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Military Discounts

Royal Caribbean Military Discount

Royal Caribbean is one of the top international cruise lines.

They give back to those who serve through a generous military discount, which we’ll talk about in detail below.

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About Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean was founded in 1968 when 3 Norwegian ship lines came together to begin a new venture.

They started with innovation in mind, and were the first to bring many fascinating features to sea-bound vacations, including shows similar to what you would see on Broadway.

Today, the cruise line continues to impress.

They still focus on innovation, and have put a great amount of effort into customer service as well.

The company has won awards for being the “Best Cruise Line Overall” and vacationers continue to use the line for their adventures every day of the year.

Their guests can choose from trips that visit 6 continents, 77 countries, and 288 different destinations. 

On the boat, Royal Caribbean vacationers have activities built to suit every family member including pools, bars, and theaters.

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What Is The Official Royal Caribbean Military Discount?

Royal Caribbean offers a variety of deals to their customers, including a military discount to give back to those who serve.

Past and present service members can get up to 50% off of their cruise pricing on select cruises.

Unfortunately, there’s no list or certain criteria that show which cruises are a part of this deal.

To see if the cruise you want to go on is eligible for a military discount, you will need to go through the checkout process and watch your cart to see if a military deal is applied.

If you’re looking specifically to use the discount, you can try adding different cruises until you find one that gives you the discounted price.

You may be able to contact customer service for information on current military rate cruises as well. 

Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-256-6649 from within the United States or 305-539-4107 internationally.

These two numbers are staffed 24/7, so you can contact someone about this matter at any time.

How To Claim The Discount:

To use the Royal Caribbean military discount:

Step 1: Choose your cruise

Step 2: When you choose the number of guests for your trip, click on “See if you qualify for exclusive rates” and then choose “Military”

Step 3: Finish your selections and check your cart to see if a military discount has been applied

Step 4: Bring your military ID along with your ticket when you board the ship to prove your military status

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

This deal can be claimed by select active military, retired members, veterans, and military spouses.

Military members need to fit certain eligibility and have specific military service proof as shown below.

Active Military Members

Current military members must be serving in one of the five military branches through Active Duty, Reserves, or the National Guard. 

Current military members also need to be able to provide proof of service at check in with a United States Uniformed Services WHITE card.

Retired Military Members

Retired service members can claim the deal if they have a minimum of 20 years of service, are medically retired, or are completely disabled from service.

Retired service members need to be able to provide proof of service through a United States Uniformed Service RED, BLUE, or TAN card depending on their service specifics.


Veterans can claim the deal if they have an honorable discharge and served at least two years in the past.

Veterans are also eligible if they served a minimum of 6 months in an active war zone, even if their overall service time was less than two years.

Veterans need to be able to prove their service with their DD-214 and a current photo ID when boarding the cruise ship.

Military Spouses

Spouses can claim the deal as well, but only if their military spouse is currently deployed at the time of the vacation.

If the military spouse is not deployed, they need to be staying in the stateroom for the deal to be claimed.

Anyone can stay in the discounted room as long as a military member is staying there with them.

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What Are The Restrictions?

Proof of military status must be shown through the forms listed above in order to board the ship with a discounted ticket.

Only the room that is occupied by the service person is eligible for the discount.

If the military member brings family or friends along who need to stay in a different room, the other room will need to be purchased at full price.

The military rate is only available on certain cruises.

If it does not appear in your cart after you have made the selection to use the military deal, it is not available for the vacation that you chose.

Other Ways To Save

Since the military rate does not apply to all trips, you may be looking for other ways to save.

Luckily, Royal Caribbean provides many deals that their guests can take advantage of.

royal caribbean night
Royal Caribbean ship at night. Image:

Limited Time Deals

Royal Caribbean seems to always have some sort of limited time deal going on.

These deals have included 50% off your second guest, kids ride for free, and more in the past. 

To use these deals, you will need to watch the website and buy your tickets when a deal that interests you comes up.

Nonrefundable Tickets

Nonrefundable tickets are cheaper because they come with a risk.

If for any reason you cannot go on your trip, you will lose a significant amount of money.

However, to get a cheaper vacation they may be worth the risk to some.

The average savings on nonrefundable tickets is between 5% and 7%.

Consider Rooms And Time Of Year

Certain areas of the ship, such as smaller rooms or rooms located in the middle of the ship, are more affordable than ocean-side suites.

If you go on a week in the summer, you’ll get better rates than if you go in the coldest part of winter or over spring break.

If you need to save more on your tickets, choosing one of these options can add even more to your savings.

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Royal Caribbean cruises are innovative and entertaining.

They can be expensive, but with these deals you can find the right price for your budget.

If you’re planning a cruise vacation in the near future, make sure you take advantage of these deals to get the best price possible.

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