of a computer download program focus, and even have subscriptions to their services available to their customers.

Rosetta Stone History
The Historic Rosetta Stone, Shown In A Museum- The Namesake Of The Rosetta Stone Program. Image:

What Is The Official Rosetta Stone Military Discount?

Rosetta Stone offers 10% off all of their products (on the initial purchase price) as a way to say “thank you” to those who are currently serving, or have served our country in the past.

This deal does require an account in order to be used. is an online verification tool that many businesses use to provide military discounts to their online customers. 

If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here.

You’ll need to enter in your information, as well as upload proof of your current military status, to create your account.

Once you’ve created your account (or if you already have an account), you’ll be able to use the Rosetta Stone military discount.

How To Use This Deal:

Step 1: Visit Rosetta Stone’s military discount page and click on the green box that says “Verify with”

Step 2: You will then be redirected to Sign into your account when prompted

Step 3: You will then be redirected back to Rosetta Stone’s site, where you can shop and have your military discount automatically applied to your purchase price

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

This deal is available to almost everyone who is either in or associated with the U.S. military. It can be claimed by current service members, including members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard members are all included.

As for past service members, both veterans and retired military members can claim the deal.

Even military family members can take advantage of these savings, as long as they live in the same household as the family member who serves.

Rosetta Stone Arabic
The Cover Of Rosetta Stone’s Arabic Learning Program. Image:

What Are The Restrictions?

The biggest restriction to keep in mind is that the Rosetta Stone military discount only works through the website, which we linked to above.

If you buy a program or subscription straight from the Rosetta Stone website without using the link, you will not be able to take advantage of their military deal.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that the military discount is only available on your initial Rosetta Stone purchase. This means that if you sign up for one of their subscription programs, you will end up paying full price on all payments you make in the future.

You can use the military discount more than once though, if you are buying an additional product (the next level of a language, or a new language all together) and not an extension of a subscription you already have.

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Overall, the Rosetta Stone military discount is a great way to save some money on one of the top language learning products on the market. If you are looking into starting a Rosetta Stone program in the near future, be sure to check out this deal.

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Rosetta Stone offers a 10% off military discount to both active duty and retired military. Find out what the restrictions are and more here.
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