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Military Bases In Georgia

Georgia has a total of fourteen military bases, with most of the bases being US Army bases.

However, all five branches of the US Military, including the Coast Guard have at least one base in Georgia.

See a list of bases for each branch in Georgia below.

Air Force Bases In Georgia

Dobbins Air Reserve Base

Location: Marietta, GA

dobbins air force base in georgia

In Use: 1941-Present

Overall Mission: Dobbins Air Reserve Base is a reserve training base, with over 2500 USAF personnel stationed on the base.

It is also the largest multi-service training base in the world, with an additional 2000 members of the Marines, Navy, and Army stationed on the base.

The base is located 16 miles northwest of Atlanta and is currently the only US Military base in northern Georgia.

Units Stationed:

  • Twenty-Second Air Force
  • 94th Airlift Wing
  • 4th Marine Logistics Group
  • Georgia Army National Guard
  • Georgia National Guard
  • 78th Aviation Troop Command
  • 111th Aviation Regiment
  • 151st Aviation Regiment
  • 171st Aviation Regiment
  • US Navy Reserve

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Moody AFB

Location: Valdosta, GA

moody air force base in ga

In Use: 1941-Present

Overall Mission: Moody AFB’s primary function is providing air support for ongoing military operations, including the current conflicts in the Middle East.

It also serves as an operating base for search and rescue missions and other humanitarian efforts.

Units Stationed:

  • Tenth Air Force
  • Fifteenth Air Force
  • Nineteenth Air Force
  • 14th Flying Training Wing
  • 23rd Wing
  • 93rd Air Ground Operations Wing
  • 442nd Fighter Wing

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Robins AFB

Location: Houston, GA

robins air force base - military bases in georgia

In Use: 1942-Present

Overall Mission: As the home of the Air Force Materiel Command’s Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Robins AFB serves as the main hub for management and acquisition of a variety of aircraft, armaments, and support software.

The units stationed at the base also perform various testing and maintenance operations.

Units Stationed:

  • Air Force Materiel Command
  • Air Force Sustainment Center
  • Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
  • Air Force Reserve Command
  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • Georgia Air National Guard
  • Fifteenth Air Force
  • Sixteenth Air Force
  • Twenty-Second Air Force
  • 78th Air Base Wing
  • 116th Air Control Wing
  • 116th Military Intelligence Brigade
  • 413th Flight Test Group

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Army Bases In Georgia

Camp Frank D Merrill

Location: Dahlonega, GA

camp frank d merrill army base in georgia

In Use: 1952-Present

Overall Mission: Camp Frank D Merrill serves as a training base for the Army Ranger 5th Training Battalion.

It hosts training exercises focusing on mountain operations.

Apart from conducting special training missions, the base does not see much other activity.

Units Stationed:

  • 5th Ranger Training Battalion

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Fort Benning

Location: Columbus, GA

ft benning in georgia

In Use: 1918-Present

Overall Mission: Fort Benning was established as the Home of the Infantry, and currently serves as the Maneuver Center of Excellence.

It houses or supports over 120,000 active-duty personnel.

It is considered a power projection platform, meaning it stands ready to deploy combat-ready troops by land and air.

Units Stationed:

  • United States Army Maneuver Center of Excellence
  • United States Army Armor School
  • United States Army Infantry School
  • Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation
  • 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade
  • 194th Armored Brigade
  • 198th Infantry Brigade
  • 199th Infantry Brigade
  • 44th Medical Brigade
  • 75th Ranger Regiment

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Fort Gordon

Location: Augusta, GA

ft gordon army base in georgia

In Use: 1941-Present

Overall Mission: Fort Gordon is primarily a base for US Army communication and cyber-security operations.

It is also a training base for Army Signal and Cyber operations.

Units Stationed:

  • United States Army Cyber Command
  • Cyber Protection Brigade
  • 15th Signal Brigade
  • 35th Signal Brigade
  • 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing
  • 513th Military Intelligence Brigade
  • 706th Military Intelligence Group
  • 7th Signal Command
  • 359th Signal Brigade
  • 92nd Engineers Combat Heavy
  • 206th Military Intelligence Battalion
  • 31st Intelligence Squadron
  • 324th Signal Battalion
  • Cryptologic Support Battalion
  • 338th Training Squadron
  • Naval Network Warfare Command
  • Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

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Fort Stewart

Location: Liberty, GA

ft stewart military base in georgia

In Use: 1941-1945; 1950-present

Overall Mission: Fort Stewart closed briefly at the end of WWII, but reopened at the beginning of the Korean War.

Fort Stewart functions as a staging area for infantry operations and deploys troops through nearby subordinate Hunter Airfield.

Their core mission is training and readiness for global deployment.

Units Stationed:

  • 3rd Infantry Division
  • 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team
  • 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team

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Hunter Army Airfield

Location: Savannah, GA

hunter army airfield in georgia

In Use: 1929-Present

Overall Mission: Hunter Army Airfield is subordinate to nearby Fort Stewart, and shares some of the same tenant units, but also has distinct units stationed, and is about 45 minutes east on the other side of Savannah.

Its primary mission is the global air deployment of troops, particularly those stationed or staged at Fort Stewart.

The Coast Guard Air Station Savannah is also attached.

Units Stationed:

  • 3rd Infantry Division
  • 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team
  • 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team
  • 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade
  • 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade
  • 3rd ID Artillery

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Navy Bases In Georgia

Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base

Location: Kings Bay, GA

kings bay naval submarine base - military bases in georgia

In Use: 1979 – present

Overall Mission: Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base is 38 miles north of Jacksonville. FL, and is located on the East River in Georgia, off the Cumberland Sound.

It is the home port for the Atlantic Trident missile submarine fleet.

The base is also home to the Trident training and refitting programs.

Units Stationed:

  • Submarine Group 10
  • Submarine Squadron 16
  • Submarine Squadron 20
  • Submarine Readiness Squadron
  • Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic
  • Trident Refit Facility
  • Trident Training Facility
  • Marine Corps Security Force Battalion
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG) Maritime Force Protection Unit

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Marine Bases In Georgia

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Location: Albany, GA

usmc logistics base in albany georgia - military bases in georgia

In Use: 1952-Present

Overall Mission: As a logistics support center, most of the population of the base is civilian contractors and technicians.

Their main mission is the repair and reconstruction of ground combat equipment.

They also support military installations along the east coast.

Units Stationed:

  • Marine Corps Logistics Command

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Coast Guard Bases In Georgia

USCG Air Station Savannah

Location: Savannah, GA

coast guard air station savannah in georgia

In Use: 1963-Present

Overall Mission: USCG Air Station Savannah is attached to Hunter Army Airfield.

Their primary mission is carrying out search and rescue missions.

They also support environmental protection and law enforcement operations.

Units Stationed:

  • HH-65 Helicopter Squadrons

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USCG Tybee

Location: Tybee Island, GA

coast guard station in tybee island ga

In Use: 1983-Present

Overall Mission: USCG Tybee is a small-boat search and rescue station.

They are responsible for 75 coastal miles from St. Helena Sound to Sapelo Sound.

Units Stationed:

  • TARPON-WPB 87310

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Georgia Military Bases

Georgia Military Bases

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Georgia is home to 12 major US military bases. These include bases for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Learn more about each GA military base here.
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