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Military Discounts

Ticketmaster Military Discount

Ticketmaster is a popular online platform that sells tickets for a wide variety of live entertainment events.

They do not have a specific, daily military deal, but they do have a few programs that allow military members to buy tickets at discounted rates.

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About Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster was founded in Arizona in 1976.

Since the beginning of their business and with the help of the rise of online purchases, Ticketmaster has moved into one of the top spots in ticket sales. 

Today, Ticketmaster focuses on the customer.

They primarily sell tickets, but they also talk to their customers before, during, and after the events they sell tickets for so that they can make a smooth process for everyone.

Today, Ticketmaster also partners with Live Nation, an event promoter, to be able to bring even more fun and ease to their customers.

disney on ice ticketmaster
A Ticketmaster option- Disney On Ice. Image: Flickr.com

What Is The Official Ticketmaster Military Discount?

Ticketmaster does not have a simple percentage-off discount to give to military members, unfortunately.

This is because the tickets are sold for various venues and Ticketmaster is simply the third party in each transaction.

However, they have come up with a few creative ways to give back to military members throughout the years.

The provide the option for venues to sell military-priced tickets online, they have a partnership with GovX, and they occasionally provide their own specials to those who serve as well.

Military Discounts Through Live Nation

Ticketmaster states that in most circumstances, military discount tickets need to be purchased directly through the event venue to receive the special price.

However, the venues have the option to, and sometimes do, sell military-priced tickets online.

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If your event sells military tickets online, the option to choose the special pricing will be available at checkout.

To use this deal:

Step 1: Click Here to search for the tickets you want to buy.

Step 2: Add your tickets to your cart

Step 2: When checking out, click on “Type” in the top right hand corner of your screen

Step 3: If there is a military option that describes your current status, select it to receive the discounted price

Step 4: Bring your military ID with your tickets to the event to verify your current military status

If there is no military option, there isn’t a military ticket available on Ticketmaster. Call the event venue to check if they can provide you with an in-person military deal.

Ticketmaster’s Partnership With GovX

Ticketmaster’s biggest military discount program is their partnership with GovX. GovX is an online site that verifies military status and gathers military deals from across the web to be purchased.

To take advantage of this deal:

Step 1: Click here to make an account with GovX

Step 2: Find the event you would like to attend on GovX

Step 3: GovX will redirect you to Ticketmaster to complete your purchase at your discounted price

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Direct Ticketmaster Military Deals

Along with the prior two deals, Ticketmaster occasionally offers their own military deals for certain events. These are deals that you need to watch for, since they are not always around.

When you see a Ticketmaster military deal you want to take advantage of:

Step 1: Visit the official Ticketmaster site here and search for the tickets you want.

Step 2: Click on “Promotions and Special Offers”

Step 3: Enter the promo code provided in the advertisement

Step 4: Select your tickets and make your purchase. You will be able to see your discounted price on the final page of the transaction.

Step 5: Bring your Military ID with your tickets to the event to verify your current military status

ticketmaster nba game
NBA Game- another Ticketmaster option. Image: Flickr.com

Who Can Claim This Deal?

Since Ticketmaster has a wide variety of military deals, there are not a set group of people that always qualify for every single deal.

Ticketmaster deals through GovX are available to current military members in all five branches.

They are available to retired military members and veterans as well.

Even first responders can benefit from GovX deals.

To see if you are eligible for any other deal you want to use, check the guidelines specific to that discount to make sure you are able to claim it.

What Are The Restrictions?

No restrictions are listed for Ticketmaster’s military deals overall.

However, since each deal is different, you will need to look into your discount closely to ensure it does not have any specific restrictions that you need to follow.

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Even though Ticketmaster does not offer a specific percentage-off deal to military members on all purchases, their other military deals provide great ways to save money on live entertainment events.

If you’re planning on attending an event in the near future, make sure you check for one of these deals to get the best price possible.

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