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1800 Contacts Military Discount for 2023

1-800 Contacts is one of the leading contact lens retailers in the United States. It has helped create a reputation for itself by offering free shipping on its orders, providing top-notch customer service, as well as guaranteeing fair prices.

The company carries contact lenses by everyone from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care to CooperVision, Ciba Vision, and Bausch & Lomb.

The question is… Does 1-800 Contacts provide a military discount for its customers?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

However, there are other ways to save on your next contact lenses through 1-800 Contacts. In this article, we will examine the different ways you can save money on your next purchase.

Discount #1: 1-800 Contacts Coupons

1-800 Contacts is rare for a company of its size in the fact that it actually offers some coupons directly off its official website here.

The retailer claims that instead of going through a third-party site for a special deal, they would rather offer it directly.

The coupons are seasonal so it is a good idea to check back every time you need a new order to see what deals exist. Currently, a few examples of the 1-800 Contacts include:

  • $10 off when you spend over $100
  • 20% off for new customers
  • 5% off for setting up a contact lens subscription 

In order to apply a direct discount on 1-800 Contacts, click “Use Now” and proceed with the shopping experience. Exclusions do apply to coupons featured on 1-800 Contacts.

Discount #2: Student Discount on 1-800 Contacts

You may serve in the United States Armed Forces but several members of the military have family members with contacts. If that is the case, and one of your children (or significant other) is a student, then you are entitled to a discount!

1-800 Contacts offers 10 percent off for students.

In order to receive the discount you will need to confirm the status of your significant other or child in relation to school. The student status verification is done through UNiDAYS.

For instant access to this discount simply join now and verify your student status with UNiDAYS.

In order to complete the verification you will need to create an account with UNiDAYS. In addition to the 1-800 Contacts discount, you may receive other exclusive offers for your student through the company.

UNiDAYS requires an email and a new password to create an account. From there follow the step-by-step directions to earn the 10 percent off on your next 1-800 Contacts order.

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Discount #3: Groupon Discount for Customers

Groupon.com is one of the most popular online places for coupons and for good reason. The site connects subscribers with e-commerce markets for deals that you might not find elsewhere on the web. The website serves nearly 50 million active visitors.

Not surprisingly, there are deals to be found on Groupon related to 1-800 Contacts. In addition to the standard offers you would find through the official 1-800 Contacts website, there are other offers. For example, 20 percent off your first order.

In order to receive a special deal on Groupon:

Step 1: Create a new account (if you don’t already have one)

Step 2: Search for the best deal on Groupon

Step 3: Click “See Sale”

In order to activate the deal – sign into your account, go shop online at 1-800 Contacts, and then receive Groupon Bucks through the purchase.

NOTE: Every deal on Groupon has an expiration date so make sure you keep an eye on it.

Discount #4: Business Insider Deals

BusinessInsider.com is more known as being a source of news related to technology, finance, and politics. Surprisingly, they also offer unique discounts on certain products, including a partnership with 1-800 Contacts.

Even though it is not known primarily as a place for discounts – BusinessInsider has some surprisingly good deals that you won’t find elsewhere.

For example, current deals include opportunities like getting a free eye exam as well as discounts on specific types or brands of contacts.

In order to receive a discount for contact lenses:

Step 1: Visit the discounts page at Business Insider.

Step 2: Click “Activate Deal”

Step 3: You’ll get redirected back to 1-800 Contacts. Shop for what you need.

Step 4: When you go to checkout the discount will be applied to the order.

Discount #5: RetailMeNot.com Savings & Discounts

RetailMeNot.com is yet another source for discounts on 1-800-Contacts. You will find some of the same offers here as through other online coupon sites, but it never hurts to search through the list of discounts.

One notable thing about Retail Me Not is that they reward customers who are either A) new customers or B) sign up for recurring orders.

For example, subscribing to an auto-recorder purchase through 1-800 Contacts could save you 5 to 10 percent each month. When you calculate the math, that is a fair amount of savings for someone with contacts throughout the duration of a year.

In order to get a discount through RetailMeNot.com:

Step 1: Browse the series of 1-800 Contacts discounts.

Step 2: Click “Get Deal”. In certain circumstances, you may receive a coupon or promo code instead of having the option to click “Get Deal”. In that case, just click “Get Promo Code”

Step 3: A popup box will inform you about the details regarding the discount.

Step 4: You then have the option of continuing to the online store in order to complete the purchase with the applied discount.

Discount #6: Check with Your Insurance Provider

It may be a long shot for some military families, but it never hurts to check to see what your health insurance or vision provider may be able to do for you. 

The good news is that 1-800 Contacts does support flexible spending accounts (FSA) for contact lens purchases. For more information on how to use your FSA to pay for contacts, you can call 1-800-266-8228 or visit their FSA and HSA page.

1-800 Contacts accepts most major insurance companies including Davis Vision, Cole Managed Vision, EyeMed Spectera, VSP, and several others as out-of-network providers.

The company is also an in-network provider for Blue View Vision (Anthem BCBS). So if you really like getting lenses through 1-800 Contacts it might be worth considering a shift in insurance coverage, if feasible.

In order to get out-of-network benefit coverage on contact lenses:

  1. Purchase your contacts online or by phone like normal.
  2. Submit an invoice of the purchase order to your insurance company for reimbursement.
  3. 1-800 Contacts will also send you an out-of-network form to complete upon request.
  4. Contact a customer service rep with 1-800 Contacts any time of the day if you have additional questions.

It is not a bad idea to consider a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) depending on your health benefits with the U.S. Armed Forces.

The U.S. military is highly regarded for providing good benefits to its service members and therefore getting an FSA or HSA card can help with contact lens costs depending on the situation.

An FSA fund will help cover eligible medical expenses with pre-tax money. The FSA funds can be directed toward costs such as co-pays, bandages, contact lenses, and contact lens solution. FSA funds typically expire at the end of each year, so it is important you use the benefit when possible.

Meanwhile, an HSA account can help assist with medical costs similar to an FSA account. Eligible medical expenses are used with pre-tax money and can also include contact lens costs and contact lens solution. Some prefer an HSA account over an FSA account because the funds roll over and accumulate year to year.

Making an Order with 1-800 Contacts

1-800 Contacts promotes itself as having the best price, guaranteed. The retailer also provides free shipping as well as free returns on every order made through their official website.

If you have questions, especially if this is your first time placing an order through 1-800 Contacts, you may contact their customer support 24/7. You can reach them by phone at 1-800-266-8228, or connect via live chat.

How do you place an order with 1-800 Contacts? The steps are simple when you go through the manufacturer:

  1. Find your brand. 1-800 Contacts has millions of different lenses in stock. Customers can search for a lens based on brand or type.
  2. Enter your prescription. You can find your prescription on a box of your contact lenses. There are different ways to upload the information including entering it personally or uploading a photo with the written script.
  3. Place an order. Once you have found the right lenses and your prescription is confirmed an order is processed and then shipped to your house for free.

1-800 Contacts features a promise that you will receive “simple, fast, and hassle-free” treatment with each and every order. 1-800 Contacts exchanges orders that customers are unhappy with for free.

The company is the world’s largest contact lens retailer, having filled more than 30 million orders for more than 12 million customers.


1-800 Contacts is a great place to shop for new contacts. They have one of the best selections available, and the prices are reasonable.

Even though it would be nice to see 1-800 Contacts provide a military discount, there are a number of other ways you can save through third-party coupon sites or directly at 1-800 Contacts.

Stay posted for more information as we will surely update this article in the future if, and when 1-800 Contacts decides to feature a military discount.

Until then it wouldn’t hurt for service members to reach out to the company and explain it would be nice to see them follow the trend of other companies and become more military-friendly.

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While 1800 Contacts doesn't have a military discount, there are plenty of other ways to save on your next eye wear purchase.
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