70B MOS Administration practice patient-centered approach

Army Health Services Admin (70B MOS)

Army Health Services Administrators (70B MOS) are responsible for the staff in the medical and non-medical areas that deal with patients.

When assigned to the 70B MOS, the work revolves around ensuring the Army’s healthcare facilities are efficient.

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70B MOS Requirements and Qualifications

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The 70B MOS is an entry-level position available to officers who are either active duty, National Guard, or attached to a Reserve unit.

A bachelor’s degree is a requirement, and a good degree option is in Health Administration or Business.

Also, candidates must be between the ages of 21 and 42 unless you have a waiver.

Lastly, it is necessary to be a permanent resident of the United States.

Other helpful personal traits include being decisive and handling stressful situations with ease.

Also, critical thinking skills, coupled with the ability to focus, is helpful.

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Training and Career Path

Officers who wish for an assignment as 70B MOS will first complete an Officer Basic Leadership Course.

This course includes an introduction to the Army Health Care System.

Furthermore, this training will give you an overview of the necessary leadership skills that are relevant to the Health Services Administration.

Pay and Benefits

The Army has a comprehensive compensation plan that includes base pay and other benefits such as food and housing allowances.

The base pay for the Army is based on both rank and time in service.

InsigniaPay GradeRankAbbreviationMinimum Monthly Pay
O-1Second Lieutenant2LT$3,637.20
O-2First Lieutenant1LT$4,190.70
O-5Lieutenant ColonelLTC$6,393.30
O-7Brigadier GeneralBG$10,113.00
O-8Major GeneralMG$12,170.70
O-9Lieutenant General LTG$17,201.40

70B MOS Job Details

Those who serve in the Army Health Services Administration coordinate and monitor the treatment received by patients.

Also, the administration is responsible for advising unit commanders and staff about patient treatment.

Also, those in the 70B MOS handle training staff and manage equipment.

Job Reviews

Job reviews for 70B MOS score highest with pay and benefits as well as job security and advancement.

The most challenging aspect of the career is the work and life balance.

Many reviews note being in the Army is not just something that is done for a job, but rather a way of life with a culture of its own.

70B MOS Indeed Review 2 70B MOS Glassdoor Review 70B MOS Indeed Review

Civilian Career Opportunities

There are a couple of civilian job opportunities to consider upon separation from the Army.

Both listed civilian careers require a bachelor’s degree, but with the 70B MOS having that same requirement, this is unlikely to be an issue.

Informatics Nurse Specialists

Informatics Nurse Specialists have typical wages of $90,920.

In this position, you can expect to assist in the design and development of computerized health care systems.

Also, you will problem solve any issues that come up during the implementation of those systems.

The job outlook for this position is bright because job growth is nine percent, which is higher than average.

Medical and Health Services Managers

Typical pay for Medical and Health Services Managers is $100,980, with top pay being $189,000.

As a Medical and Health Services Manager, you will coordinate medical services in health institutions such as hospitals and clinics.

The projected growth in this field is 18 percent, which is well above average.

Federal Job Opportunities

Once discharged from the Army, those who were assigned the 70B MOS might consider federal jobs.

Program Management Series

A federal position as a Program Manager includes a salary of $127,422.

If you find yourself in this position, you will be responsible for the planning and implementation of program operations.

Management and Program Analysis Series   

You can expect a salary of $121,316, and up to $157,709 a year in a federal position as a Supervisory Management Analyst.

This competitive position includes supervising auditors and other specialists as they carry out audits.

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Those who serve in the Army as a 70B MOS are responsible for ensuring the Army’s healthcare systems are efficient.

Army Healthcare Services Administrators are officers in the Army.

Officers must attend an Officer Leadership course before moving into administration, and they must have a bachelor’s degree.

The pay in the Army is based on both rank and time in service.

Also, there are several civilian and federal opportunities for those with a 70B MOS upon leaving the Army.






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Army Health Services Administrators, or MOS 70B, are responsible for the staff in the medical and non-medical areas that deal with patients. Find out more about this MOS here.

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