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Army Bases in Alaska

Alaska is a large state, but it only has three Army bases within its borders, one of which is a joint military base with the US Air Force.

Each of the Army bases in Alaska shares a common mission of providing both training and ready forces for unified land operations. They also support the USINDOPACOM, providing both stability and security.

When needed, the Army bases in Alaska also support the Homeland Defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities in Alaska.

Below is a brief rundown of each base in this state. The links to each base’s official website are available if you’d like to learn more about a specific installation.

Fort Wainwright

Location: Wainwright, Alaska

Fort Wainwright


In Use: 1935- Present

Overall Mission: All Alaskan Army bases carry the same mission as stated above, but this base specifically focuses on training its units for deployment in infantry, combat, aviation, and medical positions.

Units Stationed:

  • 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team
  • 25th Infantry Division
  • USARAK Aviation Task Force
  • Medical Department Activity- Alaska

Official Site:

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Fort Greely

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Fort Greely

In Use: 1942- Present

Overall Mission: This base “integrates resources and delivers installation services” to its units, while also providing an excellent quality of life for its soldiers, families, and surrounding community.

Units Stationed:

  • Midcourse Missile Defense
  • Cold Regions Test Center
  • Ground-Base Midcourse Defense
  • 49th Missile Defense Battalion
  • 59th Signal Battalion
  • Army and Air Force Exchange Service
  • Defense Commissary Agency
  • Logistics Readiness Center

Official Site:

Fort Richardson-JBER

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Fort Richardson

In Use: 1941- Present (Previously an Air Force Base, beginning in 1884)

Overall Mission: This installation serves as a joint base for Army and Air force units, providing a wide variety of training types.

Units Stationed:

  • US Army Alaska units
  • Air Force units
  • Alaska Army National Guard units

Official Site:

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Alaska Army Bases

Alaska Army Bases

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Alaska is home to 3 major US Army bases. Learn more about each base, including where it's located, how long it's been in use, and more.
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