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Air Force Administration: 3F5X1 & 3F531 Career Profiles

Like all organizations, the Air Force depends on administration airmen for support, coordination, and management.

Airmen with AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code) 3F5X1 and 3F531 are responsible for administrative tasks that allow the Air Force to operate efficiently in terms of personnel, leadership, and mission success.

These service members help maintain the high standards of this military branch.

Here is a career profile of Air Force Administration (3F5X1 and 3F531).

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General Career Profile Of Air Force Administration

air force administration

Those with a career in Air Force Administration provide administrative support to the Air Force, Department of Defense, and joint organizations.

This includes numerous activities related to the following areas:

  • Communications
  • Protocol
  • Compliance
  • Office management
  • Records maintenance
  • Human resources

Airmen in this career field coordinate, perform, and manage a variety of tasks to directly support Air Force commanders, directors, senior leaders, and other organizational members.

Their duties enhance executive staff support by ensuring communications are compliant with proper style and format standards.

Air Force admin personnel also assist in welcoming distinguished visitors and supervising official mail and postal services.

Duties Of Air Force Admin

There are many duties and responsibilities of administrative staff in the Air Force.

Human Resources

For example, those who work in human resources are responsible for managing organizational personnel and related programs.

Specific duties in human resources would include:

  • Personnel rosters
  • Evaluations
  • Decorations
  • Supervisory data
  • Orders
  • In and out-processing
  • Authorization requests
  • Accuracy of information in database systems
  • Coordination of personnel actions between assigned units and military personnel organizations

Office Management

Those who work in office management are tasked with handling processes and activities that support organizational communications and administrative functions, including:

  • Preparing correspondence
  • Distribution
  • Suspense tracking
  • Workflow management
  • Calendar management
  • Meeting support
  • Customer service
  • Communications compliance with standards

Executive Support

Executive support personnel perform administrative duties in support of general officers and senior executive service civilians.

These tasks would include:

  • Arranging travel, lodging, etc.
  • Coordinating itineraries
  • Preparing trip folders
  • Preparing, arranging, conducting official functions
  • Coordinating with Protocol
  • Assisting with distinguished visitor support (events, ceremonies, schedules, guest lists, etc.)

Postal Operations

Whether overseas or in-country, Air Force admin personnel are integral to postal and official mail operations.

Such duties would include:

  • Postal financial services
  • Mail delivery services
  • Supply, receipt, dispatch functions
  • Security for mail and postal directory services
  • Customs requirements
  • Maintain postal records
  • Prepare forms and reports
  • Handle money orders and remit funds
  • Ensure proper receipt of incoming and outgoing military or commercial mail
  • Operate official mail centers
  • Prepare and distribute organizational mail

Qualifications For AFSC 3F5X1 And 3F531

air force admin

Those who wish to qualify for AFSC 3F5X1 and 3F531 must have a minimum education level of a high school diploma or GED equivalency (preferably with some college credits).

In addition, courses in the subject areas of business, English composition, communications, and computer software are beneficial.

Other important qualifications for Air Force administrative personnel include:

  • Minimum age of 17 and maximum age of 39
  • Score of 55 on Administrative portion of ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test)
  • Understanding and knowledge of office management policies, technology, and procedures
  • Completed Administration initial skills course
  • Experience in performing and supervising administrative functions

Proper qualifications are essential for entry into this Air Force specialty.

Airmen in this career field provide administrative support for personnel and manpower programs.

In addition, they are responsible for executive support processes and thorough knowledge of policies and procedures to help the Air Force maintain efficiency and mission success.

Training For Air Force Administration

All airmen in Air Force administration must complete basic military training, a duration of seven and one-half weeks.

In addition, there is mandatory technical training for 41 days at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, where the tech school is located.

Upon completion of this training, enlisted airmen will have credits earned toward Information Management.

To achieve AFSC 3F531, airmen must complete Administration initial skills course.

The following trained or professional experience is mandatory to achieve each subsequent AFSC listed:


Airmen must qualify and possess AFSC 3F531.

They must also have experience in administrative functions, including:

  • Office management
  • Human resources
  • Executive support
  • Postal, official, and other support


Airmen must have qualification in and possession of AFSC 3F551.

Experience is required in performing and supervising administrative functions.


This requires qualification in and possession of AFSC 3F571.

In addition, experience is mandatory in managing and directing administrative functions.


As a military organization and important branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Air Force requires administrative support at each level to maintain operational standards.

Therefore, the Air Force depends on AFSC 3F5X1 and 3F531 personnel to coordinate and manage various tasks and duties to provide administrative support.

Airmen in the administrative career field enhance the efficiency, operation, and success of this military branch.

Airmen in the administrative career field would be highly valued in the civilian sector as part of any organizational administration.

The training and experience gained in service of the Air Force, and within this specialty, would transition well in relation to any administrative positions within government, corporate institutions, and other civilian employment.

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