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Military Discounts

Walmart Military Discount

We’ve had several site visitors ask us if Walmart has a military discount.

To set the record straight, OMK spoke with a representative of Walmart to find out what the truth is.

We asked them straight up, what is the Walmart military discount? 

Much to our surprise, it turns out they do NOT actually offer one.

This also includes Veterans Day, although they may have a sale on that particular day.

With that said, just because Walmart doesn’t offer a military discount doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to save.

Scroll down to learn more.

Walmart Discount Option #1 – Coupon Sites

walmart veterans discount

Another way to save money is by using couponing sites.

Hear me out… 🙂

Websites specifically meant to collect coupon codes such as Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Slickdeals typically offer a plethora of online codes and ways to save money.

It’s super easy to save anywhere from as little as $10 on grocery items, to as much as 60% off things like Apple Watches, TVs, Tablets, and more.

Here’s the fastest way to do it:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Walmart website.

Step 2: Do your normal shopping.

Whether it be clothing, groceries, electronics, home appliances, or even kitchen supplies, nearly everything will have some sort of discount you can apply.

Step 3: Select a Groupon offer

Once you’re done shopping at, simply go to the Walmart page here and look for a coupon code that matches what you have in your shopping cart.

For example, let’s say you wanted to stock up on groceries for the week.

A quick 10 second glance at the Groupon offers shows that they’re currently offering $10 off your grocery order of $50 or more.

sample walmart discount code

Simply click on the ‘See code’ button, and copy and paste the coupon code right into the ‘Promo code’ section when you go to checkout.

sample walmart grocery coupon

10 dollar savings at walmart

It’s very important that you check the Groupon link above before making your purchase, as these coupons change pretty routinely.

You can find the same types of offerings on other coupon sites, including Retailmenot and SlickDeals.

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Walmart Discount Option #2 – Promo codes from online magazines

walmart veterans discount

This may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but couponing websites are not the only sites to provide promo codes and online coupons.

Websites typically associated with journalism and online articles, such as Business Insider and Wired, also post coupon codes for shoppers to use on their next online purchase or trip to Walmart.

These coupons are typically updated monthly and oftentimes, these sites collect coupons and promos that are already being offered by Walmart themselves.

These articles also often mention sales that are being offered by the store.

While the information about these sales doesn’t add anything new, it’s still handy to have all this information about different discounts available all in one place.

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Walmart Discount Option #3 – Cashback sites


Some sites such as Rakuten offer money back just for using their plugins or apps while shopping online.

These companies tend to have many partnerships with many different companies and offer different cashback percentages depending on what the company is.

To see what a cashback site offers for a certain store, all you have to do is search the name of the store and the cashback site.

For example, to search for the percentage that Walmart shoppers get back by using the Ebates plugin, you simply have to search “Rakuten Walmart,” and see what the first results are.

In this case, Rakuten offers 5.0% cash back for shopping at Walmart using their plugin.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is essentially an app that, instead of installing itself onto your computer, installs itself onto your web browser.

The plugin keeps track of your online purchases and then determines at a later date what money you should get back for using their plugin.

That’s it!

No gimmicks or having to pay for the services or membership.

The cashback incentive model is very similar to a rebate, except instead of taking any action to get the money back (and possibly not getting your rebate at all if you don’t take the proper steps in time), the plugin determines the amount you get back for you.

It’s easy to install a cashback app or plugin.

Once you’re at the website for the cashback app of your choice, all you have to do is sign up for a free account with that website.

At some point during or right after the signup process, you will be prompted by the website to install the app or plugin.

Installing the plugin is almost exactly the same as downloading a file, except instead of the file going to your Downloads folder, it installs onto your browser, and no further action is needed.

The plugin will then offer you information on savings just by clicking on it. It will let you know the cashback percentage of a website as soon as you visit it.

In addition to offering these cashback incentives, these websites also have information on common sales and little-known deals that Walmart provides.

Information such as this is extremely useful since shoppers don’t have to hop onto multiple sites to get information about sales.

Shoppers can also plan their next shopping trip more accurately because they know what sales or discounts are coming down the pipeline in the future.

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Walmart Discount Option #4 – Periodic Sales

These promotions are sales that are offered by Walmart to all customers.

No one is excluded from these sales.

These sales typically tie into a specific holiday or time of year, so some common sales include Black Friday sales, back-to-school sales, Fourth of July sales, and Christmas sales.

In addition to offering savings, these sales typically stack – meaning that you can claim multiple discounts in one purchase.

This allows you to save even more money and maximize your savings as easily as possible.

A bit of mathematics and having a detailed list of the products you want will help you save as much as possible, as you’ll have a clear idea of what you need and will be able to see what sales apply to you.

Walmart Discount Option #5 – Associate Discounts

Walmart associates get amazing discounts on everyday items

Lastly, and this one may seem a bit obvious, but Walmart associates get some pretty big discounts themselves.

Walmart has a part on their website that’s just for claiming discounts online.

The login section can easily be found through a Google search, but the page can also be found here.

This discount typically knocks off 10% from the purchase subtotal, and as Walmart’s stock is constantly changing, exclusions and exceptions to these discounts are also changing.

It’s important to inquire about each item that may seem like it might be an exception to your discount.

You should double-check clearance items, high-price items such as electronics, and brands known for not accepting discounts before you check out.

In addition to these savings, there is also the Walmart Associate Discount Center.

This section of Walmart’s website is exclusive to employees and acts as a hub for associates to access exclusive savings not available to anyone else.

This center allows companies and businesses to put up discounts, sales, and promotions for their products that are exclusive to Walmart employees.

No one else can access these discounts, and one must be a current employee of Walmart to claim them.

A lot of the time, these deals were negotiated by Walmart on behalf of the employees.

It’s important to clarify that these aren’t discounts just on products, but also on services and products not found at Walmart, too!

Associates can also unlock deals for theme parks, movies, zoos, aquariums, phone plans, and even new cars.

More information on this service can be found here, and the login screen for associates to begin unlocking their savings can be found here.


Although there’s no such thing as a Walmart military discount – or any other kind of specialized discount for that matter – there are still plenty of ways for shoppers to save money.

Even though these other options involve going to third-party websites and using third-party coupons, these options allow shoppers to save money in a way that’s most comfortable for them.

If a shopper doesn’t want to download anything onto their computer, they can use coupon codes.

If a shopper doesn’t trust couponing websites and only wants to use codes from websites that they know or trust, they can use codes provided by magazines.

There are plenty of options out there; it’s all a matter of what you’re comfortable using.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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