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Air Force Services: 3F131 & 3F1X1 Career Profiles

The successful operation of military bases is integral to the health, morale, and well-being of service members and their families.

The function of Air Force bases throughout the world directly impacts the overall branch and individual unit readiness.

Therefore, those who work in Air Force Services in support of base operations are essential for the success of the branch and its members.

Here is a career profile of Air Force Services (3F131 and 3F1X1).

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Overview Of Air Force Services

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Personnel in the Air Force Services career field manage and direct Force Support programs and operations.

This includes determining the effectiveness of service and retail operation programs and promoting physical fitness to maintain Air Force unit readiness.

In addition, airmen in AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code) 3F131 and AFSC 3F1X1 establish and supervise facilities that provide food, lodging, sports, and more.

The scope of Air Force Services includes:

  • Appropriated fund (APF) food service activities
  • Lodging activities
  • Programs in recreation, fitness, and sports
  • Laundry operations
  • Mortuary affairs
  • Honor guard teams
  • Protocol operations
  • Missile alert facilities
  • Automated information management systems
  • Force Support readiness programs

The coordination of these airmen with commanders as well as their various other professional contributions ensures unit readiness.

Duties Of AFSC 3F131 And 3F1X1

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Those in the Air Force Services career field hold several duties and responsibilities in managing Force Support operations.

This includes improving Air Force work methods and procedures to enhance economic operation and customer satisfaction, as well as resolving customer complaints.

Applying accounting principles to control resources is another important responsibility, along with determining appropriated and non-appropriated fund budget requirements.

Service airmen liaison with commanders and unit fitness managers regarding the Air Force Fitness Program.

This includes conducting personal fitness training, developing individual and group exercise regimens, and recreation programming.

Many of the duties performed by these specialists are establishing and supervising elemental base facilities related to:

  • Food
  • Recreation
  • Fitness
  • Lodging
  • Sports management
  • Laundry
  • Field resale operations
  • Mortuary services
  • Protocol support for deployed personnel

Airmen in this career field would be tasked with requisitions and accounts for subsistence, supplies, and equipment in support of Air Force bases, service members, and programs.

Another important duty is identifying facility requirements and determining any needed renovation, construction, or modernization.

Force Support

Air Force Services is responsible for inspecting and evaluating Force Support activities.

This means measuring the effectiveness of service and retail operation programs against anticipated standards and goals.

Other Force Support duties include ensuring proper procedures and storage facilities for subsistence, equipment, and supplies.

Contractor performance is also evaluated.

Food Service

AFSC 3F131 and AFSC 3F1X1 airmen are also responsible for operating food service facilities and equipment.

They plan, prepare, and adjust menus as well as track resource availability, pricing, and merchandise trends.

This requires determination of inventory levels and proper safeguarding procedures in addition to communicating with civilian industries regarding product development and customer service techniques.


Monitoring base lodging is essential for unit readiness and the well-being of service members and their families.

Therefore, Air Force Services oversees lodging quarters in terms of occupancy status and determines availability of transient quarters.


Services specialists also establish, explain, and demonstrate fitness concepts and requirements.

This includes proper conditioning procedures, weight training, and equipment techniques.

Overall, this promotes physical fitness participation among Air Force units and service members.


There are several technical mortuary functions that are important duties of Air Force Service specialists.

For example, these airmen supervise teams in search and recovery of human remains as well as arrange for transport and disposition of remains.

They also ensure arrangements for mortuary entitlements, escorts, and military honors.

Air Force Services is responsible for establishing and maintaining mortuary case files.

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Qualifications For Air Force Services Specialty

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To qualify for Air Force services specialty, there is a minimum education requirement of a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

It’s preferable for candidates to have completed high school courses in accounting, business, math, computers, physical education, and typing.

Candidates must also meet ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test) requirements, with a general score of 24.

Other important qualifications for this specialty include:

  • Minimum age of 17 and maximum age of 39
  • Completion of basic military training
  • Clear and distinct oral communication abilities
  • Knowledge of management principles and accounting procedures

Airmen must also have no record of disciplinary action for financial irresponsibility, including shoplifting, larceny, petty larceny, or theft.

They must also have never been convicted by courts-martial nor been convicted or sentenced to confinement by civilian court.

Additional Specialty Qualifications

Personnel in Air Force Services are required to have an extensive knowledge base in various areas.

These subject areas include:

  • Accounting procedures
  • Management principles
  • Basic business administration
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Customer service and retail operations
  • Automated information systems
  • APF and NAF budgetary sources and processes
  • Responsibilities for lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed property
  • Facility and equipment maintenance
  • Ration requisition and issue
  • Menu planning
  • Personnel management
  • Search and recovery procedures

Training For AFSC 3F131 And 3F1X1

To be assigned AFSC 3F131 and 3F1X1, airmen must complete the full seven and one-half weeks of basic military training.

Then, there is a required technical training for 29 days at Fort Lee, Virginia, where the tech school is located.

Upon completion of this training, enlisted airmen will have earned credits towards hospitality and fitness management.

All 3F131 specialists must complete the basic services course.

In addition, the following experience is required for each AFSC listed:


Airmen must have qualification in and possession of AFSC 3F31.

In addition, their experience must include:

  • Preparing, cooking, baking, presenting, and serving food
  • Instructing, coaching, officiating, or directing athletic activities
  • Planning, organizing, and conducting recreation programs
  • Securing facilities, performers, and supplies
  • Ensuring proper use and maintenance of recreation supplies and equipment
  • Understanding of retail operations
  • Understanding subsistence functions


These specialists must be qualified and possess AFSC 3F151.

They also must have experience performing, managing, and/or supervising the following:

  • Food service functions
  • Food preparation
  • Lodging operations
  • Fitness/sports programs and activities
  • Recreation operations and programs


Airmen must have qualification in and possession of AFSC 3F171.

Experience is also required in managing and operating service programs such as:

  • Food service
  • Sports and fitness
  • Mortuary
  • Lodging
  • Protocol

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Air Force Services specialists play a vital role in the successful functioning of bases across the globe.

They maintain and operate fitness centers, lodging, food services, relocation support, recreation programs, and even mortuary services.

Their duties and responsibilities provide a foundation of support for Air Force personnel, family members, commanders, and units.

These specialists facilitate operations so that the Air Force runs smoothly at all levels.

The Air Force training and on-the-job experience of AFSC 3F131 and AFSC 3F1X1 service members would prepare them directly for transitions into many civilian sectors.

Therefore, this military career field would provide foundational skills for civilian employment opportunities in the areas of food service, hospitality, fitness/athletics, marketing, accounting, and management.

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