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Purple Mattress Military Discount for 2023

Purple is a company that sells supportive and comfortable mattresses at an affordable price.

They offer 10% off as a military discount to give back to those who serve.

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About Purple

Purple began as a business between two brothers named Terry and Tony Pearce in 1989 when they decided that they wanted to make a difference in the world.

One brother had scientific work experience and the other had manufacturing in his past, so they decided to create high-tech products that would improve the lives of others (starting with wheelchairs).

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Soon after beginning this journey, Tony and Terry found out that one main complaint wheelchair users had was comfort.

This was a problem the brothers could solve, so they set out to create the most comfortable wheelchair pad.

Over the years, the brothers took their comfort creations to new levels.

purple mattress brochure
A Brochure Explaining the Purple Design. Image: Flicker.com

By 2013, they were starting to make mattresses out of one of their comfort inventions — Hyper-Elastic Polymer. 

The material was both soft and supportive, and it could be produced at an affordable price.

Now, Purple mattresses are sold on the Purple website as well as in retail stores across the country.

They are available at a fairly low price when it comes to mattresses as well.

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What is the Official Purple Mattress Military Discount?

Purple offers 10% off to military members in the United States. 

Here are step-by-step instructions for redeeming the deal online:

Step 1: Click Here to view Purple’s military discount page

Step 2: Click on the box labeled “Verify Eligibility”

Step 3: Enter your information where requested

Step 4: You will receive a single-use promo code for 10% off. Enter this code into the promo code box when you check out on Purple’s website

To Use this Deal In Store:

If you’re shopping for a Purple mattress at an in-person, third-party retailer, simply show your military ID to the cashier when you check out to take advantage of the 10% off deal.

Military Discount Details

This deal works on the Purple website as well as in retail stores that carry Purple mattresses.

It’s also good on all Purple products, including their mattresses, pillows, sheets, blankets, and more.

It’s simply a flat 10% off your entire, regularly-priced Purple Mattress order.

When you use the Purple military discount by following the instructions below, you will find that the verification process is powered by SheerID.

SheerID is an online verification tool that allows companies to provide deals to military members quickly and easily.

Typically, the system verifies military status immediately, so you can continue on with your Purple purchase right away.

Sometimes, you may need to submit additional information to be eligible.

This is especially true if your current name is different than what is on your military ID, or if you accidentally type your information incorrectly during the application process.

Even if you aren’t approved right away, you should be able to get approved within 20 minutes.

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Who Can Claim this Deal?

The Purple Mattress military discount is good for all current military members.

This includes members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard roles. 

The deal also extends to veterans, retired service members, military spouses, and registered military dependents.

A Look Inside of a Purple Pillow. Image: Flickr.com

What are the Restrictions?

This military deal does have a few restrictions that you will want to keep in mind when you go to use it.

You won’t be able to combine the Purple Mattress military discount with any other deals and you can only use it on full-priced products.

You’ll need to use it at the time of purchase, so you can’t save it for future transactions. 

The 10% off will not count toward shipping or tax costs.

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Overall, the Purple Mattress military discount is a great way to save on a high-quality mattress.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive, and affordable new mattress, be sure to check out Purple and their military deal.

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If you're looking to save some money on your next mattress, look no further than Purple. Purple offers a 10% off military discount, which can help you save $100's.

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