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When I was a young lad (~19-20 years old), I dreamed of becoming a Navy SEAL. 

Mind you, this was around 20 years ago, and the internet was nothing like it is today.

There were no courses for prospective SEAL candidates being taught online. (like Stew Smith)

No forums I could talk with real life SEALs about BUD/S training, like Reddit

No official SEAL / SWCC website with a wealth of Navy SEAL training resources.

No Youtube videos detailing every single evolution at BUD/S in excruciating detail. 

No….there was none of that.

What there was, in my case, was something known as a BUD/S Warning Order.

According to the first page, prior to every mission in the SEAL Teams, a Warning Order is given explaining everything that is needed for the upcoming mission.

I can’t remember exactly where I got it, but I’m pretty sure it was given to me by a Navy recruiter. 

I used it for several years as I trained for BUD/S, but ultimately never signed up for military service.

In any event, I have taken pictures of every page of the BUD/S Warning order and combined them into an easy PDF.

Click on the image below to download it, and use it as a training resource as you prepare for BUD/S.

(Note: To download, right click the image below and click ‘Save link as’, then click ‘save’ button when prompted.)

BUDS Warning Order Cover

BUD/S Warning Order Contents

Naval Special Warfare
BUD/S Warning Order
     I. Introduction
     II. History
Course Description
     I. BUD/S Indoctrination
     II. First Phase (Basic Conditioning)
     III. Second Phase (Diving)
     IV. Third Phase (Land Warfare)
     V. Post-BUD/S Schools
Physical Fitness Standards
     First Phase
     (Post Hell Week)
     Second Phase
     Third Phase
Suggested Student Preparation
Workout For Category I
     I. Running Schedule I
     II. Physical Training Schedule I
     III. Swimming Schedule I
Workout For Category II
     I. Running Schedule II
     II. PT Schedule II
     III. Pyramid Workouts
     IV. Swimming Workouts II
Stretch PT
Training Table Concept
In-Service Candidates
Points Of Contact (Note: These may be out-of-date.)

I hope this helps you in your quest to become a Navy SEAL, good luck!

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References / Resources

Navy SEAL + SWCC | Official Site

Stew Smith Fitness

Navy SEALs – Reddit

Rob V.
BUD/S Warning Order

BUD/S Warning Order

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Prior to every mission in the SEAL Teams, a Warning Order is given explaining everything that is needed for the upcoming mission. This is your BUD/S Warning Order!
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