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Dollar Car Rental Military Discount

Dollar Car Rental is a popular car rental service with locations across the United States and abroad, primarily near airports and large travel destinations.

They offer a military discount through Veteran’s Advantage of 5% and waive fees for multiple drivers or underage drivers for their customers who are currently serving or have served in the past.

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About Dollar Car Rental

Dollar Car Rental was founded in Florida in 1965 by a man named Henry Caruso.  

Caruso started his business with a strong emphasis on customer service, and this value sticks with the company still today.

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Now, Dollar Car Rental has many locations throughout the United States as well as locations in other places around the world. 

Their rentals are available in all major cities across the U.S. near airports, so it’s easy to count on their services no matter where you go.

They offer car rentals at low prices, with the idea that everyone should be able to get what they need when they travel (even with a tight budget).

What is the Official Dollar Car Rental Military Discount?

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The Dollar Car Rental military discount has two pieces to it.

The first is similar to a typical military discount, as it is a straight 5% off deal.

The second piece of the deal is that they waive fees for drivers under the age of 25 as well as second drivers on rental car applications.

Fees are really what make the cost of rental cars add up, so this makes for an even better deal even if it does seem like kind of a small detail.

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This military discount does require a paid membership through Veteran’s Advantage VetRewards, however. We will explain that in detail below.

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How to Use this Deal:

The Dollar Car Rental military discount needs to be used through Veteran’s Advantage.

It also requires the VetRewards upgrade (the paid Veteran’s Advantage membership).

Veteran’s Advantage is a website that offers all kinds of deals to military members.

They offer a free account, as well as a paid membership that gets you slightly better deals (like the Dollar Car Rental deal).

If you do not have a Veteran’s Advantage account yet, you can create one here.

If you don’t have the paid account yet, you’ll need to upgrade before using this deal.

The monthly fee may not be worth it for occasional travel, but if you travel often for work or leisure it could end up saving you much more than the monthly fee the upgraded account requires.

You can view the available plans and upgrade to the VetRewards paid account by clicking here and following the prompts.

Once you have an account, follow the steps below to claim the Dollar Car Rental military discount:

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Step 1: Click Here to view the Dollar Car Rental page on the Veteran’s Rewards website (and sign into your account if you are not automatically signed in)

Step 2: Click the blue button labeled “Yes, Redeem My Offer” on the right-hand side of your page

Step 3: Follow the steps given to you by Veteran’s Advantage to book your rental car and claim your deal

Who Can Claim this Deal?

The Dollar Car Rental military discount is available to any Veteran’s Advantage members who have the paid VetRewards account.

Eligible groups for this account include current military members in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard with Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard roles, as well as past military members such as retired service members and veterans. 

Military family members, including all direct family from spouses to children to parents to siblings, are welcome to create VetRewards accounts and use this deal as well.

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What are the Restrictions?

The biggest restriction that the Dollar Car Rental military discount has is that you need to have the VetRewards plan through Veteran’s Advantage to use the deal.

You also need to make your purchase through your VetRewards account, not straight through a Dollar Car Rental office, to get your savings.

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Overall, even though you need to have a VetRewards account, this deal is worth looking into.

If you already have the necessary membership or if you do a lot of traveling, the Dollar Car Rental military discount could save you a good chunk of money.

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Dollar Rent A Car

Dollar Rent A Car

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Dollar Car Rental offers the men and women serving the US military a savings of 5% off your next car rental. In addition, they also offer several other unique benefits.

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