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Denny’s Military Discount for 2023

Denny’s is a popular diner-style restaurant with locations all around the world.

They give back to those who serve by providing a military discount.

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About Denny’s

Denny’s was started in 1953 by two men named Richard Jezak and Harold Butler.

The restaurant started as “Danny’s Donuts,” and slowly morphed over the years into what Denny’s is today.

Today, Denny’s serves a variety of breakfast foods and American classics.

They have a retro diner feel and stay open 24 hours a day. 

The chain has over 1,700 locations around the world.

dennys grand slam
Denny’s Grand Slam Meal. Image:

What Is The Official Denny’s Military Discount?

Denny’s does not have a chain-wide military discount, but a majority of their locations provide a deal to those who serve.

Many Denny’s locations also offer a free meal on Veteran’s Day.

We will look into the details of each of these deals below.

Denny’s Military Discount

The Denny’s military discount is typically between 10% and 20% off your meal total.

It’s not offered at all locations, and the percent off may vary, so you will want to call your local restaurant ahead of time to get the specifics on their exact deal.

Most Denny’s locations ask that you show proof of service with a military ID to get a discount on your meal.

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Denny’s Veteran’s Day Free Meal

A lot of Denny’s locations offer a free meal on Veteran’s Day as well. This deal is actually advertised annually by the Denny’s corporate team, but they state that not all locations participate.

Because of this, you will still want to call ahead to ensure your neighborhood location is offering the deal.

You will need to follow the directions given by your local store or those that are listed in the annual advertisement to take advantage of this deal. 

In years past, you’ve been able to use this deal by going to Denny’s within a certain time frame on Veteran’s Day and providing proof of service with a military ID or your DD-214.

The free meal is usually the Denny’s Grand Slam.

dennys grand slam
Denny’s Grand Slam Meal. Image:

Who Can Claim This Deal?

The Denny’s military discount is typically available to all military members, both past and present.

This includes those who serve in all five branches, as well as those who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles. 

The deal also typically includes retired military members and veterans.

The Veteran’s Day deal has been advertised in the past as including active, inactive, and military personnel.

This eligibility could change from year to year, however.

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What Are The Restrictions?

As we mentioned above, the daily military discount varies by location.

It is important that you call ahead to see if your local Denny’s offers a military discount and what that discount is, as not all locations offer the same deal or a deal at all.

The Veteran’s Day deal comes with restrictions that are outlined in the annual advertisement.

Typically, there is a set time frame on Veteran’s Day when the deal works.

The deal is usually for one Grand Slam meal and only works for the service members themselves.

These restrictions may change each year, so you will need to check out the advertisement or call your local Denny’s to be sure of the specifics before you go in.

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Overall, even though Denny’s discounts vary from store to store, many locations offer a great deal on classic American favorites.

If you are planning on eating out at Denny’s in the near future or if you are in search of a free Veteran’s Day meal, check with your local restaurant to see what they offer.

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Denny's has a military discount that allows the men and women serving in the US military anywhere from 10% - 20% off their total bill.
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